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Got a Virtual Assistant business? Then you need clients! On this call I talk with VA Industry leader Cindy Greenway on how to get and keep clients.

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Cindy greenway

  1. 1. Dont Stuggle To Get GREAT Clients: Check out Cindys VA Formula Getting Clients With Cindy Greenway Interviewed by Angela WillsCopyright © 2011 1
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  3. 3. Dont Stuggle To Get GREAT Clients: Check out Cindys VA FormulaAbout The Author Angela Wills loves helping entrepreneurs make smart choices that result in online profits. She is the owner of Marketers Mojo, the hub of her business that includes a marketing blog, a podcast, product reviews, study guides, coaching programs and more. Angela has been featured in two print books, been a guest tech expert on a local hour-long TV show, featured on numerous internet events and has worked with hundreds of clients and customers to help with their online marketing.As an internet marketing and business fanatic, Angela has had her hand on manybusinesses including affiliate management, email marketing, virtual assistance, networkmarketing, product creation and more. Her many testimonials prove Angela is an expert whomakes it EASY to understand and take action. You can see those testimonials here: tried to follow the so-called right path and get a job like what was expected of her.She was at best a mediocre employee and counted the days until she could figure out how torun a successful business. Angela wanted the freedom of entrepreneurship offered! Angelahas been running a full-time business from her home office for about five years, is absolutelyunemployable and darn proud of it!While Angela loves her business, she also loves spending time with her son, family andloving puppy Shadow.Resources From Angela:Angelas main business hub is located at, where you will find over500 blog posts, dozens of free reports, 40+ free podcasts and many marketing courses.Years ago it took hard work and plenty of time to put up a great website, now you can putone up in minutes with WordPress. Whether you want to DIY or provide a high-demandservice learning WordPress is a smart business move. Learn WordPress here:http://www.WebsiteDesignMojo.comFind out how to make awesome graphics for your website for free:Make Cool Graphics That Make SalesCopyright © 2011 3
  4. 4. Dont Stuggle To Get GREAT Clients: Check out Cindys VA FormulaInterviewee - Cindy Greenway of VAFormula.comInterviewer – Angela Wills of MarketersMojo.comAngela Wills: Hi you’re back with Angela Wills and on the line today I have CindyGreenway. Cindy has a lot of different things available to virtual assistants. She’s beenserving virtual assistants and has some exciting sites that I’d like to talk to her about today.What I’d like to do before I welcome Cindy is just let my listeners (you guys) know how Iknow Cindy. It’s really interesting because Cindy is one of the first people that I worked withas a virtual assistant – I was on her virtual assistant team. I got to know Cindy quite well, wetalked quite often and I did work for her clients as she had a multi-va team. She has lots ofexperience helping virtual assistants. I know lots of people listening are going to get a lot outof this call.I want to say welcome Cindy and thanks so much for being here.Cindy Greenway: Well thank you Angela. I’m very happy to be here. It’s really interesting tohear about the history we have together from so long ago.Angela Wills: It was quite awhile ago and I didn’t mention that when I just said how I knowyou. I don’t even remember what year it was. I think it was 2006.Cindy Greenway: You know it probably was. We started multiple streams team around2005, I think late 2004-2005 so yeah it was probably around that time. So, five years ago.Yeah a long time.Angela Wills: I remember my friend Nell Taliercio told me about your site and I went andapplied…Cindy Greenway: And the rest was history.Angela Wills: So it was about five years ago I guess. Cindy you’ve been really focusing onthe industry, virtual assistants. I don’t know if you’re still a virtual assistant. Are you still avirtual assistant as well?Cindy Greenway: I don’t do a lot of virtual assistant work so much anymore. I work with justa few clients to help out with specific areas. Affiliate management is an area I’ve beenfocusing on more so I’ll kind of come in and do that. But I don’t do the typical VA day to daywork anymore.Copyright © 2011 4
  5. 5. Dont Stuggle To Get GREAT Clients: Check out Cindys VA FormulaAngela Wills: Right. You’ve really grown your business and have lots of great stuff goingon. I’d love you to introduce yourself to my listeners and let us know more about you.Cindy Greenway: Sure. I originally started in the VA industry back in 2003, that’s when Ifirst had my site up and became a VA. Right before that I didn’t even know what a VA was soI kind of landed on it by accident. I had my first site up and thought I’d start off as asecretarial services type business. In doing research I came across the VA world and thoughtyeah I could do this.Fast forward eight years later essentially, I’ve been through all kinds of different situations.I’ve grown the business. I’ve worked with tremendous people. In the last few years just doingthe VA side of stuff just wasn’t enough for me. I have a real huge passion for this industryand what it has to offer, the opportunities available to either people who are looking to havean additional income or people who want to do this as a career or people that are retired andwant something to do. There’s so much opportunity and with the advancements andtechnology it’s endless. There’s things out there that I don’t even know about.So my passion is really in helping VA’s and helping them build their businesses and helpingthem generate revenue and finding great clients – not just clients that help pay the bills butclients that they are really excited to work with, that they really connect to, that really respectthem that they have really great relationships with.Over the years informally I’ve always helps VA’s and we have our hot skills VA trainingprograms that we offer and so on. The mentoring is become something that I’m focusing onmore in the last I’d say six months or so where I joke around and say that I kick people in thebutt because I’m not here to be there friend. I really want to sort of steer them in the directionof overcoming their challenges and building something that they really want to have.Angela Wills: People who are listening now; and what I sometimes do is listen to podcastsand go check out websites so in case someone is listening and they want to check out acouple of your websites do you want to mention some of your sites that you have available?Cindy Greenway: Sure. Of course. You’re giving me a great option here. The first one iskind of hub if you will is That is a blog site where we postarticles, we have videos, there’s resources that you can download for free, there’steleseminar recordings that you can get for free. Anything that kind of comes up we post onthere – topics of discussions that I’ve had with VA’s, some points that I really want people totake note of, information about our upcoming teleclasses and so on. Everything is That’s kind of our umbrella if you will.Under that we have a couple other sites. We have and that isour portal for any kind of VA training type of work. We have skills development type programsCopyright © 2011 5
  6. 6. Dont Stuggle To Get GREAT Clients: Check out Cindys VA Formulathat we offer ourselves. We have some where we have trainers that have come in to actuallylead the training because we’re not proficient in those areas. We also have some people inthe VA industry that we highly respect and recommend their training as well, some trainingthat we don’t even offer and there’s no sense in even trying to because there’s other peopleout there that specialize in that area already. So is that.I have and that is where my book is. My book Virtually Successful8 Simple Ways for Virtual Assistant to Find (and Keep) Clients – that’s kind of the main pagefor the book then my most recent adventure is the and that is a brand newsort of membership area that I am focusing on specifically to help virtual assistants findclients. So, it’s in building their confidence, identifying their target market and reallyidentifying where they are going to niche, what kind of services they are going to offer and inbuilding that way. We’re going to every month meet as a group. I’m going to provideresources, I’m going to provide really great content. It’s a method for people to kind of soakin some of those details and hopefully go out there and implement some of those actionsteps and find some really great clients.Those are my four main sites at this time.Angela Wills: Right. That’s awesome. You caught my attention with the get clients club. Ithink I got an email from you because I’m on your email list and I’m not on too many people’semail list but I like to stay on your list. I work with a lot of virtual assistants and I have been avirtual assistant and I still do that kind of work and you put out lots of great stuff so I like tostay informed.Cindy Greenway: Thank you.Angela Wills: So, the get clients club caught my attention and I think just a lot of people thatI’ve worked with who are starting a virtual assistant business or some of my customersdefinitely this is one of the things they struggle with. I mean a lot of virtual assistants do. Ithink I got lucky because I found your business when I first started and I also ended up doinglike a special on another membership forum. But I know a lot of virtual assistants do get veryfrustrated looking for clients. You said something about finding great clients which I think isso important and some people miss that. Do you find a lot of people are frustrated with justthe clients they have if they are getting clients?Cindy Greenway: Angela, it’s a huge issue (I guess) out there. We have a couple ofdifferent eCourses out there. One of the things we have is open conversation with peoplethat subscribe and a question we ask them is what’s your biggest challenge to building yourVA business? The number one piece of feedback we get is how do I find clients? VA’s areCopyright © 2011 6
  7. 7. Dont Stuggle To Get GREAT Clients: Check out Cindys VA Formulastruggling to find clients and in the mentoring that I’m doing I do free sessions as well,complimentary sessions to kind of just help VA’s with at least one thing that’s going to pushthem through.And the other part about that is not just finding clients but finding really good clients – clientsthat are ready for a VA, that are going to embrace their VA, that are respectful, that aremotivating. When we work with our clients we put everything into that relationship. Wegenuinely want to help them. When we’re not excited about what they do or we don’t feel thatthey respect us or they’re not really ready for a VA or that kind of thing that can reallydamage us in a lot of ways. Internally because we just want to help. And so when thatrelationship for whatever reason disintegrates, internally we kind of suffer a little bit. Ourconfidence might drop a little bit, we might feel like we’re not really good enough, can wereally make this happen and all that kind of stuff. That is a reality out there is that VA’s arefeeling that insecurity. Finding clients is definitely the number one challenge but finding greatclients and retaining those clients is definitely up there as well.Angela Wills: Right. I know I went through that and I had to learn probably the harder way. Igot advice but then when I went out on my own sometimes you just end up picking the wrongclients and I think it’s the responsibility of the VA too because I need to be able to recognizewho is my ideal client. If I’m saying yes, yes I can do this for you and then it just doesn’t workout then I have to take responsibility too.Cindy Greenway: A lot of times we take on those clients because we need the work right?We think oh yeah I can help them and we get along with them really well personally; we’renot doing it maliciously or anything like that it just does not work. Either the client’s not readyor we haven’t; the ownership is really on the VA to tell the clients how we can help, to get theinformation out of the clients. They just know they need help, they don’t always understandwhat we’re capable of doing. Yeah sometimes you just get into a situation where you haven’tdone your homework or you haven’t been really forward on some things and things start tofall apart. Just like any business.Angela Wills: Once you recognize the people who are your clients it becomes a lot easier. Itell people now you’re not a good fit. You’re not ready for my service or whatever. I say it in avery nice way. Last time I did that was just last week I think and I had the lady thanking me. Ithink a lot of times we think oh well the client is going to be so upset that I rejected them but Ijust let her know this is how I work and it’s not going to work out, I can tell from what youneed it’s not going to work that way, it’s not going to work out for us. She was very pleasedwith that and said she would refer other people to me. I don’t want to take the whole call upbut you caught my attention with that comment.Cindy Greenway: You know Angela I’m so glad that you can speak to that as well becauseit really is something that we don’t do. It’s ok for virtual assistants to say no. It’s ok to do that.Copyright © 2011 7
  8. 8. Dont Stuggle To Get GREAT Clients: Check out Cindys VA FormulaWe don’t always know how to do that. For myself, it took me years to be able to say no. Wewant to help. We have this genuine interest in wanting to help.Even before that, even before like looking for clients and stuff there’s work VA’s need to do.It’s not enough to start a VA business and say I can work with anybody. Yeah you can workwith anybody but your marketing doesn’t work that way, your attracting clients doesn’t workthat way. You attract the people you really don’t want to work with because you haven’t toldthe people you really do want to work with why you are the VA for them.Angela Wills: Right.Cindy Greenway: I could go on forever about this kind of stuff but I totally get what you’resaying. It’s ok to say no but also you have to do some of that work ahead of time to be ableto say you know what you’re not my ideal client or I’m not the right person for you but youknow what, here’s the person that would be and that way you don’t feel like you’redisappointing someone. When you say no that’s not a bad thing. That’s a positive thingbecause if you had said yes you and the client would come to a point where they were reallyquite upset with one another, disappointed in the situation because you’re kind of trying toforce it to happen it’s not happening naturally.By saying no you’re actually helping them. You’re saying you know what I’m not the rightperson or I don’t excel in this area or your market isn’t within my ideal kind of client marketbut you know what here’s someone that can help you or I would suggest you connect withsomeone like this. That’s more helpful to them than you trying to help them and really sort offorcing yourself into it.Angela Wills: Right. Yeah totally. And just understanding what kind of business you want tobuild. I wanted to ask you what your first online business was. Was it the virtual assistantbusiness that you started?Cindy Greenway: Yes. When I came out back in 2003 it was very much all about offeringVA support. When I started it was very administrative based. I didn’t know anything about;you know I’ll be completely honest…I knew nothing about running a business. I knew nothingabout the VA world really as far as the internet and stuff like that goes. I just knew that Iwanted to stay home with my son. I’d always done really well in my work and I wasdetermined more than ever to make this happen.I started doing basic administrative type stuff. What really kind of got me going was I landeda client who basically said to me one day, sent me and email and said here’s my usernameand password for the shopping cart this is what I need you to do. I thought oh my god. Ididn’t even know what a shopping cart was. I logged in and I started playing around and I didsome tutorials and I got my own free account just to try to play. That’s how it started. TheCopyright © 2011 8
  9. 9. Dont Stuggle To Get GREAT Clients: Check out Cindys VA Formulashopping cart at the time not everybody had it like they do now. It was certainly an area thatboosted me. I got into it and I loved it. I learned how to manipulate it. Before you knew itpeople were just knocking on my door – I need you to help me with my shopping cart, I needyou to implement my shopping cart, I need you to do this this and this.That’s where it came from. So from there we developed the ecommerce training becausethere were a lot of VA’s out there that had no idea how to implement ecommerce into aclients business. It kind of ran from there.But I didn’t know any of this stuff when I first started. That’s why I like to encourage othersout there that you don’t need to know it all when you come on board but you have to sort offigure some of the things out in order to embrace the learning that’s out there so you canmake it happen.Angela Wills: Right. I think there’s a lot of people who start off in the same type of position.They don’t really have business experience, like a lot of people are moms who want to beable to stay at home. I think that a lot of people who are moms are attracted to that virtualassistant business. I don’t know why. I guess because it’s a service type of thing and we liketo help people like you said before. Do you think that’s why?Cindy Greenway: Well I don’t know. I can only talk about my story. I think for a lot of momsit’s kind of an opportunity to have that balance. The flexibility of running your business andyou have administrative background so they mesh and then having the time to be able totake the kids to school or back again or whatever. That was my reason behind it.I’m really seeing a shift where it’s more older people that are close to retirement or haveretired that are more interested in the VA world. I didn’t see that as much before but I amseeing a lot more of it now. So, I think it’s just attractive period. It’s low-cost especiallybecause you just need a computer, internet and a phone. If you’ve got some background andyou’ve got some training and stuff like that it’s pretty, not easy I don’t want to say that but inrelation to starting up another kind of business the VA thing is pretty easy to kind of getgoing.Angela Wills: Right. Why did you choose to help virtual assistants and start these othersites when you were building your virtual assistant business? Why did you choose to startteaching? Before you answer that I have to say that from working with you, you are a greatteacher. You were really good at explaining stuff to other people.Cindy Greenway: Thank you. My head’s not going to fit through the wall when I’m donewith this. I don’t know what it is but I’m one of these people that I’m not really good at fakingit. Like what you see is what you get with me. As much as I have always really enjoyedCopyright © 2011 9
  10. 10. Dont Stuggle To Get GREAT Clients: Check out Cindys VA Formulaworking with my clients and nothing was really more satisfying at the time than helping themimplement all kinds of things online or build their name online or support them in a way thatthey were growing and they were becoming what they wanted to be in their business. But myreal passion lies in helping other people grasp onto opportunity that has allowed me to do somany things that I want to do.I’ve been through blood, sweat and tears. There were times I was ready to shut down. Iactually broke a computer because I was so angry one day I was going to quit. I broke thescreen because I slammed it down too hard. I’ve been there. I get it. But I also see and knowthe opportunities that are out there for people that want that kind of schedule, that want thatkind of flexibility.It breaks my heart to see or hear from VA’s that say you know what I can’t cut it. I can’t findclients, I’ve got to go back to 9-5 and they are miserable, they hate it. They want nothingmore than to have the flexibility and work from home. It kills me to hear that. So I don’t knowmy real passion is in helping VA’s. Is it easy? No, it’s not but I’m hoping that through what Ihear in discussions with business owners (I still talk to business owners all the time) whenthey talk about the virtual assistant industry, through my own learning, through my ownexperiences, through just standing up and saying up rather than shying away from it I’mhoping that I am making an impact somewhere with someone that is not having to go work 9-5 in corporate America anymore, that can stay home with their kids if they want to. That canbring in extra income after they retire or whatever. To me that is what keeps me going –when I get an email that says thank you Cindy and even what you’ve just shared with me. It’slike I did something. That’s what gets me excited. That’s what keeps me going.I’m so passionate about the technology side of things and the online side and building thebusiness and stuff like that that’s really cool but my main love is in talking with VA’s and sortof helping them get wherever they want to. When they’ve overcome an obstacle andachieved something the celebration begins and that’s just so great. It’s a small milestone butit’s a big impact.Angela Wills: That’s awesome. Such a good point that you made about people beingfrustration and ready to go back to work. I think sometimes people think they’re the only onewho feels like that or there’s something wrong with them for feeling like that. We all gothrough it! I’ve gone through it too. I’ve applied for jobs and went to interviews andeverything! It just makes me realize how much I do appreciate; I’ve gotten to the point whereI’ve done some interviews just to see what else I could do. So, it’s such a good point forpeople to get and know that there are ups and downs. It’s not all perfect and easy.Cindy Greenway: A lot of times when I talk to people and even clients I’ve worked with toothat are well known in the industry and so on. People will say to me oh you make it look soeasy you’ve built a business and blah blah blah. I’m like are you kidding me? Yeah it mightCopyright © 2011 10
  11. 11. Dont Stuggle To Get GREAT Clients: Check out Cindys VA Formulalook easy but I have cried my eyes out. I have been stressed. I have worked until 3 or 4 inthe morning. I have done everything that you have done. The only reason that you look atme and think it’s easy is because I’m outspoken enough to sort of share some of that stuff.I don’t think there’s been any kind of situation that I’ve been through that I haven’t sharedwith somebody. I’m kind of an open book that way which you know might be good in a lot ofways but maybe not so good sometimes.Everything takes work. Everything. NO matter what you do it’s going to take some work.Everything that you do there’s going to be a challenge. Everything that you do there’s goingto be stress. You can overcome that kind of stuff and you get little bumps and you keepgoing. That’s just like anything else.I wouldn’t give it up. My youngest son is going into full-time school starting in September.People have said to me oh are you going to go back and get a part-time job or go back togovernment and I’m like are you kidding me? I’ve worked eight years to get here, I’m notgoing nowhere.Sometimes, do I kind of wish I had a regular job? Sometimes I do just to kind of leave workat work. But I wouldn’t give it up for anything. There’s been times I’ve had to be verydisciplined. I would literally sometimes take my laptop and take it to my mom and dad’s andthey would take it for the weekend because otherwise I would find myself on there and thenan email would come in and I’d find myself working and I’m like no I can’t do it. In a way toachieve that balance that I wanted I had to do some of those kinds of things.I’m probably going way off track.Angela Wills: No no this is all good information. The laptop is getting out of the house.Cindy Greenway: Yeah. The laptop is going on a vacation of its own.Angela Wills: I can’t do that with my desktop.Cindy Greenway: That’s the beauty of a laptop. I’ll never go back to a desktop I don’t think.Angela Wills: I’m thinking about getting, this is really off topic but there’s a desktop that islike a touch screen and it’s all in one. I’m really interested in getting one of those.Cindy Greenway: They look pretty neat.Copyright © 2011 11
  12. 12. Dont Stuggle To Get GREAT Clients: Check out Cindys VA FormulaAngela Wills: They’re pretty cool looking. I wanted to ask you – this is not so much becauseyou’re not doing as much virtual assistant work anymore but maybe someone might beinterested, maybe they’re running a business where they’re selling products or informationand things like that and I thought it might be interesting to ask you what a day looks like inyour business. Probably not your favorite question of the day but…Cindy Greenway: No one’s ever asked me that before. I’ve actually gone through theminute. My partner Tina Forsyth did this on her blog not too long. It was pretty funny. Whatdoes my day look like? You know, I’ll tell you what my day looks like very very honestly. Firstof all I have two kids – one is 8 and one is 5. One of them is just in part-time kindergarten.And so essentially my typical day is I get up in the morning, I do my work out and all that kindof stuff – we’ll just put that in there. I will flip on the computer and I will get rid of junk. I’ll justload up my email and this is probably not the most ideal way to do this so I don’t want this tosound like this is the way to do it. I don’t want anyone coming back to me and saying you toldme to do that.I just take a look at what’s come in and I delete junk and then I kind of have a place to start. Ido that and that’s 7 in the morning or whatever. Then I’m with my kids – we’re getting ready,doing all that kind of stuff. 8:15 I leave the house, take my one son to school and I’m backaround 8:45-8:50. If my little guy is home with me I hang out with him, come and check emailevery once in awhile. Otherwise 2 days a week my mum-in-law is here with him. When she’shere I’m working the whole time – I’m either on phone calls or I’m doing training calls or I’mdoing some mentoring or I do my free kick butt sessions as well which I’ll share with youguys here a little bit later. I do that until about a quarter to twelve and then at 12 o’clock Ineed to leave to take my youngest son to kindergarten so I do that. I’m back in the officeabout 12:30 and then from 12:30 to 2 I will have scheduled calls or I will be working on stuff.At 2 o’clock or 2:15 I leave to go pick up my kids and then I’m done for that part of the day. IfI haven’t had a chance to do everything, in the evening I’ll pick up a little bit for a couplehours (maybe 2 hours or so) and then that’s it.I’m all over the place. It’s a bit of a piece mill. I still do work in the evenings because that’sthe only way I can make it happen with my schedule with the kids and so on. It’s fine. Beforeit used to be more of an issue but it’s fine. I do about 2 hours and that’s it.That’s kind of how it works. It’s all over the place. I find sometimes now though I do my bestwork in the evening, my sort of thinking kind of work and I can’t work now for like 5-6 hourstogether. I’ve trained myself to kind of be all over the place. If I’m sitting down from 9-3 I’mlike oh my god what a long day.Angela Wills: Right. That’s me too. I work the same way.Copyright © 2011 12
  13. 13. Dont Stuggle To Get GREAT Clients: Check out Cindys VA FormulaCindy Greenway: It’s just been what I’ve chosen to do based on what I want to have here.I’ve heard all kinds of people say you can’t run your business and do the kid thing too. Iagree with that in a lot of ways because my business is certainly not where I want it to bebecause I’ve sacrificed the time for my kids. But you know what, I’ve got lots of time to do it!They’ll both be in full-time school starting in September and that’s when I’ll kind of go nuts.For now it works for me.Angela Wills: And you get to create it whatever way you want which is so awesome. I loveonline business and it’s great to hear how someone else does structure their day because Ido something similar. I’m sure a lot of us work like that. I’m lucky, not lucky because Iwouldn’t mind having another kid (eventually at some point) but right now my son is in schoolall day. But I still need to take breaks because I don’t sit down for like five hours at a time. Ibreak up my day still.Cindy Greenway: Even if it’s just 20 minutes to have lunch or something I’ll make myselflunch and turn on Dr. Phil or something and feel better that I don’t have all the problemseveryone else does and turn it off and come back to work. It’s like 20 minutes and I’m goodto go. It works. I’m hoping I can make a change at some point but it works for now.Angela Wills: We have been talking a lot about virtual assistants which of course that’s a lotof what your business is about or pretty much what your business is about right?Cindy Greenway: Yep.Angela Wills: If someone is thinking of becoming a virtual assistant do you have anysuggestions on where to start like if someone is listening to this call and they’re thinking Imight like to be a virtual assistant.Cindy Greenway: I would say to them, do some research. Go into Google, type in virtualassistant, check out the different sites out there. Get a grasp of what people are doing, whatkind of services they are offering, what kind of stuff are people talking about because youdon’t want to go into a situation where you’re totally blind to what this whole VA thing is allabout.I would recommend that. Get out there and do some research because if you don’t then youcould run into trouble where you thought it was something and it’s something else and thenyou realize you’re really not that happy with it anymore.I would do some research. If you’re thinking yeah you know what I’m going to do this, I’mgoing to start a VA business I would plead with people to really take some time; you’re goingto be developing your business cards and your website and all that kind of stuff but thinkCopyright © 2011 13
  14. 14. Dont Stuggle To Get GREAT Clients: Check out Cindys VA Formulaabout who – who are you going to work with, who is your target market? This is probably theone thing that people ignore the most. They think I don’t need a target market I can work withanyone. Absolutely true, you can work with anyone but when it comes to your marketing andfinding clients, attracting clients, connecting with clients, building long term relationships withclients, all that kind of stuff you have to have a target market!If I had to do it all over again that’s the one thing I would have done differently because I wasthe same kind – I thought no I don’t need a target market I can work with anyone. Well Icould but you can’t market to everybody! And you can’t use language that connects toeverybody. In not picking a target market you fail essentially! It’s a lot harder and you don’tget clients that you really want, you just get people that are using you for what they needthen and they can’t always commit long term!So, select a target market. Do your research. Think about who you know. Who have youworked with before? Which kind of professionals do you really enjoy or do you really findvalue in (what they do what kind of services they offer)? If you had to go back to school whatkind of career would it be that you would go back to school for? You have to be passionateabout whoever it is that you’re working with and then go from there. Then you have a placeto start. You can research them, figure out what their challenges are, figure out how yourservices provide solutions to those challenges and that’s how you kind of go.If you don’t do that target market and really identify what you want for your business then it’sgoing to be a real tough struggle because you haven’t really planned, you haven’t set outthose pavers to kind of plan your road throughout the VA world.It’s hard to do and that’s one of the biggest decisions that people have or make – whichtarget market do you select? With the VA world it’s really growing. The area of like thecoaches, speakers, trainers, authors, all that kind of stuff there’s a lot of opportunity there butit’s also very saturated. Those are the people that we know understand the VA market.I’ve been talking to VA’s lately, which is so cool, that are targeting completely different areas.One is targeting pet sitters (like pet nannies and all that kind of stuff). There’s a huge marketright now for that. Another one was targeting people in the agricultural industry which blewmy mind! I never even thought about that. Someone else, her target market was like funeraldirectors and stuff like that (like anyone sort of in the death consultant). I was like oh my godI never even thought about that.You understand them. You understand what they need. You talk to them in a way that tellsthem that you know what they need and then you track them. That’s the key. If a VA is notgoing to do that then they’re going to struggle.Copyright © 2011 14
  15. 15. Dont Stuggle To Get GREAT Clients: Check out Cindys VA FormulaAngela Wills: Right. One of the things I’ve noticed people struggle with is what to put ontheir website. When they’ve got their target market like you said if you’re talking to, did yousay funeral directors?Cindy Greenway: Yeah.Angela Wills: You know exactly what to say to them. So what to write on your website reallyisn’t even an issue anymore.Cindy Greenway: Yeah. If it was me I wouldn’t know how to talk to those people. I would bescared to death to even work with them to be honest. I wouldn’t know what to say but I doknow what to say to the coaches. Because I know what to say and I know what they’rechallenged with I know how I can help them eliminate those challenges very naturally comesout of me.That’s another thing too – websites don’t need to be anything crazy. But don’t have yourwebsite looking like every other VA’s website out there.Angela Wills: That’s a good point.Cindy Greenway: There’s a cookie cutter stigma out there with VA websites where they alllook the same. They have the services, contact me and all this. And they’re all very prettyand they have nice pictures and I’m a virtual assistant, I’ve been a VA for 35 years – whocares? Nobody cares about that. I have never once in my eight years been asked how manyyears experience I have as an admin assistant.Angela Wills: Right. Me either. I don’t have any.Cindy Greenway: Good thing they’re not asking you that.Angela Wills: Yeah it’s a good thing they didn’t ask me.Cindy Greenway: I’m just thinking that something I would really like people to kind of honeinto or really pick up on it’s that. Nobody cares (about how much experience). It helps you.Of course it helps you. The business owner doesn’t care. They just want to know that youhave what it takes to help them.They also don’t care; what’s the other thing I was going to mention that drives me crazyAngela, I have to share. It’s on the tip of my tongue. Oh I know what it was.When you go to someone services page and they have this huge menu of services and theyCopyright © 2011 15
  16. 16. Dont Stuggle To Get GREAT Clients: Check out Cindys VA Formulatalk about how they offer word processing, excel spreadsheets, power point and all that kindof stuff. It’s like are you kidding me because everything you do out there includes wordprocessing or excel spreadsheets. People don’t go looking for a VA because they need helpwith word processing.Angela Wills: Right. Exactly.Cindy Greenway: That’s just another thing to consider when you’re identifying yourservices you want to have them specific to whatever it is that your clients need (your targetmarket needs). So the word processing thing that’s old school. It doesn’t help you at all.Angela Wills: Right. It’s so general.Cindy Greenway: It is. It is very general.Angela Wills: Like you said it’s used for everything now.Cindy Greenway: And anyone can do word processing now. Six year olds are doing it.Angela Wills: It’s a very basic skill that you need to work especially online, doing anythingonline.Cindy Greenway: Absolutely.Angela Wills: I wanted to ask you about your membership site because I think a lot ofpeople listening can benefit from finding out what it’s about and checking into that. What doyou offer? It’s called get clients…Cindy Greenway: Essentially it’s brand new. My first call isactually tomorrow. We’re going to start by talking about the employee mindset versus thebusiness mindset. The get clients club is sort of a place for me to connect with VA’s that forwhatever reason can’t commit to monthly mentoring or anything like that but they still needhelp in finding clients.I’m sick and tired of hearing people that are struggling with finding clients when I knowthere’s clients out there everywhere looking for a great VA. I’m sick and tired of the excuses.I’m tired of hearing about people that have just closed shop and go work 9-5.It’s my way of connecting hopefully with multiple VA’s and sharing some stuff some goodcontent, some sort of challenges in the sense of I want you to think about this because it’sCopyright © 2011 16
  17. 17. Dont Stuggle To Get GREAT Clients: Check out Cindys VA Formulagoing to make a difference, help them implement specific action steps that if they do aregoing to make a difference in their business and so on.There’s going to be a call every month. I’m going to tackle a different topic every month.Some months I’m going to have resources for people to download and so on too. They mighthave worksheets or a checklist or something like that depending on what the topic is.I’ve got some other things up my sleeve but I haven’t really figured out fully at this point. Butit’s me, it’s as genuine as you’re going to get from, I’m going to share everything I can. Again,it’s from my background, my experiences, my blood sweat and tears, talking to businessowners, talking to VA’s. It’s a combination of kind of everything out there. I just want to bewho I am – I want to be bold, I want to be challenging (I don’t want to be challenged I want tochallenge other people). And just really give them that sort kick butt let’s do it, you can dothis, build your confidence. We’re hurting confidence wise out there. We really really are. So Iwant to help with that. I want people to feel good about what it is they do, stand up straight,go out there and just tackle it.Angela Wills: Excellent. I recommend you guys check it out at andI’m going to have links to all the sites that we talk about on the site so if anybody doesn’t want to type it in and they want to comecheck out your other sites too they can just go there and find it on the talk radio link.I just have one more question for you. It is a question I ask everybody who I have as myguest. It is why do you love your business?Cindy Greenway: Why do I love my business? I get to work with great people. I get to helppeople (who doesn’t want to help people), I get to help people create something that theymay otherwise not have done. I get to take my kids to school, pick them up and take them tosoccer or baseball or whatever it is that we’re doing.I kind of feel like in a way as much as I work really hard and as much as it’s not perfect (I’mnot going to pretend it is) I kind of get my cake and eat it too. I have everything I want rightnow. I’m able to contribute financially to my family. I’ve got the flexibility to help peoplebusiness wise but also be there with my family. I do it in a way that works for me andeveryone around me.That’s really why. It’s really quite simple.Angela Wills: I love hearing the answer though. I always love asking that question. It justends the show on such a nice note. Everybody who has their own business has differentreasons but sometimes similar.Thank you so much. It’s been a great call.Copyright © 2011 17
  18. 18. Dont Stuggle To Get GREAT Clients: Check out Cindys VA FormulaCindy Greenway: Thank you. I appreciate it. There’s one thing if you don’t mind mementioning it.Angela Wills: Oh no go ahead.Cindy Greenway: There’s one thing that I do do if anyone out there is interested. If youdon’t really know me or you want to just get a taste of what I’m really all about and so on I dooffer complimentary kick butt sessions. Those are sessions that I want to hear about you (tellme a little bit about yourself) and we’ll meet and I will give you at least one way to kind ofmove forward and sort of overcome your challenges and stuff like that. I’m going to kick youin the butt a little bit. Some people need a bit of a hard kick, some people need a little bit of asoft kick. Essentially it’s a way for me to connect with people in my community out there.If anybody is interested in that you can go to there’s a bit of an application form there you can fill out and then I’ll be in touch with youon the next step.Angela Wills: That is very generous so thank you for that. I will again put that link up forsure. That’s awesome. Thank you so much Cindy it’s been a great call and I know mylisteners are going to get a lot of value from what you have had to share today.Cindy Greenway: Great. Thank you so much Angela. I really appreciate it.Angela Wills: Bye.Cindy Greenway: Bye.Copyright © 2011 18