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Case Study                          ManufacturingImplementation of Oracle E-Business Suite 11i for Supplier of Integrated ...
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Implementation of oracle e business suite


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Implementation of oracle e business suite

  1. 1. Case Study ManufacturingImplementation of Oracle E-Business Suite 11i for Supplier of Integrated Security, Life Safety &Building Automation SolutionsClient OverviewThe client provides integrated security, life safety and building automation solutions on a turnkey basis. With over a decade of experience in the industry,they have gained unsurpassed excellence in design, engineering, implementation and support of its solutions.Hexaware Solution Implementation of Oracle E-Business Suite 11i – Ver.11.5.10 (2) Challenge Implementation of following modules at 10 regional offices, 3 manufacturing units & 2 trading units Specific statutory & non-statutory in a centralized Data Centre at the Corporate Office operation requirements and MIS Develop customizations with variationsModules of Oracle standard functionalities User security and MIS for access of General Ledger, Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, Fixed Assets, Cash Management, requisite operations India Localization, Purchasing, Inventory, Quoting, Order Management, Product Configurator, Project Management, Project Costing and Billing, Discrete Manufacturing, Service Contracts, Tele Configurations for multiple inventories / Service, Field Sales, Tele Sales, HRMS, Business Intelligence (BI) sub inventories Serializing and costing for different itemTools & Technologies types, makes & models, or FG & SFG items - as per business requirements Oracle Applications 11i version, Oracle 9i DB - Linux D2K, Toad, Visio, SQL plus, SQL loader, Oracle PLSQL, AIM templates Integrate HR functions with project, Data Loaders, Web EDI, IDS, Oracle 9i AS, Estimation & Testing tools payables & accounting CRM for tele-sales, field sales, fieldHexaware Engagement Details service & service contract domains To provide turnkey solution with an aim to automate & integrate the client operations and functions Business Benefits Scope of project is as per the Oracle standard features and customizations to meet client user Consolidation of data & availability of requirements MIS for multi-locations Team Size: During peak time Hexaware team size comprises of 10 Functional Consultants 2 Location based sales operations with Technical Consultants, 1 DBA and 1 Project Manager centralized purchase & payments DBA – installations & support of Oracle Apps instances Seamless user connectivity through Integration of Financials, Distributions, Manufacturing & CRM domains integrated sharing of data Mapping & Transition of legacy systems, manual operations & data into Oracle Apps CRM for analytics and projections for cost effectively in sales & project Implementations in two phases with single organization and with multiple locations operations Post implementation support for 1 month Change over from manual disparate systems to multi-functional ERP Maintenance of single accounting structure across units Optimized cost through flexible pricing, discounts & other features in CRM Automated order configurations using Product Configurator Automation of projects using Oracle Project Management and project billing & costing Management of third party activities, particularly supply and billing in projects© 2009 Hexaware Technologies. All rights reserved.