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Production schedule


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Published in: Sports, Automotive
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Production schedule

  1. 1. Production Schedule Any All Editing and Re-Shoots if needed 11am 11/02/2011 Woods Marvin, Lewis, David and Danielle Lost in the woods 2pm 3/02/2011 Woods All characters Chasing scene 1pm 1/02/2011 In the car David and Killer Car killing scene 12pm 28/01/2011 Woods Killer Killer Stalking victims 1pm 24/01/2011 Woods Marvin and Danielle Couple making out 11am 23/01/2011 Woods Marvin, Lewis, David and Danielle Walking around the woods 1pm 21/01/2011 In the car Marvin, Lewis, David and Danielle Car scene/getting out the car 10:30 am 17/01/2011 Road side None Opening scene 10am 15/01/2011 Location Characters Scene Time Date