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The language of advertising


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The language of advertising

  1. 1. The Language ofThe Language of AdvertisingAdvertising The psychology ofThe psychology of spending…spending…
  2. 2. ColorColor  Companies have spent years andCompanies have spent years and research money figuring out whatresearch money figuring out what appeals to consumers.appeals to consumers.  They have learned that certain colorsThey have learned that certain colors make us feel certain ways.make us feel certain ways.
  3. 3. REDRED  Red is a hot colorRed is a hot color  It makes people excitedIt makes people excited  It stimulates your metabolismIt stimulates your metabolism  It encourages you to eat moreIt encourages you to eat more
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  5. 5. ORANGEORANGE  A hot-warm colorA hot-warm color  Stimulates appetiteStimulates appetite  It increases oxygen to your brainIt increases oxygen to your brain  We associate orange with healthWe associate orange with health  Some foods use orange packaging toSome foods use orange packaging to make it seem like they are healthiermake it seem like they are healthier than they really are!than they really are!
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  7. 7. YELLOWYELLOW  Yellow gives the feeling of joy,Yellow gives the feeling of joy, intellect, and energyintellect, and energy  It is encouraged for packagingIt is encouraged for packaging childrenchildren’’s toys and recreational itemss toys and recreational items  It is not a good color to use whenIt is not a good color to use when selling to men – it is not professionalselling to men – it is not professional or serious enoughor serious enough
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  9. 9. GREENGREEN  Green means safetyGreen means safety  It is used to attract attention toIt is used to attract attention to safety labels on medicinessafety labels on medicines  It is also used to market productsIt is also used to market products that are not harmful to thethat are not harmful to the environmentenvironment
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  11. 11. BLUEBLUE  Blue is associated with cleanliness,Blue is associated with cleanliness, power, dependability, and stabilitypower, dependability, and stability  It slows the appetiteIt slows the appetite  It generates calmIt generates calm  It is a good color to market to menIt is a good color to market to men  It is not a good color to advertiseIt is not a good color to advertise foodfood  Many uniforms are blue (police,Many uniforms are blue (police, postal workers, security guards)postal workers, security guards)
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  13. 13. PURPLEPURPLE  Purple means royaltyPurple means royalty  It has the power of blue, but theIt has the power of blue, but the energy of redenergy of red  It means wealth and femininityIt means wealth and femininity  Bright purple is the most popularBright purple is the most popular color for young childrencolor for young children
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  15. 15. WHITEWHITE  White is goodness, purity, innocence,White is goodness, purity, innocence, and ease of useand ease of use  It is a good color for medicineIt is a good color for medicine packagespackages  It is a good color to promote high-It is a good color to promote high- tech devices (ease of use)tech devices (ease of use)  Often associated with low-fat foodsOften associated with low-fat foods and dairy productsand dairy products
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  17. 17. BLACKBLACK  Black means power, elegance, andBlack means power, elegance, and sophisticationsophistication  It is popular for alcoholic beveragesIt is popular for alcoholic beverages as it implies the mature nightlifeas it implies the mature nightlife associated with nightclubsassociated with nightclubs
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  19. 19. Advertising TechniquesAdvertising Techniques Methods that appeal to us…Methods that appeal to us…
  20. 20. TechniquesTechniques  Nostalgia: back to theNostalgia: back to the ““good olgood ol’’ daysdays””  Bandwagon/Peer Approval: be cool like allBandwagon/Peer Approval: be cool like all your friends OR you wonyour friends OR you won’’t be cool unless…t be cool unless…  Escape: our product is so wonderful itEscape: our product is so wonderful it helps you get away from it allhelps you get away from it all  Humor: funny advertisements catch noticeHumor: funny advertisements catch notice  Comparison: Shows flaws inComparison: Shows flaws in ““the otherthe other guyguy””
  21. 21. Techniques continuedTechniques continued  Beauty Appeal: we are attracted toBeauty Appeal: we are attracted to beautiful things and peoplebeautiful things and people  Celebrity Endorsement: if we buyCelebrity Endorsement: if we buy something from a famous person we like,something from a famous person we like, we could be just like themwe could be just like them  Statistics: people likeStatistics: people like ““factsfacts”” even if thereeven if there is no proof for theseis no proof for these ““factsfacts””  Sense Appeal: things shown that appeal toSense Appeal: things shown that appeal to our five sensesour five senses  Testimonial: ITestimonial: I’’m important and I use it, som important and I use it, so should youshould you
  22. 22. Techniques continuedTechniques continued  Symbols like the flag colorsSymbols like the flag colors  ColorsColors  RepetitionRepetition  Name callingName calling  Use of an animal or kidUse of an animal or kid  Green- eco friendlyGreen- eco friendly  MusicMusic
  23. 23. See if you can come upSee if you can come up with the advertisingwith the advertising technique used.technique used.
  24. 24. PropagandaPropaganda Definition:Definition: Information that is spreadInformation that is spread for the purpose offor the purpose of promoting some cause.promoting some cause.