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Roadmap Planning for Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) Transition for Information


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Roadmap Planning for Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) Transition for Information Services Leader Client Overview Leader in Information Services for Human Resources, Transportation and Retailing.

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Roadmap Planning for Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) Transition for Information

  1. 1. Case Study Business Intelligence & AnalyticsRoadmap Planning for Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) Transition for InformationServices LeaderClient OverviewLeader in Information Services for Human Resources, Transportation and Retailing. Hexaware Approach Hexaware analyzed the organization’s current Data Warehouse ecosystem which was operating The Challenge across multiple locations to arrive at a unified vision of a Global Data Warehouse catering to The organization’s current Data Ware- enterprise analytic and reporting needs. The scope of work included: house System was operating across Assessment of the AS-IS Architecture across five locations different locations. The organization was Analyzing system inventory across five locations facing a key challenge in data reporting Evaluating architectural options for OBIEE consolidation due to a complex Business Intelligence Quantifying associated cost and estimates for the consolidation (BI) Infrastructure. The assessment of the current BI setup was complex due to Solution Framework multiple locations, multiple subject areas Hexaware provided the consultative methodology which is based on a unique 10-point frame- and difference in vintage of these systems. work that analyzes the BI landscape from multiple perspectives using both qualitative and quantitative inputs. The modules included: Business Benifits Reporting and Analysis Complete visibility into their current Delivery and Aggregation Business Intelligence landscape Extraction, Transformation and Loading covering 5 different locations, 30+ data Reference Data Layer marts, 15+ Business Areas, 350+ ETL Calculations and Computations components and 2500+ reports Data Model Comprehensive roadmap for consolida- Security Framework and Operations tion onto the OBIEE environment Data Sources independent of the Oracle R12 migration The As-Is and To-Be environment in the customer situation were analyzed using the 10-point on the source side framework. Additionally, the architectural options were evaluated using multiple criteria like cost, Exhaustive evaluation of the architec- scalability and risks. tural options with pros and cons on usage of OBIEE packaged marts in the The consultative methodology was executed in the following stages: client business context Comprehensive evaluation of the AS-IS state was conducted using the “AS-IS BusMatrix” Flexible estimation model that provides cost-benefit analysis for any combination Depicted the business areas / facts / dimensions available in OBIEE packaged marts as the of packaged marts deployment “TO-BE Bus Matrix” Delivered the set of best practices OBIEE world was matched with the current BI scenario at the customer location around each component in the future Evaluated architectural options based on the extent of match in the current data models and state BI environment packaged OBIEE marts Comprehensive estimation model by subject area and location was used to transition to OBIEE platform Technology Environment Source Systems: Oracle 11i, Tandem, Great Plains, Siebel and other home grown systems Database: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL ETL: SQL Server Integration Services, DataStage, Cobol programs Reporting: Cognos, Business Objects, Crystal Reports, Siebel Analytics© Hexaware Technologies. All rights reserved.