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3.6 markku markkula


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EU2020 calls for transformation. The gap between latest research knowledge and the real life practice is huge. We need societal innovations and pioneering regions, as pathfinders and rapid prototypers. The presentation will focus on modernizing the Triple Helix to be based on the new regional innovation ecosystem concepts integrated with the Aalto University and its strategic partners and local industries. One of the main drivers of change is a new mindset which can be characterized as the Venture Garage Mindset.

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3.6 markku markkula

  1. 1. EU Calls for Transformation:<br />Europe needs pioneering regions, as pathfinders and rapid prototypes. Helsinki Region has forerunner instruments in use.<br /> Aalto Camp for Societal Innovation<br /> Energising Society Program<br />Markku Markkula, CoR & Aalto<br />
  2. 2. EU Calls for Transformation<br />There is a huge gap between the latest research knowledge and real life practice. What do we need to do to fill it? <br />Lifelong learning and the full use of ICT are cornerstones for this change of mindset towards entrepreneurship and innovation.<br />We need the dynamic understanding of regional innovation ecosystems where public, private and third sector learn to operate together. Modernize Triple Helix.<br />We need methodologies to mobilize public private partnerships and encourage especially people participations: user-driven open innovation & living labs.<br />We need to speed up the change by scalability & implementation.<br />Markku Markkula, CoR & Aalto<br />
  3. 3. Case Challenge: How to engage and use innovation potential for creating new urban environments that are attractive to people. <br />Case Focus: To use T3 area as a test-bed for societal innovation.<br />ACSI Case T3<br />Nokia<br />Rovio<br />Tapiola Garden City<br />Aalto University<br />EIT ICT Lab<br />According to the plans, by 2020, there will be new investments of 4-5 billion €: metro, tunnel construction of ring road, other infra, housing, office and business buildings, public services, university buildings, sports and cultural facilities…<br />
  4. 4. Aalto Camp for Societal Innovation - ACSI<br />Integrating Real World & Virtual World<br />
  5. 5. Open Source Platform www.realxtend.orgThe true value of the interconnected 3D worlds is in the applications, not the platform. <br />Markku Markkula, CoR & Aalto<br />
  6. 6. T3 case: professors, researchers, students, artists… <br />Canada, Netherlands, Germany, France, Sweden, Hong Kong, Finland<br />
  7. 7. Working and Results in Social Media<br />Markku Markkula, CoR & Aalto<br />
  8. 8. We Cannot Reach the Target by Incremental Small Steps <br />Inventing the future: Working and learning together<br />Today: Separate projects and silos<br />Fruits of global pioneering to the use of all<br />Gardening to enable uniqueness<br />Helsinki Region to create “Joint Regional Innovation Ecosystem”<br />Markku Markkula, CoR & Aalto<br />