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Sharing Economy Reloaded - Blockchain is Here


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Learn how to have a marketplace mindset, using sharing economy examples to tell the story of future marketplaces that share value and ownership with their users, members, employees, and contributors. When supply chains are open and transparent, every step of value creation can be tracked and distributed, incentivizing good behavoir. This is exciting - especially as business has become extractive of time, resources, data, privacy, and the planet.

Let's create a new story.

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Sharing Economy Reloaded - Blockchain is Here

  1. 1. The sharing economy reloaded HOW TO HAVE A MARKETPLACE MINDSET @chelsearustrum | It’s a Shareable Life | Blox 7 | Blockchain for Good
  2. 2. My Experiences
  3. 3. Marketplace Disruption
  4. 4. What do we currently optimize? Hint: value extraction
  5. 5. Value sharing is the next phase of the economy A peer-to-peer, crowd based, value sharing economy,
 to keep value where value is created
  6. 6. Future of Marketplaces
  7. 7. Buy/Sell Marketing Website Ecommerce P2P Marketplace Decentralized Network Pure P2P Networking as Nodes Where is your company?
  8. 8. Future Marketplaces
  9. 9. Using Existing Example
  10. 10. The Evolution of Marketplaces B2B (Organized Markup on Labor & Resources)
 Most Controlled, Value Extraction, Model on Markup C2C (Peer-to-Peer Marketplace)
 Controlled, Network Value Extraction, % of Transaction C2C Network (Decentralized)
 Less Controlled, Shared Value, Fee to Connect in Network Pure C2C/C2B (No Middlemen)
 Least Control, Shared Ownership, Self Governed
  11. 11. Tenants of Future Marketplaces 1. Collaborate with customers / other providers 2. Utilize the crowd 3. Share value in your organization 4. Give up some control (decentralization)
  12. 12. Crowdsourcing —> P2P —> Crowd Investment —> Crowd Ownership —> DAO/ICO increasing participation
  13. 13. Blockchain + Sharing
  14. 14. Shared Ownership > Access 
 Trust > Fear 
 Value Distribution > Profit 
 Replicability > Scalability 
 Ecosystem > Independence 
 Crowd > Individualism Value Sharing + Blockchain
  15. 15. What are some examples of value sharing integrated with blockchain technology?
  16. 16. Lessons: 1. change your mindset 2. include whole ecosystem 3. share value with the supply chain
  17. 17. Lessons: 1. distribute value 2. decentralize t technology 3. be transparent and offer customers autonomy
  18. 18. Lessons: 1. keep capital and stakeholders in alignment 2. make decisions that reflect the whole 3. incentivize good behavior and share value
  19. 19. Lessons: 1. exchange value inside an ecosystem 2. create global system of exchange 3. connect providers
  20. 20. How can you implement value sharing in your business? 1. Consider how you, incentivize, compensate, share value, and generate trust by exploring alternative ownership structures & finance
 2. Put your value creators at the center of the equation
 3. SHARE!
  21. 21.
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