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Case Study                          Travel & TransportationRe-engineering Consultancy for Legacy based Flight Operations S...
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Re engineering consultancy for legacy based flight operations system


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Application Development, Maintenance and Support of Reservation System for
Leading Asian airline

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Re engineering consultancy for legacy based flight operations system

  1. 1. Case Study Travel & TransportationRe-engineering Consultancy for Legacy based Flight Operations SystemCustomer ProfileThe world’s oldest and largest airline service providers having a combined fleet of 500 aircraft (passenger & cargo). The airline having more than 1500 dailydepartures has extensive domestic and global route networks serving 900 cities in 160 countries. Business Need Sources of information:The airline’s existing legacy based flight operation suite, based on Unisys OS2200, consists of Detailed Estimates & Scheduleapplications like Aircraft routing,scheduling, ACARS, FLIFO (Flight information), Weather, MEL Approach & Roadmap(Minimum Equipment List) , MGL (Maximum Gross Load) , Weight & Balance and Gate-handling. Risk Mitigation/Avoidance Plan Market Study ReportThe need was to re-engineer the flight operation system due to the following reasons: Scalability Solution Primitive user interface Hexaware recommended the following: Rigid communication interchange protocols between applications Java/J2EE solution to be developed High technology overhead after establishing an SOA architectural Limited scope for interpretation of real time data exchanged within the system layer for reduced coupling and future Scarcity of skilled and trained professionals to maintain the 30 year old legacy system connectivity Changing/growing business needs Phased approach instead of a big bang Limitation in Efficiency and performance approach A combination of re-engineering andMethodology replacement considering the cost,With due expertise in the field of flight operations as well as legacy modernization, Hexaware was time-to-market and customization effortchosen to conduct the first phase of implementation known as “Discovery Phase”. Off-the-shelf components based on factors like scalability, client base,The objectives of Phase 1 were: international operations capable of Arrive at an approach and road map for re-engineering handling intricacies Estimate and schedule for re-engineering Conduct ‘market watch’ to identify potential off-the-shelf components to reduce time-to-market. Identify the technical and functional gaps in existing system and areas of customization Build vs. Buy analysis for certain componentsSources of information: Brain storming sessions with customer Code mining of the applications Provide an indicative budget for the development efforts for a ground up implementation The experience of airline domain experts @ Hexaware Documents from customer - Functional manuals & Program documents Discussions/ presentations by vendors for market study© Hexaware Technologies. All rights reserved.