LibGuides: Not just for subject web pages


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Presentation for SC Plugged In: Reboot.Redefine. Reconnect.

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LibGuides: Not just for subject web pages

  1. 1. Evolution of the Elevator Speech:Using LibGuides to SpringboardCommunication Between Faculty and the Library SCTCS Plugged In: Reboot, Redefine, Reconnect, September 2012
  2. 2. LibGuides: Not just for subject web pages Marla K. Roberson Library Director Tri-County Technical College, SC
  3. 3. TCTC Library web page 2007We were overcome by events. Tri-County colors and logo were changing.We purchased EZ Proxy to help us with our databases.
  4. 4. Review of Options • Cost • Flexibility of product • Created for libraries • American Library Association annual meetings • South Carolina Library Association annual meetings • Network with Librarians in SC, NC, FL, GA, OK, TX, OR, CA
  5. 5. Current incarnation of pageUtilized TCTC’s color palette• Red• Black• TanNew TCTC Logo
  6. 6. Faculty Use • Get faculty to use our website • Add their subject content to our site • Utilize new or underused databases • Be proactive with the faculty on what we have that will make their instruction easier
  7. 7. Departmental Meetings andWorkshops Use • IET Departmental Meeting • A&S Departmental Meeting • The Literary "Lady of the Evening": The Graphic Novel in Academia • Computer Literacy
  8. 8. Interviews • Professional Library staff need to be familiar with creating a web presence. • Easy to give an interviewee a stripped down password or collaboration so that they can create a LibGuide as part of the interview process.
  9. 9. SandboxA place to “play” and test your ideas.
  10. 10. OptionsUse LibGuide options to their fullest.Even add your own profile box that youcreate from input information.
  11. 11. Thanks!Any Questions?Next Springshare session: • Michelle Rubino, GTCLibCal, LibAnalytics, and LibAnswers inthe Library and Beyond. 3:45 to 4:45 InNewberry A-Lab 1 • Michele Gregg, TCTC • Marla K. Roberson, TCTC • Evolution of the Elevator Speech: Using LibGuides to Springboard Communication Between Faculty and the Library.