5 Email Marketing Myths


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Learn five myths about using email marketing for your business. It's not spamming if you do it ethically!

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5 Email Marketing Myths

  1. 1. By Angela Wills www.MarketersMojo.com Page 1 Copyright © 2011Get a $1 Trial on Aweber by clicking here: http://marketersmojo.aweber.com Learn more about using email for your business: Email List Mojo.
  2. 2. About The Author After nine months as a virtual assistant, Angela quit her dead- end factory job in May of 2007 to work from home full-time. A true entrepreneur at heart, Angela finds is very rewarding to help small business owners build their businesses online. Angela has been featured in two print books, been a guest tech expert on a local hour-long TV show, featured on numerous internet events and has worked with hundreds of clients and customers to build successful online businesses.Read Angelas customer, client and student testimonials here:http://www.marketersmojo.com/testimonialsView Angelas learning products here:http://www.marketersmojo.com/shopSign Up for Angelas affiliate program here:http://www.marketersmojoaffiliates.comResources:Aweber Software Review: http://www.marketersmojo.com/7120/aweber-review/Aweber $1 Trial: http://marketersmojo.aweber.comSocial Media Links:Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/getmarketersmojoTwitter: http://www.twitter.com/angelawillsYouTube: http://www.youtube.com/marketersmojo Page 2 Copyright © 2011 Get a $1 Trial on Aweber by clicking here: http://marketersmojo.aweber.com Learn more about using email for your business: Email List Mojo.
  3. 3. All Rights Reserved: No portion of this report may be copied or distributed without written permission of the author.Earnings Disclaimer: No guarantees are made to the amount of income you can make by following the suggestions in thisguide. This report is for information purposes only. This report is not intended to replace any legal advice or counsel.Material Connection Disclosure: You should assume that the author of this report has an affiliate relationship and/or materialconnection to the provider of goods and services mentioned in this report and may be compensated when you purchasefrom a provider. You should always perform due diligence when buying goods or services from anyone via the internet oroffline. Page 3 Copyright © 2011 Get a $1 Trial on Aweber by clicking here: http://marketersmojo.aweber.com Learn more about using email for your business: Email List Mojo.
  4. 4. Email Myth #5 – “If I email too much, they’ll unsubscribe!”This is so untrue! You can email your list a lot and have a list that is happy as a pig in youknow what.However, let me make this clear: You WILL get unsubscribes, it’s normal and a natural part ofthe email process.Now there’s a trick to this, well it’s not so much a trick as it is common sense. Here is how toemail your list as often as you want without having to worry about ticking them off:Set Clear Expectations – If you plan to email your list once a day and the occassional twiceper day let them know that. Tell them they’ll be getting a LOT of emails. Obviously you don’twant to send them garbage so if you’ve got great info and you need to send it once a dayyou’re subscribers will be happy to be in the know and on top of the latest news in your topicor industry. There are plenty of successful businesses that email out all the time.Offer High Value – As I mentioned in the last point you need to provide value. In order to dothis you need to flip the ‘how can I make the most money?’ mindset to the ‘how can I providethe most value that leads to goodwill and sales?’ mindset. It might seem like a tiny switch butit is extremely important to the overall success of your marketing messages.Don’t Email Garbage – Yep I mentioned this one too and it’s fairly obvious but sometimeswe get roped into promoting offers for people because they’re friends or because they didsomething nice for us. You need to be a tough business person here and weed outeverything that’s garbage and then go beyond that. You want to offer ONLY the highestquality in any offers you make. Whether it be your own products or someone else’s, makesure it is top-tier standard. AND don’t pound your list with offer after offer after offer! Givethem tools, resources, freebies and other good things so they don’t consider you to benothing but a money-hungry scammer.Understand Their Needs – If you are emailing out ALL the time but you’re totally out ofwhack with what your list is looking for then they’re going to unsubscribe. Worse, they’llprobably label you a spammer before they do (even if you’re not, they can do that). Thesmartest thing you can do here is make sure you understand the needs of your list. Theeasiest way to do that is to BE your target market.For example, I teach how to build a website at Website Design Mojo. I don’t only teach it, Ido it. I build websites for my business and also for clients so I’m very much in the loop to theneeds and wants of someone who’s built a website. I do need to stretch, however, when itcomes to understanding what a BEGINNER needs (since it’s been 12 years since I was atotal beginner). That’s when I be careful to listen to my market, ask them questions and go Page 4 Copyright © 2011 Get a $1 Trial on Aweber by clicking here: http://marketersmojo.aweber.com Learn more about using email for your business: Email List Mojo.
  5. 5. personally to people for advice. You want to make sure you always understand what yourmarket needs and deliver that to them.Those are some ways you can make sure your list is happy to receive emails from you.You might be reading this, however, and be wondering why in the world you’d want to createall that work for yourself and email your list so often. Good question, it is.Look at it this way:- It takes about 7 marketing messages to make a sale (or so the story goes).- If you email your list once per week that’s 52 messages per year.- According to the math that would be only 7 sales per year!!- Now, up your messages to twice per week and it stands to reason you can expect to youdouble your sales. Three times per week and you could possibly triple your sales. Up by fivetimes and potentially get five times the sales. Get it?That alone was enough for me to start paying much more attention to how many times Iemail out.Just remember that you’ve got to focus on quality!! If you try to pull money out like your ownvirtual ATM machine you’ll find your list quickly grows to resent and ignore you…For those on your list who are really and completely against getting too many emails – yes,they will unsubscribe. Guess what? You simply can’t please everyone. I had to come toterms with that and decide WHO I wanted to please – the people who only want my emailsfour times a month or the people who want lots of information from me and are just as happywith twenty or thirty emails from me per month if the topic requires it.In the end if you treat your list like the gold it can be they won’t get mad at all. Instead you’llhave an email list of people who respect your opinions, wait for your advice and take yourconsideration recommendations because you’ve proven yourself to be a trusted source ofvaluable information.Good deal, eh? Page 5 Copyright © 2011 Get a $1 Trial on Aweber by clicking here: http://marketersmojo.aweber.com Learn more about using email for your business: Email List Mojo.
  6. 6. Email Myth #4 – “Double Opt-Ins Are Bad For Business.”I got the following question from a client: Do you use a double opt-in with aweber? I have a very young computer whiz friend who says that most “internet marketers’ who want to grow big lists don’t use the double optin feature on aweber.For those of you who many be new to email marketing, the difference is this:Single Opt-In- A form on your website that people enter their name and email and areimmediately added to your email list.Double Opt-In – A form on your website where people enter their name and areautomatically sent an email to confirm that they’ve opted-in. Then, they must click the link inthe email or they don’t get on the list.A double opt-in is highly recommended due to Can-Spam laws as it provides you protectionagainst anyone calling you a spammer because you have record of every opt-in. A doubleopt-in also prevents spamming bots from filling out your forms and adding people to your listwho didn’t intend to subscribe. A double opt-in also qualifies people on your list, almostalways making it more targeted and responsive because they had to take action to join it.Now I’m not saying there aren’t benefits to single opt-ins. Obviously you can build a biggerlist, faster.There are two ways to look at this:1. I want the biggest list possible and I want to remove ALL stop-blocks that will prevent mefrom getting maximum subscribers.2. I want to build an email list of people who are extremely targeted, interested andresponsive to what I have to offer.Your first instinct might be to want option #1 and in some cases that’s fine, but I personallydon’t want to ‘do what the gurus do’. Why? Because many of the top internet marketers loveto build massive lists, spam them to death, scam as much money as they can from theirsubscribers and then repeat. To me that’s an extremely unfulfilling way to run a business(and to live a life).I personally prefer option #2. It’s the option where you offer a double opt-in on your email list. Page 6 Copyright © 2011 Get a $1 Trial on Aweber by clicking here: http://marketersmojo.aweber.com Learn more about using email for your business: Email List Mojo.
  7. 7. Let the internet marketers have their ‘huge’ lists of people. I personally prefer my small list ofpeople who really appreciate my messages and who have stuck around for years to hearwhat I have to say.Tiny lists can outperform big lists.For example, I tiny list of, say, 100 people can make you thousands of dollars if treated right.You can built a relationship with those people, you can respond to their questions, you canmake them feel respected and appreciate and you can provide them with products theyneed.Or a huge list of, say, 100,000, could be totally worthless if they are sick of the garbage that’sgetting sent to them day after day. If they’ve gotten trick emails that say “Notification ofPayment Received” or “URGENT – Open NOW!!!!” or some other such tricky nonsense.You’ll get a tiny percentage conversion on a list you treat like fools, and you’ll also get a badreputation.Let me share with you a really important tip:The people who will open, read and pay attention to your emails the most are those whoalready know, like and trust you. Now you might wonder how you get people to do that, howdo you make them trust you? The answer is simply to provide them with value. If you alreadyhave customers and you have already delivered a highly valuable product or service to themconsider them your LIST. If they are not already in a customer database then it’s time to startone and invite them to it. Your customers know how awesome you are already, they trust youand they certainly know you do good stuff. Making them another offer or even a goodrecommendation at this point is pretty much a no-brainer to them.Think about it – how many times have you gotten an offer from a company or anentrepreneur that you’ve already bought from and you simply click straight to the orderbutton? I do it all the time. I’ve bought plenty of products online that I never even read thesalespages. I just know if ‘so-and-so’ delivered it then it must be good.There you have it, that’s my take on the double opt-in, single opt-in debate. I know noteveryone will agree with me on the topic but most of you will surely see my point here – thatit’s more important to build an email list of people ready and willing to hear from you.THAT’s the kind of email list you want to build if you want a rewarding online business! Page 7 Copyright © 2011 Get a $1 Trial on Aweber by clicking here: http://marketersmojo.aweber.com Learn more about using email for your business: Email List Mojo.
  8. 8. Email Myth #3: Social networks are more important than email.Honestly I’ve not been fast to jump on the ‘social media marketing’ bandwagon. In fact, I stilluse my Facebook account for personal use only and I’ve even gone so far as to cancel myaccount at one point.Why? Because sometimes I just can’t shut up! When I get sites like Facebook, Twitter, MSN and, if we go wayyy back, ICQ (remember thatchat program with the ‘uh-oh!’ notifications?) I can spend hours upon hours upon hourschatting aimlessly away.And facebook – oh boy! You can spend hours just browsing through pictures, readingstatuses, starting conversations or chatting with your friends.Yes this IS relationship building. What is usually ISN’T is the most productive use of thelimited time we all have available in a day. You can only say ‘but you can’t measure ROI onrelationships’ before you go broke, right?So, yes, I’m still on facebook (I have a fanpage here <-- Like Me! ). And, yes, I do enjoybeing social. And, yes, I think social media has it’s place but it’s no where near in the samecategory as having a highly responsive, targeted email list.Let’s do up a little comparison chart, shall we? Email Facebook, Twitter and Marketing the Like...Does your message get delivered in a private YES NOmanner, personalized to the recepient?Can you track your clicks, opens and sales? YES NOCan you get instant feedback from your market? NO YESAre users generally open to marketing messages YES NOvia this format?Are you limited in the amount you can write in one YES NOmessage?A note on some of the points in that list (and some not on the list): Page 8 Copyright © 2011 Get a $1 Trial on Aweber by clicking here: http://marketersmojo.aweber.com Learn more about using email for your business: Email List Mojo.
  9. 9. Messages Delivered - When you use email marketing and you use a good program likeAweber to deliver your emails you are pretty-much guaranteed that your targeted people willlay eyes on it. Even if they delete your email without opening they saw who it was from andyou got branding exposure. With social media sites such as facebook and twitter you neverknow who is actually reading your messages.Trackable – I know the social media experts out there will be screaming out “IT’S NOTABOUT RETURN ON INVESTMENT!!!’ but I disagree. It’s important to know if what you aredoing is working and if you have no way to track it you really won’t know if your time iscompletely wasted or if it’s being invested in the right places. Email allows you to track clicks,opens and even sales – social media does not.Instant Feedback – One of the things social media does well is giving you feedback fromyour market in a matter of minutes. Usually email is much slower in this regard and oftenpeople just don’t take the time to email back. Tweets and facebook posts are easier torespond to quickly.Mindset – You’ve really got to consider the mindset of the user in each setting. When you goto your email you expect more ‘professional’ messages, including emails from vendors whosell you stuff. It’s generally quite acceptable to send marketing messages via email andsubscribers are open to this as long as you provide value. By contrast, facebook was createdfor college students to socialize. One social media site that is an exception is LinkedIn as itwas established with the intention to be a social network for professionals so the mindset ofthe network is very different from the site designed to be a place to look for hot chicks.Restricted – With email you are not limited to a certain number of characters but on manysocial networks you are.Social Media is GOOD, Email is GREAT!I’m not trying to talk you out of using social networking or social media, at all. In fact I highlyrecommend you include it in your overall marketing plan because it can deliver good resultsif done without wasting the day away. What I am suggesting is that you think twice aboutgiving social networking priority over email marketing on your list of things to do. Page 9 Copyright © 2011 Get a $1 Trial on Aweber by clicking here: http://marketersmojo.aweber.com Learn more about using email for your business: Email List Mojo.
  10. 10. Email Myth #2 – The Money Is In The List!The saying really should go…“The Money Is In The Relationship You Build With The Highly Targeted, FrequentlyContacted List Who Trusts YOU.”Not quite as sexy, is it?What I wanted to talk about in this article is how this saying can be misleading and causeyou to put a lot of effort in the wrong places.Let’s start with a list of ideas on HOW you can build your email list: 1. Add an Opt-In form to Your Website. (I use Aweber for easy form templates) 2. Buy ads and send them to your Opt-In Form. 3. Use Article Marketing to direct people to your form. 4. Host teleseminars or webinars. 5. Link to your Opt-In form from social media sites. 6. Get affiliates to promote your list. 7. Get listed on newsletter directory websites.How NOT to Build Your Email List: • Don’t Buy Leads – Please don’t ever buy email leads and add them to your email list – it’s against the law. To build your email list you need to have the permission of each and every subscriber. • Don’t Add Them – Some people have the assumption that if they got a business card from, or networked in some way with a person then they have the right to add them to their email list. This is just not true and it’s also considered spam. • Don’t Trick Them – Don’t promise something you can’t deliver. Also don’t trick them into thinking they are getting a single freebie when you intend on sending them the freebie, and, a whole bunch of marketing messages.Honestly when I got serious about building my own lists I plowed forward believing the Page 10 Copyright © 2011 Get a $1 Trial on Aweber by clicking here: http://marketersmojo.aweber.com Learn more about using email for your business: Email List Mojo.
  11. 11. money was in the list and I just needed to build a big list to get responses. What I figured outwhat that a list of ‘freebie seekers’ tends to have a very low conversion rate. Meaning, forevery 100 people I email out to my freebie lists I usually get 1 or less responding. Not quite‘raking in the cash’ as the saying promises, is it?Let me add a little sidenote here: You might here something completely different from peoplewho teach how to pull stashes of cash from unsuspecting customers. You might here peopletell you to build up your email list really fast, start making really amazing offers your marketjust can’t refuse (you know, the ‘too good to be true’ kind?) and pound them with offer afteroffer until they’re worn right out. That’s NOT the kind of list I’m talking about here.The kind of list I’m talking about is the one you’d be proud to have your mama on. Actually,come to think of it, that’s a really good gauge of what to send your list… ask yourself “WouldI send this to my mom if she were interested in this topic? If the answer is no, don’t send it!”From my own experience I’ve learned that my most responsive lists are my customers. Acustomer list is not any ol’ list and you can’t get it just anywhere. You must build therelationships with them and deliver great quality, consistently. Once you do that you canactually get a great conversion from your list because they now know, like and trust you. I’veseen conversions of 16 – 30% on my customer emails.At the end of the day your email list is an extremely important asset to your online business.You must treat it as an investment to be carefully tended to and nurtured. Allow time to letrelationships grow, keep working at providing content and you should be able to find afulfilling business while also turning a profit from that list. Page 11 Copyright © 2011 Get a $1 Trial on Aweber by clicking here: http://marketersmojo.aweber.com Learn more about using email for your business: Email List Mojo.
  12. 12. Email Myth #1: But I Don’t Need an Email List (or It Won’t Work For Me)!True or False? —-> Only ‘internet marketers’ need email lists.Your answer is FALSE!If you are in business, an email list can do you good. Now let me add a caveat to this thatany business can certainly get along and make a profit without an email list, but, they canalways make more with a properly positioned email marketing campaign.In today’s article I’m going to share with you some of the reasons why I believe everybusiness, whether physical product or service provider or internet marketer, is better offWITH an email list than WITHOUT one.So let’s get right to it.Reason #1: AnnouncementsYour business does new stuff every now and then, right? Maybe it’s a new product, a newservice or a new website. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to tell a lot of people all at oncerather than launching something and having to one by one reach your market? Also, maybeyou’ve got a free event to invite your market to, or a contest you’d like them to participate in.Having a list allows you to quickly reach your market and get a fast response, too.Reason #2: Customer Follow-UpEven if you don’t start a ‘freebie’ email list you should definitely have a ‘customer’ list. This isa list where you can follow up on products, add bonuses and check in with your customerson a mass level to make sure the product is exactly what they expected. The automationhere will save you time AND money. You can greatly reduce or even eliminate customerservice issues when you get ahead of the game by anticipating problems before they occur.Here’s a good example: I sell many information products and coaching programs. Myshopping cart process includes my new customers ‘confirming’ their customer status so theycan get on my product-specific customer lists. As a way to prevent any customer frommissing their download information I have an autoresponder set up to ask them if they gottheir download information ok. Many people think this is a personal email and respondaccordingly. So the results are two-fold – 1) Customer appreciation for going above a typicalmarketer, 2) Preventing download issues before they happen. Page 12 Copyright © 2011 Get a $1 Trial on Aweber by clicking here: http://marketersmojo.aweber.com Learn more about using email for your business: Email List Mojo.
  13. 13. Reason #3 – Less ‘Hours-For-Dollars’, More MoneyService providers work damn hard! A few years ago when my only means of income for myonline business was clients I was seriously STRESSED-OUT. I worked all day long for clientsand it drained my emotionally and physically. Now I’m not saying that you can’t have arewarding service business, what I am saying is that if you are not careful it can quickly takeover your life.Enter email marketing. I knew I didn’t want the business I had created so I focused my effortson building income that relied less on one-time labour. Instead, I started creating informationproducts that served the same market and I started letting my clients and others know aboutthe products that could help them build their businesses. I am still serving the same marketthese days, just on a bigger level because I can reach thousands (and do) with my email list.I could never work personally with thousands of clients in a week or even a month!So there you have three very good reasons why an email list is a smart move for ANYbusiness owner.Before I let you go, I want to address something you might be thinking right now…“Ok, an email list is a good idea, but I really can’t afford it right now”.Aweber costs only $1 for a one month trial. Then its $20 to get started. Now that adds up toabout $240 in a year if your list is less than 500 subscribers. Think about this really logically,ok? If you build your list and start using it properly you should make every penny of that backmany, many, many times over. I make a full time living online and it has a whole lot to do withthe fact that I have an email list.An email management software program such as Aweber is an investment in your business,and, in my opinion its a totally non-negotiable one. Im going to tell you honestly that if youcant invest that much in your success then you probably dont believe in what youre doing.If you dont believe in what youre doing then its probably time to do something else.So – what are you waiting for?! Start with the $1 – Get Aweber and then go build a great listof people who are READY to hear the messages only YOU can deliver! Click the link or graphic below to sign up now: http://marketersmojo.aweber.com Page 13 Copyright © 2011 Get a $1 Trial on Aweber by clicking here: http://marketersmojo.aweber.com Learn more about using email for your business: Email List Mojo.