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The Dirt Magazine 1


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Earth Stream 2014-2015 Teen Magazine

Published in: Education
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The Dirt Magazine 1

  1. 1. T H E D I R T 2015 edition. Science Leadership Academy.
  2. 2. T H E D I R T 2 0 1 4 — 2 0 1 5 Op-Ed Room for Debate Catcalls Enviroment Sports Success Politics Food Recipes Bacon Lovers Resturaunts, Sweet Stops Lifestyle Backpacks Nails Lauren’s Advice Smart Phones Entertainment Music Spotlight Books in Translation Art Regardless of Age Game Review: Spelunky Going to the Movies Fiction Memoriam Javier Story Tobi Hahn, Josh Berg Jamin Gilliam, Hikma Salhe Jiwon Choi Tomy Fleurine Nick LePera Mitchell Berven-Stotz Michaela Prell, Esperanza Gonzales Ava Olsen, Kevin Courtney Amirah Bolling, Imani Weeks, Anna Sugrue, Zoe Schwingel-Sauer Hannah Nicoletti, Tenzin Chemi Mellisa Alvarez, Ava Olsen, Gina Sorgentoni Lauren Hummel Aaron Block Zack Hersh Claudia Bonatotibus Leo Levy Saul Salas August Polite Miles Cruice-Barnett Javier Peraza
  3. 3. T H E D I R T 2 0 1 4 — 2 0 1 5 Photo Credit Michaela Prell
  4. 4. Tobi Hahn, Josh Berg Jamin Gilliam, Hikma Salhe Jiwon Choi Tomy Fleurine Nick LePera, Hikma Salhe Mitchell Berven-Stotz T H E D I R T Op-Ed
  5. 5. Josh Berg and Tobi Hahn summer. At the same time I think that if there was year- round school, that the days would be compressed in a week, and there might be a 3 day school week instead of a 5 day school week and I think that the 4 day week- end could actually jeopar- dize their learning and the amount of time they would have to be taught different subjects. Well, to change my opinion, I would say that schools should say the same, just be- cause I feel it works out fine just as it is now, and there would be quite a problem, and even an uproar if this would change. TH/JB: Thank you. Jae: JB: Do you support the idea of year-round Year round schools are a divisive issue. While they have the support of many professional educators, par- ents and students are often opposed to them. Propo- nents of year-round schools cite the lack of disruption in learning - summer break often causes students to for- get much of the information they learned the previous year. However, many teens have summer jobs, and don’t like the idea of going to school for the whole year. Year-round schools can also cause prob- lems with the sched- ules of parents and children, causing many parents to be against sending their children to a year-round school. Javier Interview: JB: Do you support the idea of year-round schools? Why or why not? JP: I believe I am pretty neutral because I feel as if there is both the benefits and the cons of it and I hav- en’t made my decision yet. For parents I think it works if there is year-round school because I know a lot of par- ents have scheduling prob- lems with their kids being home all day during the summer, while parents and mostpeopleworkduringthe Room for Debate Op-Ed
  6. 6. schools? Why or why not? JW: I feel like it really de- pends on the style of the student. Personally for me, I think year-round school- ing would have worked really well for me because I think it helps with time management. I think it’s really helpful for students to have con- sistency and routine but at the same time having a big chunk of time during the summer where stu- dents could really ex- plore things could be helpful for students who work better on a short-term basis. For instance, there are differ- ent semesters or trimesters, and then there are quar- ters. So having different choices would make learn- ing so much more flexible for students and I think it can help cater to differ- ent needs students have. JB: You sort of talked about what you would think as a student. But as a teacher, would you want to work at one? JW: I wouldn’t, to be re- ally honest, unless there was a significant chunk of time secured for time off because summer is when teachers really get to take time off. I’m afraid year- round schooling will take that time away from the teachers, but if there are an equal number of days off secured for teachers I would consider working in a year-round school. Monica Hahn: TH: Do you support the idea of year-round schools? Why or why not? MH: I don’t support the idea of year-round school. Being on an academic schedule myself, since I teach col- lege, I appreciate and enjoy an extended period of free time in the Summer. I for myself like that time to recharge and do things not related to my job and I know that my kids also like doing non-academic things or non school related things during that period. And it is also a period where I know that families go on vaca- tion and where kids have jobs, as you mentioned. I think that eliminating that vacation would not be a good idea. I might be amenable to shortened summer break, but an elim- ination I would not support. TH: You sort of already answered my second ques- tion, but as a teacher would
  7. 7. you want to work at one? MH: I would not want to work at a school that had a year-round schedule be- cause as I said, I find that extended period that is not taken up by classroom time to be really valuable for thinking about future courses or recharging and I wouldn’t like to give that up TH: Thank you.
  8. 8. Catcalling: to make a whistle, shout, or com- ment of a sexual nature to a woman passing by. -Google Definitions Just because they may think it is a harmless com- pliment or that they want to let the woman know that they think she is beau- tiful, does not mean that it comes across that way. One important part of this definition is the fact that it says “of a sexual nature” which is pertaining to the idea that this society views women as something to be associated with sex first and foremost in addition the definition only talks about catcalling towards women; it does not regard men unless they are the ones doing the catcalling. There is no excuse for cat- calling. There is no reason to comment on a strang- er’s sexual appeal, or shout crude comments at women, familiar or otherwise. Once upon-a-time, there was a period where men opened doors for women and gave up their seat for a lady. The fight for gender equality is a huge part of American history. Women were not allowed to go to work, ob- tain a higher education or do anything that a man usu- ally did outside the home. It was by struggling and fight- ing that women found their place in this country. Gen- der inequality is still some- thing that is still present, you can tell by the way men go out of their way to make women feel uncomfortable. Thomas Sowell, wrote in his book, A Conflict of Vi- sions, “Each new gener- ation born is in effect an invasion of civilization by little barbarians, who must be civilized before it is too late.” Shouting “Smile for me” doesn’t make us melt, it makes us angry. The gentleman has died when the humane person should have taken its place. Just walking to the corner store can be a scary experi- ence for some of us. There isn’t a sign that a man will wear on his forehead that he will whistle at you, holler at you, or rape you. Women and some men, are afraid to leave the house due to the harassment they are bound to encounter on the street. Sometimes it feels like you are alone in a world of be- ing barked at in the street, but then you talk to your friends and find out differ- ently. They have their own personal load of stories that make you think, has this re- ally become that common or will this ever stop? In an interview with Jae Cam- eron from Hollaback! we Jasmin Gilliam and Hikma Salhe Catcalls Op-Ed
  9. 9. asked a similar question: The Dirt: “Do you think that catcalling is something that can be stopped in the f u t u r e ? ” Jae Cameron (JC): “Ab- solutely ... I think that’s already hap- pening - when you look at me- dia and en- tertainment from as little as 50 years ago, you see this incredible normalization of street ha- rassment and other forms of sexism, things that would be laughable (and wouldn’t be tolerated) today.” Hollaback! is a wonder- ful organization teaching women to stand up for themselves on the streets. The organization was start- ed by seven youth as a proj- ect when they got together and the women told their stories of catcalling. They all agreed that catcalling should be stopped and to- day we have Hollaback! They encourage women to understand the fact that it is never their fault that they have been catcalled on the streets. Jae put this beauti- fully after we asked her this: The Dirt: How has com- mittingtothisprojectdirectly affected your personal life? JC: Very much so - like all forms of activism. I think that, broadly, it’s encour- aged me to respond to street harassment and recognize that it isn’t my fault when it happens. I think respond- ing to street harassment, and recognizing some of the reasons behind it, bring up larger questions about entitlement to public space - which I think are really interesting to delve into. Workingherehasbroadened my focus on how margin- alized communities occupy (and do not occupy) public space. As a society, we have to realize that wom- en are human beings too. Women have feelings and thoughts too and harassing them in the street does not help val- idate that. The fight for women’s rights should not have to go to waste due to the feeling of being inferior that comes with catcalling. “..I think as individuals step up as bystanders, and as a society we agree that catcalling and ver- bal harassment is “not a compli- ment,” we’ll see a decrease in street harassment.” -Jae Cameron iHollaback
  10. 10. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, com- mitted citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead Environmental scientists are the people who learn more about the changes in the environment, the im- pact that humans make, and what these impacts mean. These people are the envi- ronment heroes who can make our environment into a healthy, green economy. The problem is that not ev- eryone cares about this is- sue to become the heroes of the earth because there are different issues or top- ics that we as humans wor- ry more about than what is happening to Earth. Even the students who care about this subject do not neces- sarily know all of the de- tails and all of the import- ant aspects to make it their lives to study this field of science for the rest of their lives. So! I will tell you ev- erything you need to know about environmental sci- ence and why it is such an awesome subject to major or minor in during college. Before we begin discussing why this top- ic is such an amazing sub- ject to study more about in college, we need to know what environmental sci- ence exactly is and what it focuses on. Environmental science is the study of in- teractions of the physical, chemical, and biological components of the environ- ment. This study also in- cludes the relationships and the effects of these compo- nents with the organisms (such as humans, animals, etc) in the environment. Professor Richard Mc- Court, who studies biodi- versity, evolution, ecology, and systematics of green al- gae, stated that environmen- tal science also includes the study of natural or undis- turbed state and the changes of the human impact. It’s so important to learn about the environment of the world we live in because we need to learn about the beneficial and non-beneficial chang- es of the environment, and how we as humans affect the world we live in. We need to study if we need to minimize or control the impact that we create. Environmental science is actually pretty interesting contrary to popular belief. When studying this field, peopleareabletolearnmany aspects of how to make our environment healthier than it is currently. The fact that this field of study is also very accessible in colleges are very useful because you Jiwon Choi Enviroment Op-Ed
  11. 11. can go to almost any col- lege and be able to study environmental science. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that Environmental Sci- entists were employed in roughly90,000jobsin2012, and should expect to see a 15% growth rate in job opportunities. Here’s a possi- ble list of many potential jobs... L a b o r a t o r i e s Local,state,andfed- eral governments E n v i r o n - mental reme- diation companies Various levels of schools (Become a teach- er or even a professor!) Oilandfossilfuelcompanies Pharmaceutical re- search companies You could be an environ- mental science journalist Work in a small company OWN A COMPANY!! Another benefit in studying environmental sci- ence in college is that most colleges have this subject in their curriculum. In oth- er words, you could basi- cally go to any college and be able to study this topic. Then, how much money do you earn when you become an environmental scientist? According to the US Bu- reau of Labor and Statistics, the median annual wage for environmental scien- tists and specialists was $63,570 in May 2012. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $38,570, and the top 10 percent earned more than $109,970. And depending on where you work at, you earn different amounts. Here a few for you: Federal government, excluding postal service: $95,460, Engineering ser- vices: $67,770, Manage- ment, scientific, and tech- nical consulting services: $64,940, Local govern- ment: $60,280, State gov- ernment, excluding educa- tion and hospitals: $56,640. So… What skills or character- istics do you need to be a perfect can- didate to become a environmental sci- entist? Well, this might be just per- fect for you if you like collecting sam- ples, interpreting results, and acting ethically and humbly. According to Pro- fessor McCourt, you need to be curious and creative. Also, you should also be proficient in science and math. You don’t necessari- ly need to have expert math skills, but you should be good at computer science and using computer tools. You should be involved and excited about helping
  12. 12. out through volunteering and joining organizations. If you have these skills and characteristics and are in- terested in studying about this topic more in depth, you might want to know what you should do in high school to prepare for your future. In high school, you should definitely take math and science courses for all four years to get you su- per prepared. For example, Tamir Harper, a high school freshman, is very involved in helping out his commu- nity. He is one of the lead- ers for community service inside and outside of school and he likes focusing on community walks, pollu- tion, and how we as human beings impact the world. Environmental science is actually very important to study because we humans impact the environment so much, and there are many changes every year.You can receive many benefits from studying this topic, and you can be one of the heros that help improve our environ- ment. I believe that learning more about the environment is very valuable. I have learned more about how we impact the world, and how we can help make the environment better through volunteering such as clean- ing up litter, making people more aware about issues, and fundraising for natural disaster events. I strong- ly recommend this field to students are interested. If you have the skills and characteristics for a per- fect environmentalist, you should consider checking this field out for college.
  13. 13. Why is Soccer Popular? In 2006, it was es- timated that around 715 million people worldwide tuned in to watch the world cup finals. What makes soccer so popular is that its easily accessible and understandable. The game only requires a ball and two objects to represent nets on opposite sides of a field. Be- cause its so simple anyone from the richest of the rich to the poorest of the poor can play soccer. Because people all over the world have soccer to connect to it brings people together to enjoy something. Soccer provides accessibility and fun allowing people every- where of any age, class, or status to enjoy the sport. T r i v i a What is the world most popular sport? Who is the world’s high- est paid athlete who com- petes on a regular basis? Whichsporthasaworldwide competition to determine which country has the best players every four years? What is soccer? Why isn’t soccer more popular in America? Should you watch soccer? Did you know? Scientists have traced the origins of soc- cer all the way back to 2,500 B.C back in egypt. The average soccer player runs 7 miles per game com- pare to American football’s average1.25milespergame Didier Drogba, a soccer player who plays for Chel- sea in England, ended a five year war in his home- land of the Ivory Coast. Barbados once had to score on themselves in the world cup in order to ad- vance to the next round. Where should I start? There are hundreds of soc- cer leagues around the world so delving into the sport can seem like a daunt- ing place for those late to the party. However there is an easy way to jump into the sport. People can start enjoying soccer by watch- ing matches played in the four most popular leagues in the world which are Bundesliga of Germany, Ligue 1 of France, Bar- clays Premier League of England and La Liga of Spain. These leagues offer the most high octane skill- ful level of soccer that you can find in the world thus making them a joy to watch. WherecanIwatchSoccer? You can watch soc- cer on Espn, Sky Sports and Fox Sports. Soccer is Tomy Fleurine Sports Op-Ed
  14. 14. also readily available on- line for people to watch on the go making is easily accessibly to anyone who has decent internet access. Today’s Soccer In today’s soccer the best/ most famous soccer leagues are the Spanish La liga , the English premier league, and the German Bundesli- ga. The best teams at the moment from La liga are Real Madrid and FC Barce- lona. The star players from this two teams are, the alien Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid and the Genius a.k.a the flea Messi who are widely considered to be the best strikers of their gen- eration. From the Premier League we have players like Diego Costa the strik- er and Eden Hazard, the center attacking midfield- er who are known for their physicality and creativity when the ball is placed be- tween their feet. Finally we Arjen Robben and Marco Reus who are renowned all over the world for their speed and dribbling skills making other teams trem- ble. These three leagues are home to the best soccer players in the world leaving entire crowds in awe with the miraculous touch that they bring to a soccer ball. The best team in the En- glish premier league so far is undoubtedly Chelsea. The two star players from this team are respectively the prolific winger Eden Hazard and the goal scor- ing machine Diego Costa. Eden Hazard, wow, what a talent. His rise over the past couple of years has been meteoric, with the Belgian starlet undergoing a re- markable transformation from precious little young- ster in Ligue 1 to one of the most sought after players in Europe. The fleet-footed attacker has drawn compar- isons to Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, aka the top soccer players in the en- tire world. All the rumours linking him with a big-mon- ey move to Paris Saint-Ger- main are now forgotten. Jose Mourinho, head coach of chelsea, would be crazy to let him go and the Bel- gian play-maker, has clear- ly stated he will remain at the club for a long while. If he continues where he left off in the previous cam- paign, he would add the Player of the Year trophy to last season’s Young Player award and perhaps go for the ballon d’or award. Why not? After Chelsea wins it all, he will certainly be in the talk. All he needs to do is shake off the disappoint- ing showing for Belgium at the world cup. He’s had 5 goals so far in the season. Do not be surprised if this number doubles in the next few games, he’s that type of player. Diego Costa? Well Chelsea needed a new striker. There is absolutely no doubt about that. And it appears they’ve found the perfect one, the Spanish in- ternational Costa. Last sea- son he had an outstanding 27 goals, finishing 3rd in la liga in goals scored be-
  15. 15. hind the world’s best play- ers Messi and Ronaldo. He fired up Atletico Madrid to win la liga for the first time in 18 years. Diego also made Atletico being run- ner-ups of the champions league last year losing to real madrid in a dramatic fashion. The Brazilian-born striker is simply a goal scoring machine, scoring in so many varieties and in so many different occasions. He’s already had 11 goals this season in 12 appear- ances only being topped by another top striker with the name of Sergio Ague- ro but something tells me he’s gonna keep scoring and perhaps even surpass him. The man just cannot help himself. Chelsea end- ed up losing in the semis last year because well, they did not have Diego Cos- ta. Now that they do, well watch out Real Madrid. Now for the Italian league serie A the best team is juventus with the aston- ishing star player Andrea Pirlo this man is mostly known for his beautiful free kick accuracy and amazing goals and also the upcoming young sensation Paul Pogba of course. Now we have the bundesliga. The best team so far is FC Bayern Mu- nich as they have been for as long as I can remember. They really haven’t been challenged too much for the title as the team closest to them last year was 19 points behind, that is over 6 more losses than Bayern Munich ern! Their star player out of hard difficult decision is their very own goal- keeper Manuel Neuer, this man is listed the top best goalkeeper in the world. In other words it would be extremely silly and igno- rant to deny the existence of soccer in the fact that it is indeed the most watched and loved sport in the entire worldtodayandidon’tknow
  16. 16. Success. What bound- aries stop us, what are the roads that guide us to success, and why does it all matter? It was almost junior year and the passion for my goal had only grown further. Unfalter- ing strength and belief were guiding me on the never ending path of success. Success only lasts as long as one believes. This is why I was in New York City. It was there I attended the professional bodybuilder Kai Greene’s “Believe” seminar. He suggests that a large part of success is belief, which is rein- forced in seeing other’s goals achieved, and is further en- hanced by hardships attributed totheheroorheroineofthestory. It was this belief that Kai talked about. He shared his life story, about growing up in poverty in New York, going from foster home to foster home and never really feeling like he belonged. It was here he said, “Is it pos- sible for a man who has won bodybuilding competitions af- ter bodybuilding competitions to still be seen as vulnerable? Sometimes, people see you in the middle of a successful sit- uation and think, ‘oh things have always been great for you’ without necessarily real- izing you’ve been somewhere, you’ve got a story to tell”.” Success is like many other things. It is hard to imagine when looked at in the mac- rospect. It comes in many forms and is often disput- able. What exactly is success, and how can it be obtained? Depending on where you are from, and the circumstances of your upbringing, success can mean something else. In the school districts of the United States, many students of poorly funded high schools struggle to find their calling in life. A fes- tering, endless cycle of juvenile delinquency is the bane of any population. The only answer is to create unity among people to help meet individual mile- stones of personal achievement. In these communities, people should begin to encourage, not discourage community mem- bers to reach goals so that every- one can be a productive mem- ber of society. We must further inspire others to follow suit yet retain their unique properties. I shall reiterate, what exactly is success? Success is experien- tial, meaning the idea of suc- cess is different for everyone. You might see success as mak- ing big bucks and living a lavish life. However, how do you end up doing that? There are end- less ways to obtain money. It is argued that money doesn’t buy happiness, but some of the rich- est in the world seem just dandy. What did the wealthy do to get to their wealth and what other things do they have in their life other than money? If you have one million dollars but wake up feeling like one dollar then you do not have success. However if you are to have 1 dollar and wake up feeling like a million, then surely you have succeeded. Nick Lepera Success Op-Ed
  17. 17. So if we were to study a list of celebrities, who would be the happiest? The one with the most positivity and hobbies at- tributed to their name. Money is simply a correlation to success rather than a causation. A suc- cessful person to me is deter- mined by the individual, rather than groups and mass ideas. No matter how much we judge someone’s success, if they are not gratified by the work they do or the people they socialize with, how are they successful? I spent much of my time grow- ing up wanting to be a doctor, a soldier, or an architect. Howev- er, this was because I was led to believe these titles would make me successful by neighbours, family, friends, classmates, and the media. Perhaps they could make me successful, but it surely was not my success. Generally, any sort of field as- sociated with fame is denoted as a path to success, for the own- ers of this form of success have often become portrayed as dei- ties, making it seem less reach- able to some people. So they go through life wishing, rather than believing in this goal they have set for themselves. Many people find themselves lean- ing more towards less publi- cized jobs that on average pay well, majors in college replace ideas and, as a result we fur- ther distance ourselves from passions that lead us in life. It was halfway through my sophomore year in 2013 when I decided I would become a professional bodybuilder. This decision was met with scrutiny, as I expected. However, this did not stop me from pursuing my dream. In many instances when I find myself conversing, the topic of what I want to be when I grow up would be mentioned. My answer is always received with raised eyebrows. They look at me as if I am naive, or insane. A common concern for people in their teenage years is peer acceptance. This concern caus- es changes in a persons behav- ior. In an effort to fit the stan- dards of different groups, these people try to change who they are. However they spend more of their time trying to bargain off pieces of themselves for the happiness of their peers, and in turn they forget to make them- selves happy. It is at this point, depression can hit someone and it will hit hard. Success is experiential, and only obtained through the belief in a goal. If belief is removed, what is there? If you do not believe you can do great things, that you can- not go places, then who in their right mind would even con- sider putting work into a goal believed to be unattainable? Success is the realization of one’s goals, and weighing them over the sphere of influence of your surroundings. It was the bodybuilder, artist, and phi- losopher, named Kai Greene who said “If you don’t have a dream, then you have noth- ing to work for, nothing to get up in the morning for, no rea- son... and no purpose to be. But friends we do have a dream and dreams do come true, not be- cause we keep believing but be- cause we keep working hard.”
  18. 18. Success Leo Levy
  19. 19. Critic’s Corner: Global Warming Hello my readers. I’m back again to continue my at- tempt to sway you from your liberal escapades! Even though this is our first publication, because of my heartfelt love for you readers, it feels like I am returning to a long lost family. Today’s “hot” topic: Global warming. We’ve all heard of it. The sun fires rays from space, they bounce off our es- teemedplanet,andtheatmo- sphere pulls an Obama and allows them to stay within our borders and apply for working permits. Apparent- ly, this “Global warming” is bad stuff. This heat might be melting our icecaps, and causing draughts around the world. Now, the liber- als say that it is our fault. How can that be? We wouldn’t even be letting these invaders stay here if it weren’t for their trag- ic backstory and ability to work for less than we are le- gally obligated to pay them. Are sun rays fleeing perse- cution? Are the Ultraviolet A and B rays being banned from Ultraviolet C restau- rants and water fountains? Why won’t the atmosphere make this energy go away? The scientists are trying to tell me and you, World, that we, the human race, are responsible for these strict atmospheric reforms. The facts state that there are many, many factors in- volved when it comes to the increaseofsocalled“Green- house Gasses”, something I had previously only as- sociated with the smoke produced by marijuana. Greenhouse gasses are created by a wide array of things that are necessities in our lives: Vehicles, pow- er plants, factories, cows, and anything else that is run on our sweet, sweet, liquid gold. There has been an in- crease of around 150% of the tolerable amount of this in the atmosphere since the age of America’s great rise, the industrial revolution. Mitchel Berven-Stotz Politics Op-Ed
  20. 20. The facts look scary, but I like to consider myself un- biased, able to look beyond the facts.And let me tell you how those nerds got these facts: Drilling holes in the very polar ice caps that they are claiming to be melting. So, we are supposed to turn ourselves into oilless prim- itives, while these scientists are sinking the planet them- selves. Man made global warming? I say liberal-sci- entistmadeglobalwarming. And what about our poor economy? If we are wasting time and energy producing and integrating alternative, reusable energy sourc- es into our energy system, there is so much that we will lose! We will no lon- ger have an excuse to wage war in the middle east! And if we no longer wage war in the middle east, we will have to spend money on things other than the mili- tary, things that don’t mat- ter, things like education. Our government’s fo- cus on the environment will stop us from making short lived, volatile jobs by build- ing an extremely dangerous, fragile pipeline through people’s neighborhoods. v We won’t be able to con- tinue collecting taxes in our esteemed Pennsylva- nia from all of the frack- ing that we don’t tax! Anyway, it all comes down to the price to implement this new fangled technolo- gy. It will cost us billions of dollars to install enough so- lar panels and wind turbines to power the nation. This will take a whole six months before it breaks even and starts gaining money. That is six months where we as a country have to worry about spending and come up with petty excuses to blame government figures.
  21. 21. Our blessed United States stands to benefit extremely from both an environmental and economic standpoint from alternative energy. However, I lived 4 years of my early childhood in good old rural PA, where we are taught to trust in the tea party, and listen to our politicians. This ungodly, unethical, oil free energy, while seemingly perfect in every way, falls under the liberal, hippy umbrella. This stops me from sup- porting it myself, but that doesn’t stop me from hint- ing strongly to you that it is, in fact, a good idea.
  22. 22. Michaela Prell Ava Olsen, Kevin Courtney Amirah Bolling, Imani Weeks, Anna Sugrue, Zoe Schwingel-Sauer T H E D I R T Food
  23. 23. Michaela Prell kernels are popped, but as soon as the popping stops take the bad out of the mi- crowave otherwise the ker- nels might get burned.) After that just put the pop- corn in a bowl and add some salt.An even simpler option is to just throw some salt in the bag and snack away! Apple Sandwiches Up next we have ap- ple sandwiches. You still only three ingredients... An apple Peanut butter G r a n o l a Once you have all your “When I go home, the first thing I do is make myself a bowl of cereal. And its never anything good.” Says 11th grade high school student Lauren Hummel. I found that most high school students, including myself feel the same way. But the time we get home from school we are tired and hungry.This mix usu- ally results in you wanting food but not wanting to make anything, so you just open a bag of chips or have some cereal. I want to give you some snacks that you can make pretty fast and will be tastier than just a bowl of Fruit Loops. Some of these snacks are going to be nice and healthy, but others not so much. We will start with the healthy. P o p c o r n The first snack on our menu will be popcorn, which is actually a very healthy food, especially if you don’t add a lot of butter.You will need... A brown paper bag Corn kernels S a l t That’s it! that all you’re gonna need. Then you... Put the kernels in the paper bag and microwave for 2 minutes. (You might want to put them in for about 30 more seconds if not all the Recipes in 5 minutes food
  24. 24. ingredients you must... Cut the apple into even slices and take out the core. You have to cut the apple while it’s laying on its side. Then spread peanut butter on one of the apple slices. Sprinkle the granola onto the peanut butter. Put the other slice on top and enjoy! Tomato and Avocado Melt For the next snack I’m gon- na instruct you on how to make a tomato and avocado melt.Youaregoingtoneed... A tomato An avocado C h e e s e B r e a d M a y o You will need a few slic- es of cheese, you can use whatever kind you want. This is the same for bread, just use your prefered kind of sliced bread. I make mine in a toaster oven, but if you don’t have one you can just use the toast- er and the microwave. To make the melt you must... Toast your bread just a little. While you wait you can cut your tomato and avocado into slices. Spread you mayonaise on the toast and put you toma- to and avocado on top. Then put cheese over everything. Toast/microwave un- til the cheese is melted. You can eat it warm or wait for things to cool down, either way enjoy! Brownies in a Mug Now it’s time to move on to our unhealthy snacks. First up we have brownies in a mug. you don’t even put it in the oven.You just make it in the microwave. The ingre- dients are a bit more exten- sive, but it is totally worth it considering it only takes about 2 minutes to make. Your ingredients are... 1/4 cup of flour 1/4 cup of sugar 2 tablespoons cocoa powder 2 tablespoons of cooking oil 3 tablespoons of water a pinch of salt an optional scoop of ice cream. To make this deli- cious treat you must... Stir your dry ingredi- ents together in a mug. Mix in the wet in- gredients next. Stick that in the microwave for1minuteand40seconds. At this point you can go ahead and eat away, or put a scoop of ice cream on top and enjoy! Cream Cheese Wrap? The next recipe is really two in one, but it does not really have a name. You can just call it a cream cheese, cinnamon and sugar wrap, or a jam and cream cheese wrap. The ingredients needed are... Tort i l l a Cream cheese Cinnamon and sugar
  25. 25. a n d / o r J a m There are just three simple steps... Spread cream cheese on a tortilla. Sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top, or, spread whatever kind of jam you like you like. Rollupthetortillaandenjoy! N a c h o s Our final not so healthy snack is more on the sa- vory side. We are going to make nachos in the mi- crowave. You will need... Corn chips S a l s a Shredded cheese Feel free to use any other in- gredientsyoulikeonnachos. To put it all to- gether you must... Evenly spread out the corn chips on a plate. Make sure not to pile them to much so that every chip gets the topping spread on them. Spread salsa and any oth- er toppings on the chips. Sprinkle a generous handful of shredded cheese over everything. Microwave for 1 min- ute, or until the cheese has melted. Enjoy!
  26. 26. Interview with Ms. Echols I n t e r v i e w e r : Esperanza Gonzalez What comes in mind when you think you think of teachers? I always thought teachers lived in schools and had nothing else to do but grade papers and tests. Turns out, teachers can do many things for fun and don’t quite live in school. What are the things teachers might do for fun outside of school? Many of them play sports, sing, draw, read, etc. Ms. Echols is a teacher that loves to cook. She’s cur- rently a physics teacher in Science Leadership Acade- my. Ms. Echols surely does enjoy many things other than grading papers. What inspires you to cook? Ms. Rami is absolutely right, I do love to cook, and I spend a lot of time doing it. I also really love baking (probably more than cook- ing, actually). I will do my best to provide you with solid answers to your ques- tions, and if you have any follow-ups, let me know. (I’m not sure I’m going to do a good job separat- ing them out by number). I think there are a lot of things that inspire me to cook. It is something that has been a big part of my parent’s life together. They have always put a lot of care and thought into cook- ing, and when my broth- ers and I were younger healthy balanced (and deli- cious!) meals were part of every day, even when we were buying the cheapest food we could. My fam- ily doesn’t really have a distinctive “culture”, but cooking and baking have always been a huge part of our life together and that is really important to me. I hope to continue that with my family as I grow older. Why do you like to cook? A big thing that my parents have always enjoyed doing is experimenting and trying new things in the kitchen. I follow a bunch of food blogs, all (coincidentally) written by women about my age, and really enjoy trying the recipes they post, whether for baked goods or more dinner items. I occa- sionally buy cookbooks (al- though, it might not seem occasional if you look at the bookcase holding them all). Most recently, I bought one about Middle Eastern cooking, which has been re- ally fun because the flavors are different from most of the food I grew up with, so it’s really nice variety. Esperanza Gonezales Recipes food
  27. 27. Is there a particular dish that you like to make fre- quently? If so, what is it? I do have a couple stand- bys, that I go to when I can’t think of anything else, or need something really easy. My absolute favorite is baked mac-and-cheese, something my mom has always made and which I associate with comfort (my first year of teaching, I made mac and cheese ev- ery single week. I kid you not). I also really love mak- ing chicken cutlets, sau- teed spinach, this braised chicken and mushrooms recipe, and a tofu-brocco- li-mushroom stir fry with rice noodles. I also LOVE baking (ask my advisory). Pie is especially yummy, but I try to bake things that go with the season. YUM. In your opinion, what makes a good cook? I have watched a million hours of the food network at this point (whoops), and one of the thing that has struck me over the years is that the people who I would consider to be really good cooks not only care about the food, but care about the people they are cooking for. There are people who can be mechanically brilliant but aren’t really cooking for something specific. The people I respect the most as cooks/chefs are the ones who are doing it for people they love or because they want to take care of people.
  28. 28. Bacon has been an up- and-coming trend throughout restaurants, cookbooks, cook- ing shows, and so much more. Advertisements use bacon to their advantage to advertise their latest burger, salad, or oth- er food-related concoction. It’s also been used decoratively on duct tape, clothing lines, soap, band-aids, and so much more! Since there is a clear bacon-re- lated obsession in our culture today, we thought that it would be useful to find and review three recipes with bacon as an ingredient. We have found a recipe for bacon wrapped avo- cado, parmesan crusted chicken with bacon, and maple french toast bacon cupcakes, and tried each one. Please enjoy try- ing these recipes on your own! BACON WRAPPED A V O C A D O This appetizer dish combines the buttery texture of avocadoes with the chewy caramelized texture of bacon and the brown sugar to create a truly addicting finger food. I n g r e d i e n t s : 4-6 strips of bacon 1 avocado 1/3 cup brown sugar 1/2-1 tsp chili powder Yield: 3-6 people I n s t r u c t i o n s : Preheat oven to 425°. In a small bowl, mix to- gether the brown sugar and chili powder. Set aside. Line a baking sheet with tin foil. Cut open the avocado and re- move the pit. Slice about 3/4” slices lengthwise through the avocado, and then cut through the middle to cut all of the slices in half so that you have thick chunks of avocado. Cut each slice of bacon in 3-5 pieces and wrap each piece around the avocado. Roll in the brown sugar mixture and place on the baking sheet. Bake at 425° for 10-15 min- utes. Remove from the oven to a platter and stick a tooth- pick in each for serving. P r o s / C o n s : P R O S : Process was quick and easy Great taste C O N S : Needed something to hold it together, like a toothpick Our Review: The bacon-wrapped avo- cado was a simple and success- ful recipe. Brown sugar gave the recipe a sweet taste and caramelized the bacon, giving it a different texture. We split five slices of bacon in smaller strips to wrap around the avo- cado chunks. After seeing and hearing the sizzling of the ba- con being cooked in the oven, we were so excited to dig in. S u g g e s t i o n s : If the bacon unrav- els, use a toothpick. Instead of rolling the avo- cado and bacon through the brown sugar mixture, press it on with your fingers to Ava Olsen and Kevin Courtney food Bacon Lovers
  29. 29. get more to stick at once. PARMESAN CRUSTED CHICKEN WITH BACON This entree partners the crispy Asiago flavor with the chewy bacon coating to constitute a delicate seasoning and taste. I n g r e d i e n t s : Oil for frying – about ½ -¾ cup depending on size of skillet 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts – about 4-5 oz each 1 cup grated Parmesan cheese ¼ tsp garlic powder ¼ tsp pepper ½ tsp salt 1-1½ cups shred- ded Asiago cheese 3-4 slices bacon – cooked and crumbled (can leave slight- ly under-done, it will fin- ish cooking under broiler) 1 egg beaten 1 tbsp water Yield: 3-4 people I n s t r u c t i o n s : Preheat oven to 350°. In a small shallow bowl, mix egg and water. In another shallow bowl, mix cheese, pepper, salt and garlic. Heat oil over high heat. Dip each chicken breast first in egg mixture then in cheese. Fry in hot oil un- til crust is golden brown. Prepare a baking pan by covering with foil and placing wire rack on top. Place chicken on rack and bake for about 20 minutes or until the juices run clear. Remove from oven and turn oven to broil. Top each piece of chicken with Asiago cheese and bacon and placeunderbroilertomeltcheese. P r o s / C o n s : P R O S : Was surprisingly simple for such a delicious recipe The smooth taste of the cheese and bacon on top of the chick- en went well with everything Easy to set up C O N S : Even with oil in the pan, the skin of the chicken easily comes off. Did not need to be cooked for 20 minutes after being fried. Needed some flour or some- thing else to bind the skin to the chicken itself and fry easier. Can easily get burnt while frying the chicken. Our Review: Overall, the parmesan-crusted bacon chicken was a success. There was one main fault with the dish: the cook time was ex- tremely long. The cook time could have been decreased substantially, because frying the chicken and baking after- wards made the meat tougher. The seasonings and taste were not affected, because the rec- ipe still yielded tasty results. S u g g e s t i o n s : Decrease cooking time Increase amount of oil in pan when initially frying chicken MAPLE FRENCH TOAST BACON CUPCAKES This sweet cupcake des- sertispartneredwiththesaltyes- sence of bacon to create the per- fectsweetandsaltycombination. I n g r e d i e n t s : C u p c a k e s : 1 cup all-purpose flour 1 cup cake flour 1 (4 ounce) box vanil-
  30. 30. la instant pudding mix 1 tsp baking powder 1 tbsp potato starch 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp nutmeg, freshly grated 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 cup unsalted but- ter, at room temperature 3/4cuppackedlightbrownsugar 3/4 cup granulated sugar 1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract 4 large egg whites, room temperature 1/4 cup maple syrup 1/2 cup half-and-half, at room temperature 1/2 cup bacon, chopped and cooked F r o s t i n g : 1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese, at room temperature 2 tsp unsalted but- ter, at room temperature 2cupssiftedconfectioners’sugar 1/4 cup maple syrup 2 tsp ground cinnamon 3 slices bacon, cooked and chopped (optional) Yield: 12-16 people I n s t r u c t i o n s : Preheat oven to 325°. Place paper liners in a 12-cup muffin tin. Prepare the cupcakes: Combine the flours, pudding mix, baking powder, potato starch, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt in a bowl with a whisk. In a separate bowl, cream the butter and sugars with a mixer on low speed until combined- for 6 to 8 minutes. Gradual- ly mix in the vanilla and egg whites. Scrape down the sides of the bowl; continue mixing until light and fluffy. Add the flour mixture in 3 batches, al- ternating with the maple syrup and half-and-half, mixing after each addition and ending with flour. Mix until the ingredi- ents are just combined; do not overmix. Fold in the bacon. Pour the batter into the pre- pared muffin tin, filling each cup about three-quarters of the way. Bake until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean, about 40 minutes. Cool completely. Meanwhile,preparethefrosting: Beat the cream cheese and butter with a mixer on medi- um speed until creamy. Add the confectioners sugar, ma- ple syrup and cinnamon; beat until combined. Spread on the cooled cupcakes; top with chopped bacon, if desired. P r o s / C o n s : P R O S : Cupcakes were really delicious Was a creative recipe C O N S : Did not need to be baked for 40 minutes - they were a lit- tle tough and crispy. They seemed like muffins with icing. Cupcakes were sweet. Our Review: The cupcakes were also a suc- cessful recipe. The recipe called for a large amount of sugar, whichdefinitelydidn’tneedtobe used for such a small amount of cupcakes. The baking time was also extremely long and could be cut down by a lot. In regards to the frosting, it was a little bit runny. The picture that was on the recipe online had light and fluffy frosting that was piped nicely, however the icing that the recipe made was runny and could not stand up on its own. S u g g e s t i o n s : Decrease cooking time by at least ten minutes.
  31. 31. Restaurant Reviews are a great way to show people where the A list places are to eat. This is our restaurant re- view to show teens affordable ways to eat. No matter if its a quick bite, date night, or just hanging with your friends. Being that we’re teenagers, we choose places that is very accessible by public trans- portation. As picky teenagers we want to show you guys the two places we went and had fun trying the differ- ent kinds of food. Take this journey with us as we trav- el downtown to restaurants. The best thing about living in Philadelphia is having so many choice of places to eat . One bad thing is not knowing where to eat at and knowing which places are good. Green Eggs Cafe is a breakfast and brunch restaurant. They’re most busy on weekend morn- ings and during the day around 12:00 and 1:00. Green Eggs sales a lot of different type of delicious food. There are three different locations in South Philly, Midtown Vil- lage, and Northern Liberties. Green Eggs cafe is a cash only restaurant. Everything is very affordable! The highest thing on the menu is 14 dollars. The atmosphere of the restau- rant can sometimes be very busy but is very comfortable and family orientated. There are good vibes all around, with the design of the restau- rant and the service from the waiters/servers. Green Eggs can be a little cramped, so we wouldn’t advise this to be a date place but it’s a nice place to go with the family. We got there from the Market Frankford Line and walked to Locust. It’s in between Walnut and Locust actually. The walk was not that long and there are plenty of nice stores around the area. If you would drive it might be hard to find a parking space. Now getting to the food, Amirah chose to get a General Tso’s Wrap and Imani got Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese. The wrap was a mix of tangy and sour, and the mac and cheese was a mixture of spicy an and creamy. It was a good choice, but we both liked the Macaroni and Cheese. Jeans Cafe is a place to get a quick bite to eat. It’s also a deli, which is really cool. Jeans is a busy place, but the wait is not long. The workers know how to multitask and they seem to work well to- gether. They serve breakfast and lunch. Everything is on the menu. They have cheese steaks, wraps, chicken ten- ders, fish fillet, cheeseburg- ers, and everything you would eat for breakfast or don’t nor- mally eat they sell it. It’s also like a little corner store too. Chips, cakes, candy and juic- es all surrounding the counter. Don’t even worry about the prices. Everything is under $10, I swear it’s not a waste of your allowance money! Amirah Bolling and Imani Weeks Resturaunts food
  32. 32. Intro (for Anna and Zoe): This fall we aspiring des- sert connoisseurs went on a quest to find the best sweet stops in Philly. Anna, the pie lover, went looking for the best pie, and Zoe searched for the sweetest sweet shops. From Chestnut Hill to South Philly and from snicker- doodles to apple pie , we sampled plenty of delicious treats; here are our results. Rating: : You’ll feel the need to rinse your mouth repeatedly to get the taste out of your mouth. :You’ll feel like you could’ve chosen a much better option. : You’ll feel like the you just experienced the epitome of mediocrity. : You’ll feel very satisfied with the delectable food. : You’ll feel like you’re in sugary food heaven, and you never want to leave. Insomnia Cookies: Insomnia Cookies is a sweet shop that sells cookies and ice cream. They have a various different cookie types includ- ing snickerdoodle, double chocolate chunk, and white chocolate macadamia. The cookies are not overpriced as they are $1.35 each. They’re a yummy treat, but not the best cookies ever known to man. The cookies are slight- ly warmed, which in turn makes the chocolate chunks perfectly melted. The flavor is good, but probably not bet- ter than your family’s home- made ones. The stores also deliver (and closes at 3 a.m.), but not to every neighbor- hood, which is disappointing. Sweet As Fudge Candy Shoppe: This candy shop is a small stand inside Reading Termi- nal Market. There are various homemade candies, includ- ing: chocolate assortments, fudge, jelly beans, and more. When I went to visit I in- dulged in a small square of dark chocolate sea salt fudge ($3.25). This fudge was ide- ally rich; it wasn’t overly rich (I could eat more than one bite). This specific piece of fudge was crafted beautifully with caramel in the middle, and sea salt on top adding the perfect amount of kick and balance to the sweetness. Capogiro: Capogiro is small gelato fran- chise that has multiple stores in Philadelphia. At each loca- tion there is a huge selection of gelato to choose from. My personal favorite is the dulce de leche. I find that no matter whatflavoryoutry,itisalways delicious. Gelato is much more rich than ice cream, and also more expensive. For a small it is $4.75. Even with the more expensive price tag, it’s more than worth it. High Point Cafe: High Point Cafe is a local cafe with two locations in Mt. Anna Sugrue and Zoe Shwingel-Sauer Sweet Shops food
  33. 33. Airy. The cafe sells various pastries and hot drinks. Some of the most popular items on the menu are the crepes. There are both savory and sweet options. My favorite crepe to order is the chocolate one. It’s more a dessert, than a breakfast, but it’s delicious. The crepe layers are light, but not flavorless. There is also chocolate drizzled across the top and two generous dollops of whipped cream. Marcie Blaine: Marcie Blane is a store that makes and sells homemade chocolate.The store sells box- es of chocolate (of varying sizes), and within each box are multiple types of choco- late. The flavors range from crispy hazelnut (milk choco- late praline) to salted caramel to smoked pimenton (cinna- mon hazelnut) to prosecco (sparkling wine, infused with truffle). In addition the delec- table flavors, there are also small intricate designs on these chocolates. There are an eclectic range of colorful designs. Since Marcie Blaine is located in Philly they also have some Philly designs: love park, liberty bell, soft pretzel, and the philly sky- line. The chocolates start at $17.95 for a nine piece box. Getting these boxes are both aesthetically pleasing and a delicious way to try many dif- ferent well-made chocolates. Bredenbeck’s: Bredenbeck’s is a pastry and ice cream shop located in Chestnut Hill. It has two entrances; one entrance for customers wanting to buy pastries and one entrance for customers wanting to buy ice cream.UsuallyIenterthrough the ice cream side. They have many flavors of ice cream; ev- ery flavor I’ve tried has been a success! What I especially recommend is getting a milk- shake. I am a milkshake snob and this place has mastered the art of the milkshake. The milkshake is thick, but you’re still able to sip it up through the straw. It’s also incredibly rich; their ice cream is top quality. They also have amaz- ing cakes. Every year my dad orders their german chocolate cake for my mom’s birthday, and the cake never disap- points. The service is always welcoming and the scents in Bredenbeck’s are heavenly. Sweet Ending: Sweet Ending is a great fro- zen yogurt place. One of the best things about this place is that you can get a lot of frozen yogurt for not a lot of mon- ey; the pricing is per pound, and is very cheap. There are about eight flavors to choose from. Sweet Ending is most popular in the Spring and Summer, but it’s open year round. The toppings bar has a lot of variety and my personal favorite concoction is to add strawberries and oreo crumbs to chocolate frozen yogurt.
  34. 34. Jasmin Gilliam, Mellisa Alvarez, Hannah Nicoletti, Tenzin Chemi Ava Olsen, Gina Sorgentoni Lauren Hummel Aaron Block Lifestyle T H E D I R T
  35. 35. lifestyle Backpacks Hannah Nicoletti, Tenzin Chemi My sketchbook because I am a visu- al learner and it helps me get my thoughts out hikma: “My pepper spray because I’ve been harassed in the streets so many time so I feel the need and my moth- er feels the need to make me carry pepper spray.” “My laptop and my charger because if my phone dies I can charge it on my laptop.” Tiarra: my book bag is a timbuk- tu bag so umm its a hiking bookbag because I like hik- ing. so it has like all these features for hiking on there. I like it because it has a front strap that’s supportive. On it is… I bought it from the poconos… is a com- pass. That’s important to me because I love nature and I don’t like the city so like it’s a way for me to find my peace and reminds me that I shouldgobacktothewoods. Olivia: The color of my book- bag is neutral so it matches my outfits. Caitlin: My backpack is blue be- cause it’s my favorite color. Maggie: “My phone because I can listen to my music. It al- lows me to express myself.” I Introduction Paragraph: “Everybody has a story. In this project, our mission was to give the readers an intriguing way to tell one’s personal story and character through something close to them but concurrently not so close to them, their bag.” Everybody has a story. Part of their story is told through things they carry around everyday. They carry things that they couldn’t live with- out yet they don’t even re- member they are there. On a daily basis people sub- consciously place items in their bags but if you give it ten minutes they forget it’s there. You can tell so much about a person just by look- ing at what they carry each and every day. It’s time to take a step into their world...
  36. 36. There are many mis- conceptions we have about the correct way to care for our nails, the effect artifi- cial applications may have on our nailbeds, and the best ways to make them dry the quickest. We’re go- ing to be debunking some of the most common beau- ty myths out there about nails, giving you tips on a cute DIY design, and the best pages to follow on in- stagram for different nail designs that you might like. Myth #1: Acrylic or gel manicures ruin your nails. If the application and re- moval process of either acrylic or gel nails are both done correctly, they shouldn’t cause any dam- age to your actual nail. This is all dependent upon the applicator, of course. Per- sonally I like to manicure my own nails because it’s cost effective, and I don’t have to worry about any- thing breaking off of my fingers. On a special oc- casion though, it might be nice to treat yourself to an acrylic or gel man- icure for a different look. Myth#2:Youshouldnotkeep your nails polished 24/7; they need time to breathe. Nothing from the outside has an effect on the health of your nails. Everything that your nails need to grow are provided by what is al- ready in your body. I know that I like to polish my nails at least once a week just to have a fresh look, or because I want them to match what I’m wearing. Myth #3: Dipping your nails in ice cold water results in a faster drying process. Nail polish will dry once the solvents in the polish have evaporated. If you dip them in ice water, it will only put a stop to this process. Trust me, it doesn’t work. Your best bet for a quick dry if you are on your way out somewhere is to stick your fingers out of the car window as it’s moving, or to blow-dry them on a low heat or cold temperature. Myth #4: If you clip your nails on a regular basis, they will stay healthy. Every time you clip your nails, your cuticles are be- ing exposed to fresh bacte- ria. The length of them is what actually keeps germs from entering the nail bed. I know when it’s the right time to clip my nails when my nail bed starts to feel thin and fragile, or when I’m washing my hair and I feel my hair get caught to a nail; this usually indi- cates that there’s a small rip on the side of the nail and that it should be cut be- Mellisa Alvarez Nails lifestyle
  37. 37. fore it gets caught and torn off accidentally later on. Myth #5: You should file your nails in a back and forth motion to get the best outcome. Filing your nails in a back and forth motion is an awe- some way to damage your nails. You should be filing from the outside edge to the inside edge, and only in one direction. Also just in general, if you file your nails in one direction, you get a much cleaner and smoother edge than if you try going back and forth. Myth #6: Jell-O helps to increase the health of your nails and their growth. Gelatin in any form has zero effect on your nails. I’ve personally never tried this before because my nails have never had a “sick day” where they are in need of immediate growth. If you’re clean with your hands and take care of them, you should have no reason to be doing this in the first place. Myth #7: Putting nail pol- ish in the refrigerator will make the colors last longer. Putting nail polish in the fridge will only slow the thickening of the liquid, but what really keeps the colors long lasting is making sure that you tighten the caps of the bottles as best as possi- ble. I find that the color that lasts the least for me before it gets gloppy is white. Most nail designs will call for a white base, so I use it the most out of any polish and it ends up drying the fast- est. So make sure you seal your bottles as tight as you can, because the freshness won’t be there too long. Myth #8: When you have white spots on your nails, this means they are lacking calcium. White spots are usually the result of a minor injury to the nailbed. These spots tell you absolutely nothing about calcium levels. Ha- ven’t you ever accidental- ly smashed your toe into something, or have your finger slammed by a door? It’s happened to me many times, and I usually end up with a small white line or mark on my nail. That’s all it is; what a good smash on the nail looks like. Myth #9: Any mani- cure cream can be used to treat a nail infection. If your nails are infected, don’t try self-diagnosing and end up using a harmful cream or ointment on your nails. Go see your derma- tologist to get a profession- al diagnosis and the proper treatment. I mean you don’t treat a cold with vitamins do you? It’s always bet- ter to be safe than stupid. Myth #10: UV gels are better to use than acrylics. UV gels are actually just another form of an acrylic formula, so one isn’t actu- ally better than the other; they’re the same. When you really break down the chemical formula of either polish, you’ll find that they
  38. 38. both originate from the same substance, so if you’re debating with your friends about which polish is healthier for you, just stop. It’s important that if you enjoy polishing your nails and want to keep them growing healthy, that you are able to differentiate the myths from the facts. It’s all about having the prop- er tools, materials, and a LOT of patience because one mess-up can ruin an en- tire design (trust me). Now we’re going to try an easy DIY winter nail design! Here’s what you’ll need: 10 Best Nail Artists/Designs to follow on Instagram Nails Tutorial: @nailsartvidss (5.2m followers) Nail: @nail (2.3m followers) Tam: @ohmygoshpolish (1m followers) SharingVü: @sharingvu (109k followers) Chelsea Queen: @chelseaqueen (107k followers) Britney Tokyo: @britneytokyo (66.2k followers) Bernadette: @bdettenails (65k followers) Amina: @amina2inspire (62k followers) Kristin and Kayla: @polishedtwins (59.3k followers) Lexi Martone: @leximartone (40.2k followers)
  39. 39. Photo Credit Claudia Bonitatibus
  40. 40. If you are a regular Pin- terest user, then you know how quickly you will pin a DIY article without ques- tioning if it works. You pin it to your DIY & Crafts board, along with hundreds of other crafts. We went through our ample amount of DIY pins ,and have compiled a list of popular DIY’s to try and see wheth- er or not people are wasting their time by pinning them. DIY #1: Painting on Glue This is a fun project that can triple as a suncatcher, a wall decoration, or a coast- er. This DIY craft is fun for people of all ages! During the project, you will be painting on white glue with food coloring or colored ink. When dried, the final product will be colorful with a psychedelic effect. All this project requires is white glue, a small contain- er lid (preferably a round one), toothpicks, and food coloring or colored ink. Step 1: To do this proj- ect you must first pour your glue into your con- tainer lid. Make sure the glue covers the entire lid. Step2:Next,startaddingcol- or. Spread the color around with your toothpicks and be creative - there are tons of things that you can design! Step 3: Once you finish with your creation let it sit until the glue hardens. I deemed this craft a success until the the glue began to dry. It was fun, simple, and didn’t require a lot of mate- rials. The drawings started with very fine lines, but as the glue dried, the ink set- tled and the fine lines began to expand and bleed into one another. (This didn’t ruin the project). I would advise that anyone who tries this project should take into account the “bleeding factor”. The finished proj- ect was a round, white cir- cle covered with beautiful, streaky rainbow designs. DIY #2: Vanilla Scent Throughout the House This is an extremely easy project that takes a couple of minutes to prepare and the results last anywhere from 1-3 days. If you enjoy the freshsmellofvanillainyour home, I highly recommend trying this. All you need is vanilla extract, an oven safe container, and an oven. Step1:Preheatovento350°. Step 2: Measure three teaspoons of vanilla ex- tract and place it in an oven-safe container. Step 3: Leave in the oven for 20 minutes. Step 4: Enjoy the delicious smell. This craft was a suc- cess, and it was only min- utes after the vanilla went in the oven before you could already smell it. I would love to see how this works with other kinds of extracts, such as peppermint, al- mond, etc. The great thing Ava Olsen and Gina Sorgentoni Pin Busters lifestyle
  41. 41. about this craft is that the smell stays in the house for at least a day afterwards. DIY #3: Sugar Scrub (Gina) If you would like to have an easy gift to give to friends and family, a sugar lip scrub is the perfect gift to give. Whether in the sum- mer or the winter, everyone is prone to get chapped lips. This sugar scrub will elim- inate your chapped lips, is easy to make, and tastes de- licious. All you will need for this project is coconut oil, white sugar, and some type of extract (vanilla, peppermint, orange, etc). Step 1: Take ½ cup of co- conut oil, and place it in the microwave for 15- 20 seconds or until soft. Step 2: Remove from mi- crowave, making sure the oil is soft, then add 1 ½ cups of sugar. Combine. If the solution is too liquidy, then add more sugar to the mix. Step 3: Add in 1 tbsp of the extract of your choice (Pep- permint is recommended). Step 4: Combine until the extract is distribut- ed throughout the scrub. Step 5: Pour into containers. How to apply: Take a small amount of the scrub and rub it on your lips. Exfoliate for however long you want. When finished, you can lick the scrub off of your lips. Enjoy your refreshed and rejuvenated skin! Creating this craft was a success! It was easy to make and required very few ingredients. The product it- self works wonders as an exfoliator and moisturizer, and has a long shelf life. It is a great gift to give to friends and family. I made a few small containers to give out during the holidays. I will definitely be making more of this lip scrub in the future. DIY #4: Hair Mask This DIY is great for people that want silky, shiny hair. The coconut oil has vitamins that help nourish your hair and help control dryskin.Thehoneycontrols the moisture of your hair. The apple cider vinegar bal- ances the pH and removes hair product buildup. The three of these ingredients combine together to cre- ate a perfect hair treatment. Step 1: Use 2 parts coco- nut oil, 2 parts honey, and 1 part apple cider vinegar. Step 2: Melt the coconut oil in the microwave for ten seconds so it’s soft. Step 3: Combine all of the ingredients in a bowl and then apply to hair. (Option- al: Cover hair with foil so it doesn’t get on your clothes if you’re moving around). Step 4: Leave on your hair for 30 minutes, and then wash and rinse your hair. This DIY was suc- cessful for several reasons; it was easy to use, it made my hair light and fluffy, and it was inexpensive. I was doubtful in the beginning, but afterwards, there was a definite improvement in my hair’s texture and appear- ance. It can’t repair split ends, but it can definitely improve the texture of your roots to prevent split ends.
  42. 42. and especially in the case of ending one. Like all re- lationships, friendship is a fragile thing that is not al- ways appreciated from both sides equally. You have to deal with this situation care- fully though because people are sensitive and especially if it was a strong friend- ship at one point, it can be hard for other people to un- derstand that you are feel- ing a certain way and why. To deal with this, I would first ask, ‘is this really what you want to do?’ If your answer is yes, I would first like to tell you how to not deal with it. Ignoring them, avoiding them, cursing them out or yelling at them and sabotaging or stabbing them in the back is not what you do. That just ends up reflecting poorly on you. What you want to do is have a casual sit down and Many teens of this generation and previous generations and surely of generations to come, some- times have a hard time ask- ing the questions that they so desperately need the an- swers to. Sure you could ask a friend, or an import- ant adult in your life but it can be hard to put yourself out there with some of those questions you may have and the implications that come with them. This provides an anonymous outlet for any and all of your questions with no judgement because your identity is unknown. How do I end a friendship without hurt- ing the other person? Friendships can be ex- tremely difficult sometimes discuss what’s happening and explain why you are no longer happy with the re- lationship. I am under the assumption that you don’t want to totally cut them out of your life but become more like acquaintances than good friends. While this may not be a 100% amazing, fool-proof idea, there is really no safe way to end a friendship or any type of relationship for that mat- ter without hurting some- ones feelings a little bit. Ineed help in a class, but my teacher intimidates me, and none of my friends can help me. What should I do? This is something I know many people, including my- self struggle with. You want to reach out, but you are scared that there is no one there lend you the helping hand that you need. You can also feel a little bit strand- ed at that point because the one person you know can help you is not someone Lauren Hummel Advice lifestyle
  43. 43. you are comfortable with and you are already uncom- fortable enough because of your lack of understanding. There is always the default of googling it, but that is not always very reli- able or effective in the long run. One thing you could do however, is turn to a teach- er that you are comfortable with. While most teachers only teach specific subjects but that doesn’t mean that they don’t know anything about all of the others. Your teachers are humans too and they have been in the same shoes that you are current- ly in so they understand. They are also teachers be- cause they want to enrich your mind and learning so it gives them a stronger sense of purpose when you go directly to them for help. Another solution is to get some backup. Most of your friends proba- bly wouldn’t mind going with you to your teach- er as a moral support. You would be surprised to know how far a little mor- al support can take you. Or, if it is the idea of you confronting you teach- er in front of the whole class that you find intim- idating, you could send them an email arranging a get together to discuss the issue. Teachers also tend to act differently individu- ally than when they have a whole class watching them. Again, they are human too and often act different pro- fessionally than personally. How do I juggle school and a relationship? High school is hard enoughwithallofthehome- work, projects and tests but to further complicate it, you often find yourself in many relationships that use a lot of your attention. This is a totally normal. However, it can become a little bit over- whelmingandI,ofallpeople understand that quite well. First of all, school should always come first. While that can be a little frustrating, you still have your entire future ahead of you and you can’t let your- self get caught up in rela- tionships and other drama. Romantic relationships especially can be very dis- tracting and sometimes even cause you to fall be- hind on school work be- cause you are so caught up in the relationship and making time for that. I must even admit that even I have fallen victim to this.To ad- dress friendships and work, people that are truly your friends will understand that you have other responsi- bilities and that school is something that is some- thing important to you. As to help balance social and school lives, something very helpful to do would be schedule and plan to doing things ahead of time. This will help to keep track of the time you have to do different things and save you from uncom- fortable situations, espe- cially when you have to choose between going out with friends and your boy-
  44. 44. friend or girlfriend. With school work especially, giving yourself deadlines or getting the work done in a timely fashion will allow you to have more free time. You could also try combin- ing your relationships and work by having some time where you have study ses- sions with everyone where you all collaborate to get some assignments done. What are some test taking tips? I always get stressed. Welcome to the club. I always get stressed for tests even if I know ev- erything that will be on it but over the years, I have figured out some ways of limiting the overall stress. These tips are not guaran- teed to make your test tak- ing process less stressful, but from experience, I know that they can be helpful. One thing you can do is be prepared. Know- ing that you have every- thing that you will need to get the test done, can make it so you are not also wor- ried about whether or not you have everything. Be- ing unprepared is a big factor with stress for tests. Like having extra pens or pencils and scratch paper. You can also make sure that you get enough sleep. It helps to keep your brain sharp and focused. It also makes you more alert and makes it more likely that you would be able to answer questions and un- derstand them either. These two simple things can help to make the test taking pro- cess much more stress free.
  45. 45. Your Per- fect Smartphone The new iPhone 6 design left a lot of dedicated Apple users question- ing their alle- giance. Some physical flaws paired with what seems to be the iP- hone’s move towards a more Samsung Galaxy-esque phone was not what people expected from the tech giant. So, for those who may be ready to look for a change in their smart- phone, here are a few good options. Apple’s iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the U.S. holding a 41.4% mar- ket share in the as of April 2014 and Samsung is also a very popular smartphone provider accounting for nearly 28% of the smart- phone market share. The iP- hone and Samsung Galaxy have been competitors for awhile now. Google Nexus is a newcomer, releasing its latest iteration of the smart- phone on October 15, 2014, but it has the potential to be a major competitor like the iPhone and Galaxy. It’s worth not- ing that the Goo- gle Nexus and Samsung Galaxy phones both run on Google’s An- droid operating system. However, the Galaxy runs on its own spe- cializeduser inter- face: TouchWiz. Even though the Nexus and Gal- axy run on the same operating system it’s worth looking at them separately be- cause the experi- ence of using each one will be a little different. Apple has long been praised for creating quality, durable Aaron Block Smart Phones lifestyle
  46. 46. products with great design and this has been a ma- jor factor for consumers. However, that may not be so important when buying a smartphone. When you can buy a new phone at a severe discount every 2 years (and so many people take advantage of this), phone lifetime is not as important so long as it lasts 2 years. The design, how- ever, remains im- portant and is what puts Apple on top for many customers. The communities associated with both Android and Apple’s iOS may also be im- portant to many. For example, Android is con- sidered a much more open community for develop- ers. The requirements for an app to get onto Google Play (Google’s App Store) are much more lax than Ap- ple’s which is somewhat infamous for being incred- ibly picky about what apps it lets into the App Store. Android has also always given developers more ac- cess to certain features on the phone itself. Mean- while, Apple has been very restrictive about what it lets its developers do. For ex- ample, only until the latest major iOS update (iOS 8) were developers able to ac- cess the aperture and shut- ter speed of the camera. An- droid has entrusted its users with this feature for a long time.This may not seem im- portanttotheevery-dayuser but if affects what kinds of apps that can be produced. Overall, if you want the most functionality out of your phone, I would go for either the Sam- sung Galaxy or Google Nexus. The Android op- erating system makes these two phones incredi- bly powerful in a way that the iPhone can’t and likely won’t be given its histo- ry. On the oth- er hand, if you are mostly look- ing for a good looking phone with long bat- tery life, then iPhone is the right choice for you.
  47. 47. Zack Hersh Claudia Bonatotibus Leo Levy Saul Salas August Polite T H E D I R T Entertainment
  48. 48. Zack Hersh Anna Sun guys return with a cool, dancey record Into fun., Foster the People, Bastille or Bleachers? How about just indie/alternative pop in general? This cool new re- cord is worth checking out. Talking is Hard is the latest from Walk the Moon, the group best known for their break- through single “Anna Sun”. A collection of glitzy and pulsing 80’s style dance tunes, returning fans will love Walk the Moon’s redesigned sound, and newcom- ers to the quartet will be hooked on catchy but melodic songs and electro grooves. The album is highlighted by the opening track “Different Colors” and the anthemic “Shut Up and Dance”, the first single off the album. Overall, a strong sophomore re- lease from Walk the Moon, defi- nitely worth a listen for fans, critics, and newcomers alike. Released December 2nd Ratings,basedonhowmuchcer- tainaudiencesmaylikethemusic ★☆☆☆☆ Will not like it ★★☆☆☆ Will kind of like it ★★★☆☆ Will like it ★★★★☆ Will really like it ★★★★★ Will love it Newcomer Rating: rating for newcomers to the artist who already like the genre Fan Rating: rating for re- turning fans of the artist Critical Rating: rating from a critical standpoint POP ALTERNATIVE Sucker, Charli XCX Newcomer Rating ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Fan Rating ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Critic Rating ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Fancy singer back with smashing pop-punk LP The singer-songwriter of two of the decade’s standout pop songs, Icona Pop’s “I Love It” and Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy”, Charli XCX, returns with a new album that will be great for pop and punk fans seeking new mu- sic. Into Jessie J,Ariana Grande, or other pop superstars and di- vas? How about The Clash or The Ramones? This catchy and fun record is worth a listen. Or five. Chock full of loud, sassy jams like the opening title track anthem of “Sucker” and “Break the Rules”, Charli creates her own crazy pop and punk sound experience that fans of these genres cannot miss out on. Released December 16th Talking is Hard, Walk the Moon Newcomer Rating ★ ★ ★ ☆☆ Fan Rating ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Critic Rating ★ ★ ★ ☆☆ Music Spotlight Entertainment
  49. 49. R O C K Rock or Bust, AC/DC Newcomer Rating ★ ★ ★ ☆☆ Fan Rating ★ ★ ★ ☆☆ Critic Rating ★ ★ ★ ☆☆ AC/DC boldly scream that rock music still has a place today You’ve heard the name, now hear the songs. Fans of Jimi Hendrix, Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, or Nirvana, among others, may enjoy AC/DC and their latest album, Rock or Bust. No glitzy beats, no elec- tric synths. Just a surging record of straightforward, classic rock. While fans may not like it as much as some of the Australian group’s older albums, for others it may be a great place to start or to find new rocking music. Right from the first song, the title track “Rock or Bust”, AC/ DC lays down the law of the land: energetic drum and guitar centric music with heavy riffs. Rock or Bust declares, quite boldly, that even in a world of pop and electronic music, ret- ro, classic rock is still a thing, and can still be awesome. Released December 2nd The Dream Walk- er, Angels and Airwaves Newcomer Rating ★ ★ ★ ☆☆ Fan Rating ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Critic Rating ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Group digs deep into emo- tions in dark and haunt- ing yet melodic record Fans of Foo Fighters, Blink 182, and Imagine Dragons, among others, may enjoy this new alt-rock album by Angels and Airwaves, a modern rock group fronted by the lead singer of Blink 182, Tom DeLonge. A collection of 10 deep and heart- felt but not sappy songs derived from painful personal memories ofthebandmembers,TheDream Walker turns pain and darkness into passion. Fans will love the progression each member’s re- spective stories, and newcomers will only begin to discover the complex world and history of a group that fans have attached to for years. Add in the high crit- ical quality and acclaim, and this record is one to try for sure. Released December 9th Other new albums Pop T h e Pinkprint, Nicki Minaj Alternative M o n - uments to an Elegy, The Smashing Pumpkins The Hunger Games: Mockinjay Part1Soundtrack,VariousArtists E l e c t r o n i c / Dance Motion, Calvin Harris Listen, David Guetta New albums on the horizon Imagine Dragons are releas- ing a new album, Smoke + Mirrors, in early February fun. have planned the release of a new album for early 2015 Fall Out Boy’s new album, American Beauty / American Psycho releases mid January
  50. 50. Claudia Bonitatibus and Trinity Middlebrooks imagination to create the fictional world in which the narrative takes place. Books allow for a gradual and de- tailed development of plot and characters slowly over many pages and over a much longer period of time. This fundamental differ- ence is the most important obstacle to overcome when books are turned into films. While we appreciate the slow-paced, pensive quality of books, the au- dience requires action in movies to keep them en- gaged. This makes some books easier to translate into movies than others - phil- osophical, internal narra- tive-driven stories are hard- er to make into movies than plot focused ones like epic or adventure stories. This is why epic, fantasy stories set in dystopian worlds are fre- The sheer number of recent blockbuster movies that owe their origins to books is nothing less than remarkable. What is even more impressive is that the overall cinematic and artis- tic quality of these transla- tions is so high. Think about it: the Harry Potter series, The Hunger Games, Diver- gent, Ender’s Game, not to mention classic works such as the Hobbit, are all box office smashes. While many of the book series spawned a legion of loyal fans, many movie versions of these popular books were busts: Eragon, The Golden Compass, City of Ember, Inkheart, and many others. These books seemed like they could have evolved into effective and popular films, but for some reason the final results were dissat- isfying. The movies either did not meet the public’s standards or were simply discontinued. This goes to show that success is not guaranteed when translat- ing books onto the screen, which raises the question - what qualities in a book make it possible have a suc- cessful movie adaptation? The problem is that what makes a good book and what makes a good movie are entirely different. Cin- ema is essentially a visu- al medium where the nar- rative unfolds via images over a short period of two hours or so. Plot and char- acter development are im- portant, and the music adds to the emotional impact; yet, a movie must first ap- peal to the eyes. Books, on the other hand, appeal to the intellect and stimulate the Books in Translation Entertainment
  51. 51. quently adapted into suc- cessful films, while more thought-provoking, con- templative books, like The Giver, require an action-ori- ented subplot to capture the imagination of viewers. However, often these cinemat- ic adaptations do not do jus- tice to the books. Books have hun- dreds of pages to help the read- er cultivate their thoughts. They have paragraphs upon paragraphs to create situa- tions where deep thoughts are not only allowed, but necessary. A movie only has around two hours to do the same thing. Be- cause of this time limit, movies are not able to do justice to the deep thought provoking scenarios that are allowed to simmer in a book. Movies not only speed up the story, they also add a little spice to keep watchers interested. We accept that not every book will be a heart stop- pingpageturnerandattimes will even be boring. What we don’t accept is a boring movie. Movies have to be action packed, full of drama and romance. They have to have good lighting, great camera work, and an out- standing soundtrack. With all of the extra requirements for movies, small things like underlying themes fall through the cracks. Accuracytothebooksbeing adapted also plays a major role in the pop- ularity of the movie. In the end, books are transformed into movies in hopes of luring their loyal fans to buy theater tickets, there- by siphoning off the success of the fran- chise; among this literary audience, ac- curacy is seen as extreme- ly important. Movies have to take liberties; given the time restraints, it becomes mandatory to cut scenes out of the book that may not be essential to the plot or char- acter development. Howev- er, even though this might
  52. 52. not seem that important to those who have not read the books, those who grew up reading a book or series and hold it dear demand that the movie rewards them with similar feelings to those in- spired by the book. It can feel like a betrayal when the movie strays too far from the plot. The Lord of the Rings movie trilo- gy excelled in this regard, but then again, these books were written as epics and were essentially cinematic, so almost all of the major parts of the books could be included. This trilogy has come to represent the gold standard of movie adapta- tions. One thing that made these movies seem more natural and authentic is that these books were written in third person. Since movies cannot easily show inner
  53. 53. dialogue, movies based on books written in the third person seem more accu- rate than those written in first person. And this inner dialogue cannot be easily omitted without changing the whole tone of the sto- ry. This problem confronts efforts to adapt into movies many of today’s popular, first person narrated books. Books and movies are com- pletely different mediums, but still, one element is of prime importance to both - the credibility and attrac- tion of the story. If the au- thor is successful in creat- ing a fictitious world which the reader or the viewer enthusiastically wants to inhabit, the effort will be successful, no matter what medium it is produced in. A common misconception is that films are going to be an exact replica of the original text, but a different medium awakens a whole different dimension. Sometimes the accuracy of the film must be sacrificed in order for the story to be translated across mediums. When watching these translations one must acknowledge that the sto- ryline, tone and even plot are not going to be the same as the books’ and we must respect the directors’ artis- tic license. While books can take their time and be more cerebral, movies can sweep you up in their visual ac- tion, but both require one to suspend disbelief and per- mit the storyteller to lead the imagination to places beyond our experiences.
  54. 54. Leo Levy self, because it is one of the most difficult things to do.” Externally, too, Phillip has often been frustrated by how much more difficult his work is made by his young age. He says that cli- ents have denied to pay him the prices they originally agreed on, citing his age, even after their assignments are complete. He’s even lia- ble to throw around the term “Ageism,” a concept coined in 1971 by elder-rights ac- tivist Robert Neil Butler to describe discrimination against older people, but which is now understood to mean any age-based dis- crimination or prejudice. Phil is not alone when he talks about ageism. In fact, while not heavily publi- cized, organizations like the National Youth Rights Association campaign to When I asked Phillip King for an interview, and spec- ified that I wanted to do it in person, we both assumed that it would take place in an abandoned building. King’s body of artistic work is evenly divided between portrait photography and photography of abandoned architecture. He works as an active commercial pho- tographer. He is also 16 years old and a high school student, but he didn’t let that stop him when he was founding a Facebook com- munity called Humans of Philadelphia, with over 6,500 likes. Nor does he let that stop him from work- ing at Photolounge, the hub of Philadelphia’s pho- tography community, or having prints hung in gal- leries in center city Philly. His motivation seems to be a genuine love of the medi- um, as he told me when I fi- nally did catch up with him. When I asked why he prac- ticed photography, Phillip told me that “It’s so hard to put into words what it does, but I can never imagine my- self doing anything without it. It’s a very vital part of life for me,” and that “It really adds perspective to things.” His passion is evident in the sheer amount of his life which he had dedicated to the art, but, like most ar- tistic pursuits, his journey has not been without chal- lenges. Internally, Phillip says he often wrestles with self doubt. He cautions fel- low artists of such pitfalls, saying, “There are so many things that you might see as problems that are caused by yourself. But I’m not gonna pretend that its not hard to believe in your- Art Regardless of Age Entertainment
  55. 55. change the way that age is viewed inAmerican culture. Their focus, as an advo- cacy group, is on fighting for the legal freedoms af- forded to Americans in the Bill of Rights which are withheld from youth. Spe- cifically, NYRA has cam- paigned to lower the drink- ing and voting ages, and repeal curfew laws. They are just one group, how- ever, in a large movement fighting to end discrimina- tion against young people. Phillip King’s experiences help to illustrate the neces- sity for this sort of work. It would be unconscionable for a client to refuse to pay an adult photographer for work they had already done. Even coping with these barriers, though, Phillip has achieved incredible things, and shows no signs of slow- ing down. As his next proj- ect, he aims to delve into the photographic genre known as bodyscapes, which sits at the intersection of his inter- est in the human form and in architecture. He also urg- es aspiring teens who seek to make their voices heard to, “Be nice, and be louder.”
  56. 56. Phillip King Interview: What sort of work do you do, mainly? Mainly retail. If you mean photography though, I do a lot of portraiture. I love portraiture, and abandoned architecture. With photog- raphy, I guess I’ve always been doing the same thing, which kinda sucks now that I think about it. I only real- ize it when I look back at my Flickr and want to kill myself. But I guess your style changes regardless of what you’re doing, as long as you’re growing with it. Why do you do photography? It’`ssohardtoputintowords what it does, but I can never imagine myself doing any- thing without it. Its a very vital part of life for me. Its one of the only mediums I can use correctly, or I feel is really applicable. When used correctly, photography really is just the same thing as painting, you just have to know what you’re doing with your tools. It really adds perspective to things. What sort of challeng- es have you faced in achieving what you have achieved in photography? The only things have been me just telling myself that I can’t do something, or I don’t want to try a style or I’ll be shitty, et cetera, et cetera. Most of the prob- lems are really just self doubt. There are so many things that you might see as problems that are caused by yourself. But I’m not gonna pretend that its not hard to believe in your- self, because it is one of the most difficult things to do. Do you think your work as an active photographer has been made more dif- ficult by being a teenager? Oh fuck yeah. Definitely. I fucking hate it. People try to dick you out of your mon- ey. Please don’t use my ex- act quotes on this one. They uh, I’ve done some jobs and people have just denied to pay me the original price because of my age, regard- less of skill level or talent or if I did what they asked me to do. Ageism is a real thing, it’s a problem. Not a lot of people get that. You can still be a human being on the same level as anoth- er one, regardless of an age difference. Especially at this age there shouldn’t be a problem. I would under- stand if I was a 4 year old with a point and shoot, but clearlyI’mdoingsomething correctly if I’ve made it this far, so don’t be an asshole. If you could give a mes- sage to aspiring teen art- ists, what would it be? Be nice. And be louder.
  57. 57. About Spelunky: Spelunky is a 2D sidescrolling, dun- geon-like, rouge jumping platformer that follows a traditional one screen, four-player screen-sharing with no online compatibili- ty. It’s a reworked game that was originally made free for the operating system Microsoft Windows back in 2008. On July 4th, 2012, developer Derek Yu re- leased his first selling game onto other consoles with re- mapped designs and heavy implemented elements into the new meta. For instance, newer levels, more player characters, more music and special events and the most important change the old one didn’t have, local co- op. You can now play with A.I. bots found in game store levels, or with up to THREE of your closest friends you may enjoy yell- ing to and journal entries which are like collectible pages for you to complete, discover,learn,andhavefun enjoying monster defeat/ defeated progress counters! Such great reworks include tweaks, more appealing controls which can now be customized with any key or button. Like pressing the esc key to move your char- acter to the left on a key- board? I wouldn’t see why I wouldn’t! Smoother tiles to move on and fluent move- ment the old game lacked. It is still more accessible in the newer game and easy to pickup, and difficult as the old game. The game is has smoother controls, mar- velous graphics, and made items and physics more visually more appealing. Although, some may refer to the game as HD, but I would call it a masterpiece of true innovation. It has so many more new levels, items, enemies, balanc- es, and much much more secrets you can find by learning the game beyond the tutorial can teach you. S P E L U N K Y : THEN AND NOW: The old freeware game didn’t have much as the newer one have today. The older game had secrets, traps, and item stores with the same grumpy old men. But whatever was to the end of the screen didn’t move, so if you were to shoot a shotgun or a shop- keeper was chasing you, it would all remain still on the other side of the screen until you moved there. The traps were either too deadly or too narrow to maneuver, making basic first level ar- row traps very bouncy with very poor physical controls you shouldn’t have taken damage. Some items like the bow or a pistol were too Saul Salas Spelunky Entertainment
  58. 58. broad, that or they just felt too weak or just wouldn’t work as you would think. Odd ragdolls would happen and enemies were easily too aggressive to charged the player quicker than your reaction time. But with the newer game, Derek Yu changed and brought back some of it’s core elements and fixed the things it need- ed and taken out some ob- solete items and reworked with it’s physics to make it so you didn’t get dry humpedbyafloorfilledwith the same blood pool that should have stopped if you died. Aside from all humor- ous tones, it’s a complete- ly new and different game. Gameplay: In Spelunky, you start out with 4 bombs, 4 ropes, and 4 life points. But you have to share these starting items depending on how many people are playing with you. Progress is unsaved when playing locally, so therefore, you cannot unlock shortcuts which skips certain parts of a world you would want to skip, but you can still use them if you already own them anytime before play- ing. You can blow up tiles to reach certain places, find treasure, or hidden items and exits. Just like in the old Spelunky, how cool is that? Your goal of the game is to reach to world 4 or 5. Easier said than done, since each level you progress gets you more pressured with traps, and enemies. There is also an ingame journal, which is typically entries which only alerts you on the screen for every new discovery for the first time which is then saved. It tells you informa- tion about items, monsters, and new places you discov- ered which the old game didn’t had! It also shows the number of times you de- feated a monster, and how many times you died by them or traps. So the journal also acts as a personal sta- tistic for you whenever you want to revisit your score counter. The journal entry is very basic, and I always come back to read the brief short summary of monsters, places, and items. I also find myself seeing how many times I defeated an enemy, because it’s a really fun tool to use and is claimed to be the best treasure you find and start out with by the main character, Yang. The first enemies encounters are very easy, and very frustrat- ing when underestimated. Because there are also set traps, such as spikes and ar- row, some of them are set to disguised as blocks, which if ignored can seriously make one really frustrated. Traps are included in ev- ery level in the game from spikes, to boulders, man eating piranhas. The only way to recover hearts is by rescuing damsels in distress which can only make you recover or gain one heart, unless you have the Kapa- la, or go to a Kissing Palor which are other ways of ob- taining more life. These act as trade or buy option es- sentials to the player, espe- cially if they needed more life. Oh, and if you die,