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Top North American Ivy League Leverages Data Masking


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Top North American Ivy League Leverages Data Masking to desensitize their support environment.

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Top North American Ivy League Leverages Data Masking

  1. 1. Case Study Enterprise Solutions | PeopleSoftTop North American Ivy League Leverages Data Masking to desensitize their support environmentClient OverviewNorth America based top academic and research institution in the world, conducting path breaking research in medicine, science, arts and humanities. Itincludes three undergraduate schools, thirteen graduate and professional schools, and a school of continuing education. Hexaware Approach Akiva, a product from Hexaware’s innovation lab helped the Chief Security Officer to protect their The Challenge PII data in their non production environment and subset their data depending upon various business criteria’s. AKIVA plays a key role in providing realistic data for their development and The University was using PeopleSoft testing environment and also facilitated in data reduction in their training environment. Akiva is HRMS System which contains their entire an Application Aware masking tool which is designed to desensitize personal and sensitive data employee’s personal information. Around required in a variety of situations like software development, implementation and testing. It allows 34,000 active employees’ data were creation of disguised copies of production databases and provides realistic and fully functional maintained in their system. They wanted to application without exposing confidentiality. With the help of Security officer and functional desensitize their critical employee informa- consultant, sensitive elements were identified and masked following environments and tion which includes lecturers, doctors, performed 3 level of User Acceptance testing researchers, HR and IT staffs in their non production environment (Training, Develop- Development Environment ment and Testing). Additionally they were not able to train their trainees with the QA Environment realistic data and were not able to train Training Environment (Reduced the database size using Data Subsetting and masked the properly in all their modules. Thus, they environment) wanted to reduce the size of their training environment by over 60% in order to Additionally, Hexaware provided consulting to the university on PeopleSoft business processes reduce their server cost and to improve and database performance tuning. performance. All this had to be done maintaining the Integrity and consistency of the system. Solution Framework Enhancing Value (Innovative Approach) Value Delivered Employee Information were masked with real time lookalike data Client Benefits Database size in one of the environment was reduced by 60% for training purpose No impact on existing functionality of The University had custom tables in their PeopleSoft application where the data came in from application since AKIVA generates different systems. AKIVA took care of masking all such tables without any customization realistic records and maintains integrity The window time given to Hexaware to run the masking process was 6 hours and masking Current work flow was not disturbed as operation completed within 2 and half hours AKIVA completed its operation in the Performance of the product was increased by DB tuning and parallel processing given window time Reduces the overhead of implementing internal security access policies Technology Environment High quality data is available for JAVA, Oracle 10g on UNIX Platform development, testing and training Use of data reduction feature helped in saving disk space and reducing hardware cost.© 2009 Hexaware Technologies. All rights reserved.