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Wanna really make some serious money?


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Roulette is a type of casino game that actually has 50-50 chances of winning, if the player places the chip on black or red. However, the question for many people is how to win?

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Wanna really make some serious money?

  1. 1. ==== ====you wanna make some serious money? ====I know exactly what youre thinking! "Can I beat the casino and win at Roulette." Well heres myanswer: yes you can. A myriad of Roulette Tips circulate around the web and in literature, butheres 10 quick Roulette Tips that are guaranteed to increase your profits and jeopardise casinoearnings:Roulette Tip 1# Use a Roulette System that is free, easy to operate and uses outside tablepositions to bet on. Never pay for a Roulette System. The collection of free "Roulette Tips" thatcirculate the web are adequate enough to guide you in a winning direction. Often, a merchant thatrequires payment is attempting to defraud you, beware!Roulette Tip 2# Only ever bet on the outside chances: Red/Black, Odd/Even, High/Low, Columnsor Dozens. This Roulette Tip is crucial in understanding and operating a successful system. Itseasy to implement and although the rewards are marginal you will walk away a winner (keepreading for details on a free Roulette System).Roulette Tip 3# Monitor the Roulette Table. Positioned within any Roulette Tip or Tips should bean instruction of "observe the previous few numbers". Whether online or in a physical casinovenue, a marquee of previous numbers from prior spins are displayed. These can assist thegambler in making his next prediction. For instance, if a sequence of 10 black numbers were to bespun in, maybe the player should think about betting on red. This Roulette Tip is the essence ofmany Roulette Systems and is often employed by successful players who frequently record profits.Roulette Tip 4# Try your Roulette System on a free table before operating it for financial gain.Preferably practice your system on a table that enables you to spin the wheel without laying a bet.OK, this stipulation isnt necessary during free play, but its necessity will transpire when youtransfer to the cash tables. This Roulette Tip merely puts you into good practice before you startbetting for money.Roulette Tip 5# Reserve your winnings. Example: You begin with a pot of $50. After 1 hour ofplay you possess a total of $100 equating to an obvious profit of $50. Withdraw the winnings intoyour bank account. Clearly the session of Roulette cannot be lost, you can only draw even. Thisis a fundamental Roulette Tip for any casino player. Always pocket the money you win and playwith your original stake. If you lose your stake within a short period, do not be tempted to makefurther deposits. Perhaps the most crucial Roulette Tip for any player...never bet more than youcan afford to lose.Roulette Tip 6# Assess not only the Roulette Table, but also what you are doing. Roulette Tip No.5 relates to concentration. To systematically cash-in on Roulette you must remember you are notengaged in competition with the casino. Focus your resolve on generating profit, NOT beating the
  2. 2. casino into submission.Roulette Tip 7# The Roulette Tip in this section is simple but imperative. Only ever play theEuropean Roulette Table and never the American Roulette Table. The double 00 on the AmericanTable increases the casinos advantage. The European Roulette Table only has a 2.63%advantage over you the player.Roulette Tip 8# The most indispensable Roulette Tip in this short examination relates to casinosoftware (providing you play online). ONLY ever sign-up to an established casino brand thatpublishes its payout percentages. Any amount of unscrupulous casinos exist online, and theyoperate without a Random Number Generator (RNG) meaning whichever betting patterns andprocedures you adopt the software will not be beaten. The Casino player will not be able toparticipate in a fair game Roulette as a Random number is exchanged for a known number by thecasino. Many of these schemes have been uncovered recently; operated by fraudulent charactersseeking to cash-in on the Casino player.Roulette Tip 9# Roulette Tip No. 9 is for the physical casino only. Scrutinize the wheel forapproximately 1000 spins to detect any bias. Such a Roulette Tip appears unwarranted, butRoulette Tables are notorious for having a bias. For example, the table may produce more Oddnumbers than Even, or more Middle Dozen numbers than Low or high. The drawback to thisRoulette Tip is the prolonged monitoring of the table before betting can commence, and, of course,the tenacity of the Casino manager who will regularly change the wheel. It does however oftenwork effectively.Roulette Tip 10# Finally, print, review and absorb this Roulette Tip guide. It encompasses all ofthe required details to walk away a winner (without one ingredient of course, a Roulette System,see below). These roulette Tips should act as a Bible, and a manual for ensuring a lucrative profitfrom a fair game of Roulette.Implement these 10 quick Roulette Tips and you are guaranteed to increase your profits andjeopardise casino earnings.Matt Godden is an expert on Roulette Systems. To access his unique 100% free, 99.4% winningRoulette System simply follow this link. Source:
  3. 3. ==== ====you wanna make some serious money? ====