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Harrison Bergeron OUTLINE


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For our class adaptation

Published in: Education
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Harrison Bergeron OUTLINE

  2. 2. EVENT 1: AMENDMENT ADDED - Riot - President with disability, Lawmakers add an amendment reads “all people made equal” - Reading of amendment/president reads - See: People adding changes - Possibly see president’s background… - MUST CONVEY: patterns of speech, world has changed for good?,
  3. 3. EVENT 2: BIRTH OF HARRISON - Doctor visits (“serious condition”) - See/hear: physical size, ability - Disabilities aren’t “working” – requires more than usual - Mother affected at Harrison’s birth? - (Jesus) - GIRL: childhood friend he tells everything to.
  4. 4. EVENT 3: LEADING TO ARREST - Teenage Harrison tries to remove handicaps – consequences. - GIRL helps. She is a beauty. - Attracting attention. - Meeting with interested party. (“Le Resistance”) - Gather followers. - Communicate with government (blackmail). - All abandons except for GIRL.
  5. 5. EVENT 4: THE ARREST - Harrison leads protest – GIRL is with him. - Emergency! Harrison removes handicap to save injured party (little ol’ lady?) - ARREST! - George/Hazel react – Hunger Games style. George handicap goes off… Hazel is stoic.
  6. 6. EVENT 5: HOPE - Hope is not arrested. (Escape before arrest?) - Hope is controlled even more so than before with mental handicap. - Loses hope; turns to dance as coping mechanism - (Cinematic twist possibility – a la Ciara – the plan involved “arrest”) - Mother? Perhaps she is strict/punishes Hope? Overbearing?
  7. 7. EVENT 6: - Harrison gains a new following in prison. Guards and other prisoners treat him as a leader of the revolution. - Split stage: Harrison escapes prison while George and Hazel watch news report of his escape. - Harrison essentially walks out of prison, as the guards and prisoners aid him in escape.
  8. 8. EVENT 7: - Hazel and George sit and watch dance program on TV. - Hope is one of dancers. - Harrison bursts in to the room, declaring himself the Emperor. Gets his Empress (Hope). - Changes the music. Dances with Hope. - George gets up for a beer. - Handicapper General comes in through audience and shoots both.