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Vendeka corporate presentation

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Vendeka corporate presentation

  1. 1. A B O U T V E N D E K A G R O U P F r o m C o n s u l t i n g t o O p e r a t i o n V E N D E K A G r o u p , develops and manufactures ICT Products and Solutions, provides engineering, system integration, project management, project implementation, operation and maintenance services to enrich and to ease the lives of the customers and to improve their productivity and eciency, by 9 companies within the group which have 18 oces in 4 dierent countries, for the last 20 years with more than 200 sta. Ve n d e k a G r o u p C o m p a n i e s : Vendeka Information Technologies Ltd. Vendeka Defense Industry Inc. Vendeka Intelligent TransportationTechnology Solutions Ven Esco Building Energy Management Consultancy Inc. VenSYS IT Solutions Industry Trade Inc. Vendeka GIS Engineering Inc. Vendeka Philippines Vendeka Taiwan Vendeka Kosovo
  2. 2. MISSION, VISION and VALUES Our Mission is to provide products and solutions which will enrich and ease the lives of our customers and will increase their productivity and eciency. Our Vision is to be the rst choice of our customers for ICT based products and solutions. Our Values Innovation Customer Focus Solution Orientation Integrity Adding Value 3
  3. 3. PRODUCTS, SOLUTIONS and SERVICES VENDEKA Group’s Products and Solutions Summary ETC - Toll Collection Systems ITS - Intelligent Transport Systems GIS Geographic Information System System Integration Software Development Telematics and M2M Applications Object and Person GPS / RFID Based Tracking Solutions ICT Network and Infrastructures Wireless and Wireline Network Products Information/Building/Territory Security Products and Services System Architecture Design and Planning Installation, Operation and Maintenance Services Custom-design Manufacturing CCBS – Customer Care and Billing Systems ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Simulation Systems for Training Purposes Lighting Engineering Services and Lighting Automation Consumer Electronics Professional Services Video Conferencing Solutions IP Virtual Switchboard Solutions VPN Solutions Structural Cabling Solutions NOC Solutions FTTX Solutions Planning, Implementation, Commissioning, and Operating Maintenance Services for Mobile and Fixed Telecom Operators 4
  4. 4. INDUSTRIES WE SERVE As VENDEKA Group, we provide ICT based products and solutions for the following Industries; Transportation Defense Government Telco Energy IT Consumer Electronics Finance Health Logistics Construction Automotive Industry Food, Agriculture and Farming Education QUALITY Main Quality Standards that we have in Vendeka Group is listed below:
  5. 5. GLOBAL PRESENCE cTURKEY: 15 Locations; HQ, Sales, Project Delivery, Support, RD, Software PHILIPPINES: Project, SalesMarketing, Support TAIWAN: RD, Project, Procurement, International Sales KOSOVO: Project, SalesMarketing, Support 6
  6. 6. OUR CUSTOMERS Some of VENDEKA Customers are Listed Below 7
  7. 7. OUR BUSINESS PARTNERS Some of our Business Partners are Listed Below 8 R
  8. 8. PRODUCTS, SOLUTIONS and SERVICES VENDEKA Information Technologies oers the following products, solutions, and services for its customers: ETC – Electronic Toll Collection Systems ITS - Intelligent Transport Systems GIS Geographic Information System System Integration Custom Hardware Design and Production Telemetry and M2M Solutions Vehicle and Person RFID/GPS Based Tracking Solutions Information Security Products and Services Project Management Architectural Design Software Development ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning Systems CCBS – Customer Care and Billing Systems Consumer Electronics 10
  9. 9. PROFESSIONAL SERVICES PROJECT PLANNING and CONSULTANY SERVICES Feasibility Report RFP Preparation Proposal Evaluation System Design/Planning Capacity Planning Consulting PROJECT DELIVERY SERVICES PMP Preperation PIP Preperation Methodology Implementation Integration Plan Conguration Plan/Management Migration Strategy/Plan Test Strategy/Plan Cut-over Strategy/Plan Business Modeling Data Modeling J2EE Development Database Design/Administration Project Audit and Evaluation Contract Management Risk Management BI Design / Development SOA Implementation/Consulting Portal Development/Consulting AS-IS, TO-BE and Gap Analysis AFTERSALES SERVICES Operational Framework System Support Outsourcing Operation IT Management Performance Tuning Server Scheduling Disaster Recovery Design 11
  10. 10. PRODUCTS M500 Navigator M500 TPMS Featured Navigator RMC 2000s Vehicle Tracker SmarTV Android TV Dongle Vehicle Tracking TR 206 Personal Tracker TM 100 V Magnetic Tracker ASİSTAM Medical PC Smart Bus Stop VMS Products 12
  11. 11. SOLUTIONS Toll Collection Systems Corporate Tracking Systems Offline Tracking System 13
  12. 12. SOLUTIONS ITS Solutions Under Vehicle Imaging Systems Access Control Systems Automatic Number Plate Recognition System / Driver Image Capture 14
  13. 13. OUR REFERENCE PROJECTS HGS : Electronic Toll Collection Poject In Turkish Highways CUSTOMER PTT and General Directorate for Highways SCOPE Building and operating a fee collection system to ensure the free ow of existing highways while collecting the fees. FACTFIGURES 11 million users in total 387 lanes positioned in 94 locations throughout 2000 km of highways Each lane is composed of Lane Controller, Loop detectors, RF Reader, Camera, Trac Lights and a VMS Online data transmission through ber and satellite infrastructure 7 Region Computer Centers 1 Data Center 1 Violation Evaluation Center Bank Data Centers (Bank Integrations) Sales/Distribution Channels System Monitoring and Service-Desk System Back Oce Application (running on plaza, region, data/violation/bank layers) 15
  14. 14. OUR REFERENCE PROJECTS FEATURES OF THE PROJECT The rst reference implementation in Europe and Middle East region with Passive RFID Technology, The most comprehensive ETC project of the world, The most cost eective solution for automatic tolling due to low CAPEX and OPEX, A Turn-Key Project with E2E Solution fully managed by Vendeka. The system is designed to be used for many other applications EPS PARKING LABEL AVI-EVR GSM-BANK TRAVEL CARD 16
  16. 16. OUR REFERENCE PROJECTS Philippines Manila Highways – Electronic Toll Collection Project CUSTOMER San Miguel Corporation - Citra SCOPE Addition of Passive RFID functionality on 178 Toll Collection Lanes and replacement of toll collection system to support RFID, DSRC and cash methods on 300 Lanes, 3 highways. FACTFIGURES 3 Highways, 60 Plazas, 300 Lanes, 178 Hybrid Lanes, 200K RFID tags initially, expected to increase to 1 million, All the existing hardware is integrated to Vendeka Toll Collection System, a huge saving on CAPEX, Toll Collection System developed and integrated by Vendeka end-to-end, from Lane level upto Backoce with exible management and strong reporting funtions. 18
  17. 17. 19 OUR REFERENCE PROJECTS AKYOLBİL – Istanbul Smart Bus/Busstop Project CUSTOMER IETT (Istanbul Transport Authority) SCOPE 6000 public transportation vehicles. FACTFIGURES Retrieving position data of 6000 buses through GPS and transmission thereof to host servers via GPRS, Central tracking and management of all vehicles, In line with data collected from vehicles, calculation of estimated arrival times of buses to bus-stops and displaying this information on LCD information screens in busses and smart bus-stops, Adaptation of announcement systems in buses, Consultancy service for developing the operating system embedded in the smart travel computer. ONGOING: Integration of LCD information screens in buses, Maintenance and repair services for industrial-type in-vehicle smart travel computers.
  18. 18. OUR REFERENCE PROJECTS 112 Ambulance Navigation And Security System Of The Ministry Of Health CUSTOMER Ministry Of Health SCOPE 112 Emergency Health Care Service Ambulances FACTFIGURES Production and provision of navigation systems for tracking and security purposes designed to be used in ambulances for 112 Emergency Health Care Services, Tracking and routing ambulances through 112 Emergency Health Care Service System, Tracking tire pressures and balances of ambulances through this system as well and notifying the driver and the headquarters in hazardous conditions, Route planning for forwarding ambulances to scenes. 20
  19. 19. Registry and Cadastre


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