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06 Test For Recruiting Chemistry Editor


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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06 Test For Recruiting Chemistry Editor

  1. 1. Selection test for recruitment of chemistry editor: Time allowed: 2.5 hours 1. Translate the underlined portion of following passage into Chinese. Crosses bring home climate fury(HK Standard Tuesday, December 22, 2009) Greenpeace campaigners planted 100 white crosses at the Cenotaph war memorial in Central yesterday to express their disappointment over the failure of world leaders to reach a more substantial agreement at the Copenhagen climate change summit last week. About 20 Greenpeace activists dressed in black tolled a brass bell after observing a minute of silence. "We did this to express our disappointment over the failure to reach an agreement and to condemn world leaders for failing to establish strong emission- reduction targets and action plans," senior campaigner Gloria Chang Wan-ki said. "Greenpeace China laments the appalling lack of commitment by the developed world, including Hong Kong, to stop climate changes," she said. Last week's summit commits nations to limiting global warming to two degrees Celsius but does not spell out the global emissions targets. It also promises US$100 billion (HK$780 billion) for poor nations, but does not produce a fixed payout plan. Emphasizing that the failure to reach emission- reduction targets will have catastrophic consequences, Chang said: "Climate change will affect people everywhere. They will be affected by diseases, extreme weather and displacements. Hundreds of millions will be affected, it will be a man-made catastrophe. The cost will be much higher than the two world wars." It is for these reasons the group chose the Cenotaph for the protest. By failing to reach binding commitments, "the developed world has condemned all our futures," Chang added, pointing out that the Copenhagen accord that resulted from the summit does not spell out strong measures for emission reductions by developed countries. The World Meteorological Organization announced that the past decade was the hottest in 160 years, while 2009 was the fifth warmest year on record, Chang noted. From today, Greenpeace will launch an online petition to continue the pressure on world leaders so that a deal can be forged by next December in Mexico. Meanwhile, Friends of the Earth Hong Kong is hoping more people will use its e-cards for Christmas greetings. Passage 1 1
  2. 2. 2. Translate the underlined portion of following passage into English. 副刊 采風 C02 Wen Wei Po 戴雅文 2008-03-18 一家之言 冬天不再來  天文台台長林超英在不足兩年內,先後兩次警告香港市民可能再也感受不到 冬季。上一次台長的提示好像是只剩下半天冬天,豈料今次預測冬天不再來將 提早於二○二○年至二○二九年出現,情況令人擔憂。  引致冬天不再來的原因是全球繼續高度排放溫室氣體及高速城市化,其實這 淺顯易懂的道理在已發展國家內無人不曉,可商人就是懶理,眼中只有鈔票, 成為金錢的傀儡,肆意破壞生態平衡及浪費能源,得到這非刻意建築在全人類 滅族議題上的快樂。這是何故呢?  排放溫室氣體乃是周而復始之事,有時候人們都迫不得已,主觀上,我們不 想開空調,希望減少排放溫室氣體;但溫室效應帶來的炎夏,別家抵受不了, 早已把室溫調至攝氏二十度。於是,他家排出的熱風送汗,我們在床上熱得輾 轉反側,徹夜難眠。客觀上,這場戰爭,我們投降了,只好乖乖屈服,向溫室 效應俯首稱臣,親手啟動空調。這是何等悲哀呢?  今年的季節帶來的氣氛也頗為詭異,春節過後,理應大地回暖,可是,天氣 繼續反常,寒冷的風尤勝臘月。發出寒冷天氣警告超過二十多天,是全球天氣 走向極端的表現,乍暖還寒、溫度起跌不定;近來,又出現流行性感冒高峰 期,雖說兩者看似毫無關係,但仔細想想,生態環境正正是影響峰我們的 峰峰峰 健康。那今次流感高峰還能推搪與溫室效應無關嗎?  商人們,你們想要的不就是利潤嗎? 你們的利潤不就是員工為你們賺取的 嗎? 他們少請病假,就可確保你們的利潤,不是嗎? 你們最會計算了。加上, 城市的繁榮實有賴商界的興旺,從而吸引外資,成為《時代》所創的紐倫港一 詞,活現於這東方之珠。  故此,冬天請別要不再來,全人類皆需要你!我們不要淹死,我們的後裔還 要繁衍下去,還要薪火相傳,我們還想唱《相約在冬季》,我們要活下去!冬 天請再來! Passage 2 2
  3. 3. 3. Given the following concept map, state, with appropriate student activities, how can you arrange the organization of the existing chapter content, in investigate approach, so that teachers can finish the central theme, Fuel and Global Warming, with 3 topics (Chapter 22 Fraction from petroleum, 26 Environmental problems associated with the use of fuels, and 27 Alternative energy sources) in 12 lessons with the 2 passages provided above? Amend the concept map, if any. (Test on flexibility and coherence of flow and organization of three chapters and social and radical constructivistic (Piaget and Vygotsky) and situated view (Lave & Wenger) of learning and pedagogy) Greenhouse Tax gas emission incentives limit Regulatory framework Climate Sea level change rise Kyoto Walking protocol Crop yield Protecting Laws trees Physical Lifestyle UN Economy Energy star Framework label on Climate Syngas Individual Change Political action Effect Habitat action International political Geothermal framework Biomass energy Global Cause Solutions Warming Wind energy Tidal Power energy Greenhouse Subnational Renewable Campus plants Solar effect level action energy level energy Non- Nuclear Hydroelectric Greenhouse Carbon Fossil fuels renewable power gas dioxide energy Alternative energy energy Crude oil Natural gas Coal 3
  4. 4. 4. Design a debate topic around a central theme of the 3 chapters and make an appropriate assessment rubric for the debate. (Test creativity and view of assessment – e.g. authentic assessment & assessment for learning not assessment of learning) e.g. “Should HK replace all non-renewable energy sources by renewable energy sources to reduce global warming now?” Exceptional Admirable Acceptable Amateur Content An abundance Sufficient There is a great Thesis not of material information deal of clear; clearly related that relates to information information to thesis; thesis; many that is not included that points are good points clearly does not clearly made made but there connected to support thesis and all is an uneven the thesis in any way evidence balance and supports thesis; little variation varied use of materials Coherence Thesis is Most Concept and Presentation is and clearly stated information ideas are choppy and Organization and developed; presented in loosely disjointed; specific logical connected; does not flow; examples are sequence; lacks clear development appropriate generally very transitions; of thesis is and clearly well organized flow and vague; no develop thesis; but better organization apparent conclusion is transitions are choppy logical order of clear; shows from idea to presentation control; flows idea and together well; medium to good medium transitions; needed succinct but not choppy; well organized Creativity Very original Some Little or no Repetitive with presentation of originality variation; little or no material; uses apparent; good material variety; the unexpected variety and presented with insufficient use to full blending of little of multimedia advantage; materials/ originality or captures media interpretation audience's attention Material Balanced use Use of Choppy use of Little or no of multimedia multimedia not multimedia multimedia 4
  5. 5. materials; as varied and materials; used or properly used not as well lacks smooth ineffective use to develop connected to transition from of multimedia; thesis; use of thesis one medium to imbalance in media is varied another; use of and multimedia not materials—too appropriate clearly much of one, connected to not enough of thesis another Speaking Poised, clear Clear Some Inaudible or Skills articulation; articulation but mumbling; too loud; no proper volume; not as polished little eye eye contact; steady rate; contact; rate too good posture uneven rate; slow/fast; and eye little or no speaker contact; expression seemed enthusiasm; uninterested confidence and used monotone Audience Involved the Presented facts Some related Incoherent; Response audience in the with some facts but went audience lost presentation; interesting off topic and interest and points made in "twists"; held lost the could not creative way; the audience's audience; determine the held the attention most mostly point of the audience's of the time presented facts presentation attention with little or no throughout imagination Length of Within two Within four Within six Too long or Presentation minutes of minutes of minutes of too short; ten allotted time allotted time allotted time or more minutes above or below the allotted time 5
  6. 6. 5. Write a lively script (<100 words, with scenario and scene) on how two characters, Ann and Peter (classmates), ask investigative questions leading to our central chemical theme in these 3 chapters. This script acts as an opening for or a set into the first chapter. (A test of creativity and originality) 6