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Adjunct facorientationoverview with video time markers

  1. 1. New Employee Orientation 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM BenefitsDepartment of Human Resources
  2. 2. Department of Human Resources UCONN is World Class As a world-class institution of higher education, UConn strives to improve the lives of its students and enhance the economic and social well-being of the state and its citizens. We are experiencing tremendous growth thanks to our faculty, industry support, the State of Connecticut and most importantly, our students. It is an exciting time to be at UConn!
  3. 3. Next Generation Connecticut Department of Human Resources $1.5B for capital projects ($235M reallocation from UC2K) 6,580 increase in undergraduate enrollment 259 New Faculty (200 in STEM) & 150 New Staff
  4. 4. Our Leadership Department of Human Resources Dr. Susan Herbst was appointed President of UConn on December 20, 2010 Our 15th President Reports to a Board of Trustees
  5. 5. Academic Plan Vision Department of Human Resources Taken from UConn Today, April 23, 2014: The University has adopted a wide-ranging new academic vision to shape its efforts in the coming decade to become a national leader in breakthrough research, innovative undergraduate and graduate education, service, and public engagement.
  6. 6. UConn is consistently ranked among the top 25 public research universities in the country and… Department of Human Resources Founded as an agricultural school in 1881, 3 faculty & 12 students 30,474 students & 9,932 Faculty & Staff 101 UG Majors and 86 Graduate Fields of Study $2.0B Total Current Funds Budget FA ‘13 $204.6 million external funding, sponsored activities Undergraduate Class of 2017 More than 217,000 Alumni Worldwide Technology Park-Storrs Bioscience CT-UCHC The Jackson Lab (JAX) for Genomic Medicine
  7. 7. UConn Official Communication Department of Human Resources •UConn Today •UConn Social Media: Connect •Websites •On-line Employee Resource Guide •Faculty & Staff home page •Daily Digest: M-F, 11 am • •MyApp •President, Provost, Public Safety emails •Distribution Lists by job functions
  8. 8. Faculty & Staff Online Resource Guide Department of Human Resources
  9. 9. Faculty & Staff Online Website Department of Human Resources
  10. 10. Workplace Standards Department of Human Resources An environment that values your unique contributions Provide effective policies, programs and resources
  11. 11. Recognizing a Disrespectful Workplace Department of Human Resources • Some inappropriate behaviors not construed as violation of policy • Some inappropriate behaviors are clearly recognizable as violations of policies and may violate laws Foul Language Gossip Passive Incivilities Harassment Verbal Threats Small ongoing inappropriate behaviors can escalate over time
  12. 12. University Policies & Procedures Department of Human Resources It is incumbent upon you to read and understand the policies that are associated with your position (or role).
  13. 13. Code of Conduct Department of Human Resources Basic standards of workplace behavior Public statement of the University’s commitment to the highest standards of integrity All employees share responsibility for keeping the University in full compliance with all laws, regulations and policies Annual Mandated Training
  14. 14. State Code of Ethics for Public Officials • Applies to each of us as state employees • Part of the Connecticut General Statutes • Intended to prevent individuals from using their public position for personal financial benefit • Violations can (and have) lead to fines and penalties Department of Human Resources Conflicts of Interest Gifts Financial Benefit (Self/Family/Business) Political Activity Outside Employment Appearance Fees/ Honorarium Post State Employment
  15. 15. Ask yourself: What would “this” look like on the front page of a newspaper? Department of Human Resources Just because there isn’t a law or University policy that prohibits an activity doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do.
  16. 16. Non-Retaliation Policy Department of Human Resources It is prohibited to retaliate against someone who reports a concern in good faith to the appropriate individuals of offices Contact the Office of Audit, Compliance & Ethics (OACE) to report any activities that you feel may be retaliatory
  17. 17. Office of Audit, Compliance & Ethics Look for the Compliance Courier Newsletter It is a quarterly newsletter issued by OACE Department of Human Resources Don’t hesitate to call: o 860-486-4526 REPORTLINE- anonymous 1-888-685-2637
  18. 18. Staying Safe in the Workplace Division of Public Safety Department of Human Resources  Police, Fire/EMTs-24x7 Storrs  Emergency: 9-1-1  Routine Calls: 860-486-4800   Active Threat Training  Annual Security & Fire Safety Report  Emergency Blue Phones  Crime of Opportunity
  19. 19. Staying Safe in the Workplace Department of Human Resources Department of Human Resources Threats Verbal Abuse Physical Abuse Weapons Violence in the Workplace Zero Tolerance
  20. 20. Staying Safe in the Workplace Department of Wellness and Prevention Services Department of Human Resources Drug Free Schools and Campuses Act  Provides alcohol and drug standards for faculty and staff  Employees shall not unlawfully use, possess, distribute dispense or manufacture controlled substances, or be under the influence of a controlled substance, while on the job or in the workplace  Any employee violating this policy will be subject to discipline, up to and including termination  Concerned employees are encouraged to contact the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  21. 21. Staying Safe in the Workplace Department of Environmental Health & Safety • Report hazards and help to correct them • Use Personal Protective Equipment • Follow procedures • Get trained and keep training current Department of Human Resources • Identify and correct hazards • Provide and require the use of Personal Protective Equipment • Provide information on policies and procedures • Ensure employees/students receive training • Model Safety University Health and Safety Policy The health and safety of all students, faculty, staff and visitors shall be a principal consideration in the planning an conduct of all University activities and programs Employee “Must Do” List Supervisor “Must Do” List
  22. 22. Commitment to a Diverse & Inclusive Workplace Office of Diversity & Equity (ODE) Department of Human Resources 241 Glenbrook Road Wood Hall - Unit-4175 Storrs, CT 06269 Phone: (860) 486-2943 Fax: (860) 486-2437 Email:
  23. 23. Commitment to a Diverse & Inclusive Workplace Policy: Affirmative Action & Equal Employment Opportunity • UConn is an equal employment & affirmative action employer • Our policy is to comply with all laws & regulations that prohibit employment discrimination • Employment search process is strictly monitored to ensure compliance • Equal employment opportunity (EEO) means nondiscrimination • All services and programs are to be provided in a fair and impartial manner • Annual State and Federal Affirmative Action Plan Department of Human Resources
  24. 24. Commitment to a Diverse & Inclusive Workplace Policy Against Discrimination, Harassment, and Inappropriate Romantic Relationships • Prohibits discrimination and harassment in the work and learning environments • Clarifies that managers must report any incidents of discrimination, harassment or inappropriate Romantic relationships to ODE • Failure to report known incidents is a policy violation as serious as the original discriminatory act • Complaints about student misconduct (including student-employees and graduate students) are addressed by Community Standards • Provides specific guidance regarding Romantic relationships in the instructional and employment contexts • “Romantic relationships” under the policy means an intimate, sexual, and/or any other type of amorous encounter or relationship , whether casual or serious, short-term or long term • Non-consensual sexual contact implicates the University’s Sexual Assault Response Policy Department of Human Resources
  25. 25. Commitment to a Diverse & Inclusive Workplace Romantic Relationships-Instructional and Employment Contexts • Instructional Context • Faculty/staff relationships with undergraduate students are prohibited • Faculty/staff relationships with graduate students are prohibited if the graduate student is actually under that individual’s authority (authority includes teaching; formal mentoring or advising; supervision of research and employment of a student; exercising substantial responsibility for grades, honors, or degrees; and involvement in disciplinary action related to the student) • A romantic relationship between a graduate student and another student (either undergraduate or graduate) under his/her authority is prohibited. If there is an existing relationship, the graduate student will not be permitted to serve in the position of authority • Employment Context • Faculty/staff relationships with employees currently under their supervision are prohibited • Existing Romantic Relationships • Relationships that existed before August 7, 2013 must be disclosed to ODE and/or OFSLR by the person in a position of authority • Relationships that existed prior to joining the University must be disclosed to ODE and/or OFSLR by the person in a position of authority before accepting a new supervisory role • Relationships that develop that are in violation of the policy must be disclosed immediately Department of Human Resources
  26. 26. Commitment to a Diverse & Inclusive Workplace Policy Statements on Disabilities Department of Human Resources People with Disabilities • The University of Connecticut is committed to achieving equal education and employment opportunity and full participation for people with disabilities • A qualified person with a disability must be ensured the same access to programs, opportunities, and activities at the University as all others Reasonable Accommodations • The University will make reasonable accommodations for the known physical and mental limitations of otherwise qualified applicants and employees with disabilities as defined by state and federal law. • Definition of “Reasonable Accommodations” • In some instances (when undue hardship exists), the University may be unable to make certain accommodations.
  27. 27. Commitment to a Diverse & Inclusive Workplace Title IX Department of Human Resources • When students are sexually harassed or assaulted in the learning environment, a college or university will be liable if a University employee with authority to address the harassment and institute corrective measures on the school’s behalf-receives actual notice of, and is deliberately indifferent to, the harassment or assault. • The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights extends the obligation to respond beyond those who actually have authority to address the harassment, to any individual “who a student could reasonably believe has this authority or responsibility” to help.
  28. 28. Commitment to a Diverse & Inclusive Workplace Sexual Assault Response Policy Department of Human Resources • Protect campus safety and ensure victim response • Passed by the Board of Trustees in January, 2012, the Sexual Assault Response Policy. • Requires all employees who witness or receive a report of sexual assault to contact ODE, the Office of Community Standards, or the Title IX Coordinator as soon as possible • Private vs. confidential victim conversations • The Policy additionally contains a list of on and off campus resources for victims
  29. 29. Selected Policies: General Rules of Conduct Department of Human Resources • General Rules of Conduct establish behavior guidelines for all University employees • Employees have a reasonable right to know what conduct is expected of them • Each department may have additional rules in which employees should be aware • Employees can be disciplined or dismissed for violating the General Rules of Conduct
  30. 30. Accessing E-formation University Information Technology Services (UITS) Department of Human Resources • Services and Support ( ) • Policies ( • Security Awareness ( • Local Technology Support • Campus Technology Assistance On-line Request: Login Email: Phone: (860) 486-4357(HELP) Walk-in Location: Math-Science Bdg, Rm M037 196 Auditorium Road Main Campus – Storrs
  31. 31. Accessing E-formation University Information Technology Services (UITS) Department of Human Resources • SecureU • ( • Antivirus software • Encryption • Ensure computer operating system & software is patched regularly • Set strong passwords • Save your files to the enterprise file server, backed up nightly • Email is Official and not private • Email etiquette • Never open unknown emails or attachments, only open and download from known sources • Appropriate use of UConn computing & network resources • Electronic Communication • Use of official UConn email communications & lists • Daily Digest
  32. 32. Your Responsibilities Department of Human Resources • Know UConn & your departmental policies, procedures, expectations & resources • Model behavior • Understand your behavior & that of others and its impact • Know State of CT and Federal legal requirements • If a supervisor, ensure a respectful workplace
  33. 33. Summary Department of Human Resources • Office of Audit, Compliance & Ethics – Annual Mandated Compliance Training • Office of Diversity & Equity-the following trainings must be completed within the first six months of employment: – State-Mandated Diversity Training – University-Mandated Sexual Harassment Prevention Training • Department of Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) – Mandated safety training for some employees • University Information & Technology Services (UITS) – Daily Digest • HB Library – Record Retention • Human Resources • Division of Public Safety – Police, Fire, EMT, Locksmith