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I'Screen STREPTO is Tecna ELISA test kit for the rapid, reliable and sensitive detection of streptomycin and dihydrostreptomycin in honey. Its easy sample preparation enhables end-users to achieve a high sensitivity (5 ppb) with a solvent-safe approach. Good correlation to LC-MS analysis were obtained. Visit our web site www.tecnalab.com

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Tecna I Screen STREPTO

  1. 1. Enzyme immunoassay for the detection of STRETOMYCIN in honey Code AB650
  2. 2. Regulatory aspects at a glance UK: 20 ppb Belgium: 20 ppb France: 10 ppb Switzerland: 20 ppbUS: no limits fixed by FDA Italy: 10 ppb (CCβ for screening) (CCβ 5 ppb (action limit - confirmatory methods) India: 10 ppb Australia: Not allowed ppb = ng/g or µg/kg
  3. 3. Features Assay PrincipleCompetitive enzyme immunoassay Standard curve example Applications HONEY Calibration range 0.1 - 20 ng/ml Detection limit Honey: 2 ppb Assay time 60 minutes Specificity Streptomycin 100% Dihydrostreptomycin >100%
  4. 4. Honey preparation procedure Dilution, filtration [1 g of honey + 19 ml dilution buffer 1x; shake until homogeneity; filter with Whatman 1] Or [1 g of honey + 9 ml diluition buffer 1x; shake until homogeneity; filter with Whatman 1; dilute 1+1]
  5. 5. Assay validation SPECIFICITY AND SENSITIVITY 20 blank raw honey samples were analysed. The mean B/Bo was 96±7%. The Limit of Decision was set at 82% relative signal (corresponding to 3.8 ppb) The specificity was 95% The CCβ was set at 5 ppb of streptomycin, with 97% sensitivity.Validation accordingto 657/2002 (EC) The mean B/Bo of spiked honey was 75±7%. The mean difference to blanks was 21% B/Bo.
  6. 6. Assay validation ACCURACY30 streptomycin incurred honey sampleswere provided from different laboratories and analysed in parallel by I’Screen Strepto and LC/MS. The mean recovery was 112±28% PRECISION Intra-assay CV 11% Correlation between LC/MS and I’Screen Strepto results Inter-assay CV 18%
  7. 7. AdvantagesEasy, fast and versatile sample preparationEasy assay implementation Add standards / samples and the conjugate Incubate 30 minutes at ROOM TEMPERATURE Wash 3 times Add the developing solution Incubate 30 minutes at ROOM TEMPERATURE Add the stop solution and readSensitivity in compliance to all requirementsGood correlation with confirmatory methods
  8. 8. More HONEY SCREENINGTecna’s portfolio of ELISA test kits for rapidand sensitive detection of veterinary drugresidues in honeySuperScreen Tetra HS - screening four tetracyclines, oxytetracycline includedI’Screen SULFA and I’Screen SULFA QL - screening fifteen main sulfonamides inhoney, three sample preparations validatedI’Screen AOZ and I’Screen AMOZ v2 - screening furazolidone andfuraltadone metabolites respectivelyI’Screen CAP - screening chloramphenicol at 0.15 ppb in honeyQuinolones v2 ELISA KIT - screening six mainquinolones in honeyI’Screen Tylosin - screening tylosin A in honey
  9. 9. Instruments and services More Aquaculture Other foods Allergens HoneyCereals Diary Water Meat Feed TECNA CATALOGUE Find what best fits your screening necessities in different fields, for different analytes. Contact our team of experts for technical support Require our Performance Data Sheets to see our in-house validative results Download our spreadsheet for a fast and easy result calculation Contacts export@tecnalab.com servizioclienti@tecnalab.com