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Corporate Health & Wellness Newsletter


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Custom Health & Wellness Newsletter to meet company goals and mission

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Corporate Health & Wellness Newsletter

  1. 1. November 2012 - Issue 1 Holiday Habits Learn tips on how to avoidBenefits of Water the holiday pitfalls of eating Start Drinking Water more and gaining unwanted pounds Helps boost your immune system Health & Wellness Makes your skin look younger Our water challenge was a Natural remedy for headaches huge success! Learn how much was pledged and the Relieves fatigue Genesis Direct Has Challenged difference it can make! Increases weight loss Improves mood You To Drink More Water Helps aid in digestion Genesis Direct has challenged you to swap Upcoming Events Improves productivity & brain power Decreases muscle cramps & pains out your high calorie drinks for water for Salad bar potluck, smoothie days, Genesis Reduces risk of cancer one month or more. Use our new scale Direct water challenge in the break room and see how much weight you can loose in just one month We Pay 50% of Your by making this simple change in your Gym Membership diet. Stop by and see Denisse Vargas Genesis Direct pays for half of in HR or Laura Miller in Client Services your LA Fitness & Calta Fitness for a quick lesson on how to use all gym memberships. the features on the new scale today! (Please see Denisse in HR for more Water Challenge Results information or to sign up)Want To StopSmoking? Here are the results of the pledgesDid you know that we havea free stop smoking program? from the water challenge: Genesis Direct Health FairIncluded: Join us for the First Annual Genesis Direct Health Fair! Each employee can receive a Nicotine patches Total Drinks Pledged 1,094 free health screening on January 16th between 9:00am and 6:00pm. The health Support groups screening will include blood pressure, blood sugar levels and on-site consultations Reimbursement for unused Astonishing Numbers with an experience health professional. cigarettes Total Calories Saved 158,031 This service is being brought in by Genesis Direct and being provided by a third par-Ask HR or Denisse Grams of Sugar Saved 43,041 ty vendor. No information about your assessment will beVargas about theprogram today Total Pounds of Sugar 94lbs shared with Genesis Direct or your insurance provider. The Amount of Potential Weight Loss 45lbs purpose of our health and wellness efforts are to prevent se- rious illness before they arise by providing services such as Great Job & Keep Up The Good Work! health screening to help educate and inform each employee of way to improve their health if needed.
  2. 2. Start Living HealthierMaking HealthyChoices DuringThe HolidaysHere are some simple tips to follow Back By Popular Demandduring the holiday season to avoidgaining extra unwanted pounds The Super Salad Pot LuckDon’t arrive on an empty stomach We are excited to announce the return of theSkipping breakfast or lunch may cause you toovereat and consume more calories than you Super Salad Pot Luck. Join us the last Friday ofwould if you had eaten something each month as we provide Genesis employees withbeforehand. Although you may be temptedto skip lunch so you can splurge on dessert, the time, place and foundation for a great salad.don’t! Have a bowl of cereal, vegetable Upcomitiiv iensgsticks, fresh fruit, salad, a handful of nuts, What You Need To Do: Smart hoicesor a small sandwich before you arrive.  Sign up in the break room to bring a salad toppingOffer to bring a healthy dish.  Keep an open mind and try new things.This strategy not only provides you with a Actgood menu option, but your host will greatlyappreciate the help. Genesis Direct will provide lettuce, spinach, dressings, plates, napkins and silverware.Avoid excess alcohol and snacks.Save your calories for the main meal.Alcohol provides many calories and virtuallyno nutrients. Try not to sit within arm’s reachof tempting snack foods. Help keep off the weight this holiday season by making these simple choices when attending holiday partiesSelect small portions.Moderation is the key. Selecting small Salad Bar Dayportions allows you to control your calorie Instead of: Choose: Triple Berry Spinach Chicken wings Shrimp cocktail or plain seafood Homemade Last Friday of the Monthintake yet enjoy all the different items Smoothie November 30thoffered. If you really crave a high-calorieitem, go ahead and treat yourself to a small Fried chicken strips Sliced lean meat Guacamole  1 cup orange juiceserving. Creamy dips Salsa  1 cup frozen blueberries Ingredients 2 large avocados Smoothie Day Eggnog Wine spritzer or glass of wine  ½ cup frozen strawberriesEat slowly. 1/4 c. diced red onion 1st Tuesday of the MonthTake time and enjoy the taste of your meal. Piece of cake Fruit salad  ½ cup frozen raspberries 2 T. chopped garlicPace yourself and try to be the last person  1 1/2 cups loosely packed spinach December 4th Turkey leg Breast of chicken, skinless 1/2 jalapeno (chopped)to finish each course. Take small bites, and  Agave syrup (if necessary) 2 T. cilantro (chopped)chew slowly. It usually takes about 20 Hot buttered rum Sangria  Ice (optional)minutes for your brain to get the message 1 Large Lime (juice only) Oatmeal Day Potato chips with dip Small handful of nuts or plain popcorn Salt & Pepper to tastefrom your stomach that you are full. Instructions 2nd Monday of the Month Potato casserole Baked sweet or regular potato Add the orange juice, fruit, and spinach to InstructionsLeave the table when you are done! a blender. Blend on medium-high speed Combine all ingredients December 10thIf you linger at the table, you may be Pecan pie Apple or pumpkin pie together in large bowl. until the all the spinach is blended andtempted to continue eating even if you arenot hungry. Stay long enough to enjoy the Specialty coffee Artificially sweetened hot cocoa there is no visible green specks. Add up Mash together with potato masher. Stir well Fresh Fruit Tuesdays Candy Chocolate covered strawberry to 2 tablespoons of agave syrup if neces-meal, but leave the table while you are still with spoon to combine Fresh fruit provided everyahead of the calorie game. Offer to help with Stuffing Wild or brown rice sary to sweeten. Add additional ice cubes all ingredients well.dishes, clear the table, or take a walk. for a more icier drink. Serve immediately. Tuesday for all employees