Follow Me Fitfest 2011 - Sponsorship Kit


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Follow Me Fitfest 2011 - Sponsorship Kit

  1. 1. Follow Me! Healthy Parents, Healthy Kids is a professional programwith 501c3 status non-profit status that is a part of the establishedChildren’s Body-Image FoundationThe Follow Me! L.E.A.D. By Example Program L – Lifestyle (everyday choices that affect the health & wellness of a family) E – Education (inform parents about valuable resources & the importance of their choices) A – Activity (provide free events & activities for the entire family focused on health & wellness) D – Diet (educate parents about healthy dietary options for their family)What We Have Accomplished: Reached over 250,000+ families with our message in 2010 Over $100,000 of advertising for promotional support Successfully held over 8 events in the past 16 months Partnered with all Columbus Major Sports Teams Broke attendance records at COSI for FitFest 2010 Increased attendance by 28% with each event Established media partnerships with tv, radio & printYear Round Programs Get Healthy, Get Smart Tour Quarterly Educational Publications Container Gardening Program Family Fitness Studio & KitchenProgram Fundraisers Power of the Purse - September Columbus Marathon Follow Me! Team - October Children’s Body Image Foundation Holiday Dinner CBIF Charity Golf Outing – Spring 2012
  2. 2. Fun Fit Family Day (Saturday, June 11th ) Follow Me!’s kick off to summer with an annual event teamed up with Easton, Commit to be Fit, COSI and all the sports organizations in Central Ohio for a fun filled day of learning about health, fitness nutrition. Over 8,500 in attendance in 2011.Free Family Summer Series (July & August)Free family activities held all summer long everyTuesday in July and August from 11:00am to noonwhich includes a make your own healthy snackactivity and family fitness classes.Over 2,000 in attendance for the entire series. Healthy Harvest (Late October) Families celebrate autumn at Easton Town Center with fun activities which include nine putt putting stations, learn about moderation with healthy trick or treating and other interactive stations. Over 1,500 – 2,000 in attendance in 2010.Follow Me! FitFest (Early November)Follow Me!’s kick off to winter with an annualevent held at COSI including interactive sports,fitness, nutrition and science stations learningabout the body. Major sports teams bring ininteractive activities for families to participate in.Over 6,000 in attendance in 2010.
  3. 3. Over 6,000 parents and kids will attend the Follow Me! FitFest on Saturday,November 5th, 2011 for a fun filled day of learning about health, wellness ,fitness, nutrition and the human body at COSI (America’s #1 Family ScienceCenter) with the theme of “The Celebration of Sports” and Healthy Tailgating.Families will try new types of fitness activities every thirty minutes andparticipate in interactive stations that involve learning about health, wellness,diet exercise & nutrition. Fitness & Nutrition Stations Interactive stations & activities that introduce families to new types of sports, exercise and ways to stay active in the winter time. • Thirty minute fitness classes for the whole family • Sports activity stations from Ohio’s professional teams • Family games and activities that can be played indoors • Make Your Own Healthy Snack Stations “Celebration of Sports” Competition Event attendees can compete in a series of different types of sports and games that will be tallied on a score card to win prizes • Basketball (Pop a shot) & Hockey (Shoot Out) • Football (Field Goal & Touchdown Pass) • Soccer (Beat the Goalie) & Golf (Hole in One) • Obstacle Course “Passport to Health” Scavenger Hunt Upon arriving families will receive a blank passport which will include a map and clues of stops they will need to make to receive stamps to fill their passport. • Nutrition Stations (Food/Product Demos & Sampling) • Fitness Stations (Exercises, Flexibility & Strength Tests) • Interactive Stations (Obstacle Course, Kinect Competition) • Health & Wellness Trivia (Fast Food & Product Pop Quiz)
  4. 4. Sports Zone Nutrition Zone Fitness ZoneCentralized location where all sports Centralized location where nutrition Centralized location where fitness related activities will be located related activities will be located related activities will be located • Buckeye Mobile Tour – Football Activities • Make Your Own Snack Stations • 30 Minute Fitness Classes • Hole in One Golf • Food Demonstrations • Exercise Stations • Basketball Pop a Shot • Product Samplings & Handouts • Indoor Family Games & Activities • Hockey with Blue Jackets • Education Stations on Nutrition • Kinect Competitions Passport to Health Celebration of Sports “Just Be You” Princess Party Interactive element which directs Competitive element for event Special interactive elements for girlsevent participants around to targeted participants to compete in various to learn about self esteem, inner stations throughout the day sports stations for prizes beauty and positive self image • FitFest Major Activity • FitFest Major Activity • FitFest Major Activity •Ensures maximum booth traffic & exposure •Encourages participation in activities & sports •Activities teaching girls positive messaging • Ensures participant interaction • Ensures exposure of participants to activity • Incorporating healthy body image Guinness World Record Family Dance Jam FitFest StageChris Bryant , 26 year old with sickle Hundreds of parents and children will Live entertainment, giveaways, cell anemia, will attempt to set a participate in a huge family friendly fitness and nutrition trivia and moreGuinness World Record for jumping dance party led by hip hop cardio will be presented on the FitFest Stage the most cars. instructor Mike Nicholson
  5. 5. Title Sponsorship “Your Company Name” FitFest at COSI included in promotional media (television, radio & print) event webpage, eblasts, web banners, marketing materials all event signage & outdoor advertisingname and logo on passport to health & celebration of sports activities materials name and logo on cover event booklet premium full page ad in event booklet ad in looping event presentation premium 20x20 booth product sampling marketing materials & products in event bags stage announcements Total - $15,000
  6. 6. Presenting Sponsorships Presented By “Your Company Name”included in promotional print media, live radio mentions Logo & link on webpage, eblast, web banners Logo on all marketing materials logo on cover event booklet full page ad in event booklet logo on all event signage & outdoor advertising premium 20x20 booth product sampling/distribution ad in looping event presentation marketing materials & products in event bags stage announcements Total - $10,000
  7. 7. Major Activity Sponsor Corporate SponsorCelebration of Sports, Passport to Health or Princess Party Name and Link on Event Webpage Major Activity Presented by “Your Company” Logo on Event Signage Logo & Link on Event Webpage Placement in Major Activity for high traffic Logo on All Printed Marketing Materials Logo on all Major Activity Materials Logo on All Signage Product Sampling/Distribution Logo on Cover of Event Booklet Product Sampling/Distribution Product/Materials in Event Bag Product/Materials in Event Bag Half Page Ad in Event Booklet Full Page Ad in Event Booklet Premium 10 x 10 Booth Space Ad in Looping Event Presentation Ad in Looping Event Presentation Premium 20 x 20 Booth Space Name, mention & tag in Social Media Total - $5,000 Total - $2,500 Stage & Bag Sponsor Family Dance Jam or Follow Me! Friends Logo on Stage Signage Guinness Record Book Product/Materials in Event Bag Logo on Cover of Event Booklet Half Page Ad in Event Booklet Presented By “Your Company Name” Logo on Follow Me! Event Bags 10 x 10 Booth Name and Link on Event Webpage Product Sampling/Distribution Ad in Looping Presentation Logo on Event Signage Product/Materials in Event Bag Product/Materials in Event Bag Half Page Ad in Event Booklet Total - $1,000 Premium 10 x 10 Booth Space Premium 10 x 10 Booth Space Ad in Looping Event Presentation Additional Options Name, mention & tag in Social Media 10x 10 Booth – $350 10 x 20 Booth - $600 Total – $2,500 Product/Materials in Event Bag - $500 Total - $2,000 Ad in Looping Presentation - $250
  8. 8. FitFest Promotional Marketing & Advertising Media/Print Reach Per Event Commit to be Fit (3 week on air promotions - $40,000+) Dispatch (promotional print & online campaigns - $12,000+)** Clear Channel (promotional radio campaign on 5 stations, min of 300 spots- $5,000+)** RadioOne (promotional radio campaigns for each event - $4,500+)** Columbus Magazine (promotional print & online campaign for each event - $4,000+) Current Online Reach Current Local Reach – Marketing DistributionColumbus Parent Online Promotions ** Easton Town Center Stores YMCA Eblasts** Easton Town Center Information Desk COSI Eblasts COSI Outdoor LCD Screen Commit to be Fit Eblasts Experience Columbus Girl Scouts Eblasts MI Home Model Homes Boy Scouts Eblasts Columbus Parks & Recreation Facilities Magic Mountain Eblasts** YMCA Facilities** Follow Me Social Media 4 School Districts/30+ Elementary Schools** 7 Online Community Calendars ** 40+ Preschools/Daycares** Follow Me! Current Database 20+ Fitness Centers/Studios/Instructors** Added in 2011** 10+ Family Centers** Community Partnerships
  9. 9. Container Gardening Program Follow Me!’s will work with 3rd grand classrooms teaching students about how vegetables grow while educating them about the benefits of eating healthy. Teachers and students plant their own classroom container gardens in the autumn with curriculum that meets the State of Ohio Guidelines. Parents will be updated & educated all year long of the progress of the program. In the spring, parents will be offered the opportunity purchase container garden kits to plant their own gardens at home.Get Healthy, Get Smart TourYear round mobile tour with a fully wrapped vehicle and a fullsized television with an interactive game system that offerseducational programming and healthy product sampling atafter school programs, community centers, events, retail &grocery locations. Families will learn how to make nutritiousmeals/snacks, incorporate healthy products in their home andreceive educational materials through the tour. Over 30stops will be scheduled yearly increasing Follow Me’s reach. Family Fitness Studio Follow Me! will offer families of all income levels fitness classes for parents, children and families led by the best instructors in Central Ohio. Family fitness studio will offer yoga, pilates, zumba, hip hop cardio, boot camps and more. Fees for classes will be offered on a sliding scale so families of all income levels can receive quality fitness classes and instruction on how to take care of their bodies.Learning KitchenA full sized top of the line fully equipped learning kitchen willoffer families of all income levels a place to take interactivecooking and nutrition classes that will teach the importance ofcooking healthy meals for their family and how to prepare quickeasy meals and snacks. Families will also be educated on how toplant their own container gardens and will be taught on how touse the vegetables and herbs they grow in their own kitchen.