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Pete Gábor: Digitális Magyarország


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MKT Vándorgyűlés 2011, Informatikai szekció

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Pete Gábor: Digitális Magyarország

  1. 1. Telenor Hungary introduction10/5/2011
  2. 2. Telenor Hungary – constantly innovating in telecommunications• Telenor was the first in Hungary to offer services like: SMS, prepaid, subway coverage, GPRS, EDGE, music download, mobile network solutions for enterprises, new handset discount for returning the old handset (‘close to environment’),• Telenor is the first provider to start major LTE investment in Hungary• Telenor has the widest mobile broadband network in Hungary: mobile broadband access will be the technology connecting the next million households to the internet• Telenor is committed to M2M, building on its experiences in the Scandinavian markets it is a major player in Hungary in this field.
  3. 3. Telenor has offered M2M services since the 1990s TelesporEnd-to-end verticalsolutions Telenor Cinclus (AMR) Telenor R&I Connected ObjectsService enablement Telenor IRIS (RFID)M2M connectivity
  4. 4. Assisted livingSensors in the patient’s home Patient’s view Touch to talk Results How are you and see: today? Fine Dizzy Hospital system and Blood glucose In pain processes Please call nurse to get new medicines Patient information routed onwards to hospital systems as required Next of kin’s view Actions or response based on results routed Results and back to patient (as Oxygen required) current actions (video) call Other interested parties: • Local health care providers Blood pressure • Social services • ...
  5. 5. Smart Metering Usage reporting to affect Utility providers consumer behaviourMatching local supplywith local demand Load shedding to reduce Multitude of meters demand peaks
  6. 6. The classical approach to M2M Application Communication X N Device
  7. 7. The connected car – many service providers from the same carEnd-user applications Fleet Emergency Vehicle service Logistics Traceability management servicesService enablement Service enablementConnectivity Cellular connectivityDevices Communication Processing Temperature RFID reader Accelerometer GPS sensor Humidity Door Fuel injection Impact sensor sensors sensor sensor
  8. 8. M2M is part of Telenor’s Digital Hungary framework• Objectives of Digital Hungary: – Contribute to creating a ‘digital society’ by providing mobile broadband access for all – Improve people’s lives and companies’ productivity through mobile solutions – Support economic growth, create new jobs• Who will benefit the most: – SMEs – Public institutions (including healthcare) – Government – Local governments – Education – Individuals• M2M is an „energy system innovation”, supported by state-of-the art mobile technologies
  9. 9. Smart Metering: a step for energy efficiency in a more digital Hungary Digital Hungary benefits all key stakeholders: businesses, state, institutions, individuals, etc. Smart Metering: a mobile technology example on improving efficiency and the comfort of life:• Service providers will have – more precise information about the fluctuation of consumption – better capability to plan ahead – better resource management• Private consumers and institutions will gain – Transparency of consumption, less administration need – awareness about energy consumed – possibility to save money – more precise bills• The state will have an improved capability – To meet the EU target of achieving 20% energy savings by 2020