Global Aviation Human Capital Summit 2011


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Highlights of a presentation to be made by Brimstone Managing Director Bob Weiler at IATA’s Global Aviation Human Capital Summit on 3 Nov 2011

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  • Mention our strategic partnership with IATA here? Some additional airline clients (TAME, Air Pacific)? Definitely highlight Sentosa, as Mike Barclay will have addressed the group the night before… Which other clients to highlight?The last phrase will be a teaser of sorts – “as I describe our approach to change and development, I hope it becomes clear what kind of leader is a good fit for us (and what kind is not)…”
  • “I’m a consultant and all consultants love models – so I feel compelled to share at least one with you today. This eight-step model developed by Harvard Business School professor John Kotter describes a pattern that we often see when supporting large-scale transformations…”
  • “To provide a good example of the kind of large-scale change that we do, and Kotter describes, we have to look no farther than the host of this summit – IATA…”
  • New Processes / Approaches to support new leadership, adapt to new environmentAnother key message: large-scale change takes time, especially when you aim to transform the culture and the systemsConclude this slide with a quick summary of key outcomes:IATA has driven results – e-ticketing is the best exampleIATA is building leaders internally – the two recent Senior Vice President appointments (AleksPopovich and AyazHussain) were change agents in the ICL/I-LEAD programs – and both worked at the second level as a coach IATA is more relevant to the industry – serving as an effective lobbying arm on ongoing issues like taxes as well as on unexpected crisis situations like the Icelandic volcanic ashIATA is leading the industry in areas where we are appropriate to drive – such as the environment
  • This Arrow Electronics story builds on the Etihad story about engagement driving sales!
  • Rationally = with their job; Emotionally = with their company
  • Global Aviation Human Capital Summit 2011

    1. 1. Developing Leaders and Driving Change Robert (Bob) Weiler Managing Partner 3 November 2011| IATA Global Aviation Human Capital Summit Delivering Results Developing Leaders Aligning Organizations
    2. 2. Our Partners in Leadership Development and Change Manufacturing / Energy Retail / Food Pharma / Biotech Australian Gas Light Co. Georgia-Pacific 7-Eleven Boehringer Ingelheim Ford Motor Co. Ingersoll-Rand Ben & Jerry’s Endo Pharmaceuticals General Dynamics Royal Dutch/Shell Bob Evans Medco / Accredo General Electric TI Automotive Green Mountain Coffee Pfizer Professional & Commercial Services Travel / Leisure Tech / Telco Convergys Royal Bank of Canada Grand Circle Corp. Arrow Electronics Jones Lang LaSalle ServiceMaster IATA Motorola Solutions J.D. Power Waste Management Royal Jordanian Airlines Tellabs GTECH Western Union Sentosa Development Zebra Technologies We have partnered with clients in over 30 countries on 6 continents – working effectively in a variety of cultures The work we do can add value in any industry, anywhere, in any situation – but we’re not for every leader…© 2011 Brimstone Consulting Group, LLC 2 Delivering Results Developing Leaders Aligning Organizations
    3. 3. Our Perspective on Developing Leaders Looking Inside The best solutions to a company’s challenges – whether strategic, operational or organizational – can be found inside the business Leaders Developing Leaders Similarly, the best leadership development initiatives leverage the skills, experience and enthusiasm of the organization’s existing leaders Learning by Doing Leaders learn best when tackling real business issues head-on – and delivering bottom-line results© 2011 Brimstone Consulting Group, LLC 3 Delivering Results Developing Leaders Aligning Organizations
    4. 4. Our Perspective on Driving Change Starting at the Top Organizational change must be owned at the top and begin at the top; senior leaders must demonstrate commitment to change through their words and their actions Integrating Three Priorities Leaders must work on improving business results, aligning the organization and developing leaders – simultaneously and continuously Driving Dialogue Driving change requires communication that is genuine, steady and multi-directional; leaders must establish a candid, consistent dialogue with the organization in order to build commitment© 2011 Brimstone Consulting Group, LLC 4 Delivering Results Developing Leaders Aligning Organizations
    5. 5. A Formula for Change Kotter’s Eight Stages of Change 1. Establishing a Sense of Urgency 2. Creating the Guiding Coalition 3. Developing a Vision and Strategy 4. Communicating the Change Vision 5. Empowering Employees for Board-Based Action 6. Generating Short-Term Wins 7. Consolidating Gains and Producing More Change 8. Anchoring New Approaches in the Culture from Leading Change by John Kotter © 1996© 2011 Brimstone Consulting Group, LLC 5 Delivering Results Developing Leaders Aligning Organizations
    6. 6. IATA’s Transformation: At the Starting Line New Market Realities IATA members facing increasingly competitive marketplace, stronger regulation, macroeconomic headwinds New Demands Airlines and others in the aviation industry seeking stronger representation, more value-added programming from their trade association New Leadership New Director General with GE background brought in to shake up “sleepy” organization© 2011 Brimstone Consulting Group, LLC 6 Delivering Results Developing Leaders Aligning Organizations
    7. 7. IATA’s Transformation: A Timeline 2003 2004-2006 2007 – 2011 (Ongoing) Intercultural Senior Team IATA Leadership Alignment Process Change Engagement & Leadership Development •Organizational Diagnosis & •Solution Development for •Building Cultural Intelligence Marketplace Evaluation Strategic Issues among Change Agents •Strategic Business •Agreement on •Process Tools to Address Local Framework Creation Action, Plans, Roles, Returns Tactical Issues •Development of High- •Development of Key •Development of Key Performing Senior Team Individuals, Project Teams Individuals, Project Teams •Employee Dialogue to Build •Employee Dialogue to Build •Employee Dialogue to Build Alignment Alignment Alignment Outcomes • Business Results for Members • More Industry Relevance • Growth for Internal Leaders • Stronger Industry Leadership© 2011 Brimstone Consulting Group, LLC 7 Delivering Results Developing Leaders Aligning Organizations
    8. 8. Case Study: The Power of Engagement Background/Objectives • Survey: Low employee engagement scores across the region • New GM seeking varied views on 3 critical topics • Lack of alignment across countries re strategy, values, vision Approach • Launch fast-cycle change program with 50 local managers • Trios lead home-office teams using common tools, process • Re-convene 8 weeks later to share results, best practices Outcomes • Percentage of “disengaged” employees dropped 10% • Executive engagement skyrocketed: 25%  60% • Year-over-year revenues increased approximately 50%© 2011 Brimstone Consulting Group, LLC 8 Delivering Results Developing Leaders Aligning Organizations
    9. 9. Closing Thoughts Change Requires Purposeful Leaders and Disciplined Process Transforming an entire organization requires transforming the behaviors of hundreds or thousands of individuals – and they need to see their leaders change first, in a meaningful way Leaders Learn Best by Doing We find that an action-based approach is most effective for development because it produces authentic, engaging, gut-level learning; however, it can also be frustrating and time-intensive Leadership Development & Engagement Drive Business Results Our experience (and numerous studies) show that employees who are engaged rationally and emotionally generate better business results; development opportunities get them engaged© 2011 Brimstone Consulting Group, LLC 9 Delivering Results Developing Leaders Aligning Organizations
    10. 10. Thank You Contact me at: www.brimstoneconsulting.comDelivering Results Developing Leaders Aligning Organizations