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Startup Pitch Deck - Sample Presentation Design by MK Tantum - TuneBash Music App


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Pitch presentation deck that I designed for TuneBash, a music startup app company.

Published in: Technology, Business

Startup Pitch Deck - Sample Presentation Design by MK Tantum - TuneBash Music App

  1. 1. TuneBash will power the world’s first open music ecosystem--connecting fans to the world’s largest catalog of free, streaming music, and in exchange, artists get access to user listening data and a way to share new music experiences directly with their fans.
  2. 2. Our Team Joey Vikas Avik MK
  3. 3. The Problem The Problem
  4. 4. •  Most Countries Have No Access to Spotify, Pandora •  Subscription Music Services = Too Expensive $$ •  There are millions of sources of free music, thanks to the Internet
  5. 5. •  Royalties from music services = nothing •  Distribution & Promotion •  No access to users or their preference data
  6. 6. The Technology
  7. 7. TuneBash THE COMPETITION
  8. 8. Competition
  10. 10. User Acquisition Strategy •  Facebook, Twitter & Instagram integration •  Artist partnerships & affiliate promotion •  Press Outreach –  Tech & Music Bloggers •  SEO targeting free song title searches
  11. 11. Marketing 18 mos. 12 mos. 1-6 mos. User Network & Partner Integration Market Competitor Crossover Market Mobile, New Customer (ex. India, Australia, Mexico) Beta Initial Beta Test Group
  12. 12. Marketing: Phase I 1st Focus: Non-Competitor Countries We’re currently focused on acquiring users in countries with wide mobile adoption but limited or zero access to competitive music services
  13. 13. Business Model Music Purchases Ticket Purchases Direct-to-Fan Sales TuneBash collects 15% on all music purchased by app users. TuneBash receives 10% commission on all concert ticket sales from the app. TuneBash will capture 3% on all artist sales from the app.
  14. 14. Investment •  Android app development •  Artist Intelligence Dashboard –  Design & build •  Marketing & PR –  Pay-Per-Click –  Press Releases & Media Coverage •  Artist outreach & program development