Possible topics to be incorporated into the curriculum


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Possible topics to be incorporated into the curriculum

  1. 1. Possible topics to be incorporated into the curriculum: • Discussion of information process or research process before conduction a research project • Discussion of skill sets on applying certain jobs with parents or peers • Discussion of strategies to become self-directed and self-regulated learners with teachers or peers • Discussion of epistemological beliefs conducive to become competent learners • Discussion of self-efficacy and beliefs to enable oneself to excel in learning • Discussion of attribution with parents or peers or bosom friends after encountering failure in learning or job interviews • Discussion of criteria with teammates about how to choose a book to finish a project under time and budget constraint • Discussion of leadership and hierarchy of needs to manage and design various posts in class union • Discussion of tactics to stop bullying in school among students • Discussion of ways to stop blindly following the slimming trends on mass media via critical thinking • Discussion of incorporation of creativity into schools • Discussion of self-esteem in relation of Gardner’s multiple intelligence and triarchic theory of intelligence or Daniel Goleman’s emotional quotient theory • Discussion of ways to tackle stress among study right before the public examinations • Discussion of choice of jobs with parents with the aid of self-directed search and MBTI (job-person fit) • Discussion of ways to become fully functioning person in humanist’s terms • Discussion of various ways of evaluating self-concepts to boost self-esteem with parents or counseling personnel • Discussion ways to strengthen relationship between various significant others • Discussion of ways on how to become marketable in information era and knowledge-based economy • Discussion of ways to tackle school-based assessment in various subjects with teachers or peers • Discussion of ways to improve critical thinking skills, creativity and social skills in different settings • Discussion of criteria for choosing the right tutorial centers, schools or cram tutorial centers • Discussion ways of positive thinking in different domains of life • Discussion of whether one should post on social networking sites (Facebook, Flickr and blogs) personal photo album (family photos, school photos, lovers’ photos) • Discussion of ways to find purpose in life (interests, goals) so as not to be influenced by the ‘Hea’ culture popular among youngsters • Discussion of ways to abstain oneself from taking drugs • Discussion with peers on ways to sustain and maintain networking or interpersonal relationships among peers or significant others • Discussion of ways and rationale behind delayed gratification instead of immediate gratification in study, jobs and other domains of life
  2. 2. • Discussion ways to manage time and self to achieve balance among different domains (similar to work-life balance) • Discussion of ways to use your strengths in study and jobs to boost your happiness (flow experience, hedonic value, meanings in life, human values and participation in dance of life) • Discussion on ways to tackle temptations or persuasion impacted by popular culture and mass media • Discussion of ways to balance competition and cooperation in school or family to maintain social harmony and family solidarity • Discussion of manipulation strategies to cajole others into your own favor in group or family • Discussion with peers on ways to help yourself in times of adversity • Discussion ways to promote pro-social behaviour in school and family • Discussion of suggestions to be put forth to school about eradication of discrimination in school or society (labeling between EMI and CMI class or inclusive education) • Discussion of ways on how to promote teamwork in school and development of nine generic skills advocated by various curriculum guides • Discussion of ways on how to design a curriculum based on person’s need instead of societal needs and the balance between the two • Discussion of ways to lead a team of lower-form students (peer tutoring or mentoring) • Discussion of ways on how to promote students’ attention in class • Discussion of ways on how to promote reading culture in school or class • Discussion of ways on how to maintain harmony in pluralistic society and diverse students in an inclusive school • Discussion on ways how to promote higher-order thinking skills and meta- cognitive skills in school and home • Discussion on whether students should always adopt the values of teachers, seniors or parents • Discussion of ways to maintain self-worth in times of adversity • Discussion of ways to label yourself (personality? Social roles?) and its consequences • Discussion of ways to arouse students’ environmental awareness (Go green? Blue Sky campaign?) • Discussion of ways to promote peer tutoring and information literacy in school • Discussion of ways to promote sense of belonging in school