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1.11 ton zijlstra


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Published in: Business, Technology
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1.11 ton zijlstra

  1. 1. tonzijlstra.euknowledge work, learning, social mediaSpice Up Your City: Just Add Open Data PICNIC, Amsterdam, 14 September 2011
  2. 2. Enschede
  3. 3. complex adaptive systems
  4. 4. Open Data is object of socialityNetworked life, networked forwork, networked learning Participation
  5. 5. Participationlife, networked Networked is path to Data use work, networked learning
  6. 6. Networked life, networked work, networked talking Participation as learning participation as talking
  7. 7. Networked life, networkedwork, networked= life Participation learning participation as life
  8. 8. You canlife, networkedNetworked pay me by publishing data setswork, networked learning
  9. 9. public spaces in Enschede
  10. 10. data Networked life, networkeduse it in networked processes, work, operational learningor as instrument to save money local gov needs to see it as instrument
  11. 11. built an app
  12. 12. informal meet-ups
  13. 13. know the gov does not exist. Networkedcivil servant find 1 life, networked work, networked learning hack-day
  14. 14. open data motion
  15. 15. Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Enschede,Networked life, networked Utrecht,, networked learningbringing cities together on Open Data
  16. 16. Stages of data-based participationTo inform ...To activate ... Networked life, networkedTo add data ... work, networked learningTo create sensors andactuators ...myself in the context of my city
  17. 17. knowledge work, learning, social media CreditsAll photos: Ton Zijlstra, by nc saExcept where mentioned on the photo.Slides: ton@tonzijlstra.euSkype: ton_zylstra