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How an organization can get news about their topics of interest; and share them locally.

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  1. 1. Ms. M K Prasanna,
  2. 2. AGENDAThe spirit of RSS Feeds How to….andapplicationsExperience in RSSReadersDebriefingSome TechnicalbackgroundSome perspective
  3. 3. •RSS FEEDS•R eally S imple S yndication or R ich S ite S ummary•Commonly conceived of as tool for gathering news items fromdifferent sources.•We’ll define “news” broadly to include newcontent on any news-site,Web site, blog .•RSS is a technical specification for syndicating information (i.e.,distributing it to multiple Web sites for online publication).•The available RSS output from a Web site is called afeed . Feedburner and Atom are popular feed format.
  4. 4. The Goal•Pull new information fromlots of different Web sitesyou’re interested in and turnit into a single Web pagethat will organize yourreading and help youkeep current.
  5. 5. Cloud.
  6. 6. Technology is simple• XML…..OPML• Markup Languages• A markup language is a set of codes thatdetermine how Web content looks or how it isstructured.• Examples• HTML ; XML (extensible markup language)
  7. 7. • XML viewer = RSS aggregator• Aggregators are also called newsreaders.• Examples: Bloglines, Google Reader,Netvibes
  8. 8. <rdf:RDF><rdf:RDF>−−<channel rdf:about=&quot;;><channel rdf:about=&quot;;><title>JAMA current issue</title><title>JAMA current issue</title><link></link><link></link><description><description>JAMA is a weekly primary science, peer-reviewed medical journal published 48JAMA is a weekly primary science, peer-reviewed medical journal published 48times per year. JAMA publishes original high quality, high impact clinical andtimes per year. JAMA publishes original high quality, high impact clinical andresearch articles on a diverse range of medical topics.research articles on a diverse range of medical topics.</description></description><prism:eIssn>1538-3598</prism:eIssn><prism:eIssn>1538-3598</prism:eIssn><prism:coverDisplayDate>February 21, 2007</prism:coverDisplayDate><prism:coverDisplayDate>February 21, 2007</prism:coverDisplayDate><prism:publicationName><prism:publicationName>JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical AssociationJAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association</prism:publicationName></prism:publicationName><prism:issn>0098-7484</prism:issn><prism:issn>0098-7484</prism:issn><items><items><rdf:Seq><rdf:Seq><rdf:li rdf:resource=&quot;http://jama.ama-<rdf:li rdf:resource=&quot;;/>;/><rdf:li rdf:resource=&quot;<rdf:li rdf:resource=&quot;;/>rss=1&quot;/><rdf:li rdf:resource=&quot;<rdf:li rdf:resource=&quot;;/>rss=1&quot;/><rdf:li rdf:resource=&quot;<rdf:li rdf:resource=&quot;;/>rss=1&quot;/>XML code looks like thisXML code looks like this
  9. 9. How to gather RSSFeedsChoose aggregator and set up account.– Add content (subscribe to RSS feeds).– News– Tables of contents– Blog postings– Alerts (search updates)Manage content.Share content if desired.
  10. 10. SEARCH TOOLS• - This search tool allows you to locate recentnewsfeed items based upon keyword or phrase searching. Itfocuses specifically on news and media feeds forinformation, not blogs.• Technorati- Technorati is a popular blog-finding tool.Since RSS feeds are inherent to all blogging tools,Technorati Blog Search can help you find RSS feeds fortopic-specific blogs you may be interested in.• Syndic8 is an open directory that containsthousands of RSS feeds which users have submitted.•
  11. 11. Some aggregators/ feedSome aggregators/ feedreadersreaders
  12. 12. Different types• Desktop aggregators are applicationsthat must be installed on your computer.• Web browsers’ built-in RSS tools(Mozilla Firefox’s Live Bookmarks, InternetExplorer Onfolio), may provide only one-at-a-time, instead of all-in-one place, access tofeeds.• Web-based aggregators do not requireinstallation.
  13. 13. Ways to Locate Feeds onContent Web Sites• RSS directories such as Feedster( )• Look for these icons• Look for links from these terms: subscribe,syndicate, feed, RSS, XML, Atom• Try searching the Web site for “RSS.”• For journals, check Subscribe/Subscription orE-mail/Alerts pages.Some sites don’t have RSS.
  14. 14. • Copy URL from Web site addresswindow and paste into reader.
  15. 15. Cloud.
  16. 16. : To addcontent/subscription• Search or add feed URL• Browse options• Feed bundles (News, Sports, Fun, etc.)• Add user name for someone whosework (blog, tags, etc.) you want tofollow.
  17. 17. Manage
  18. 18. To add content• Bloglines: Add (note Search Feeds attop right)• Netvibes: Add a Feed
  19. 19. Creating a Feed for aSearch• Do a search.• In Send to dropdown box, choose RSSFeed .• In next screen, click on Create Feedbutton.• New articles retrieved by your searchwill appear in the aggregator.
  20. 20. Managing feeds• Bloglines: Top Level, existing folder,new folder• Google Reader: Tags• Netvibes: Move (can add newcategory)
  21. 21. Reading and ManagingContent• Read/unread status• Bolding generally indicates an unread item or foldercontaining unread items.• Bloglines “Keep New,” “Mark All Read”• Google Reader “Mark as read”• Netvibes “Read All,” “Unread All”• Keyboard shortcuts (example: Bloglines hotkeys)Saving Content• Bloglines: Clippings• Google Reader: Starred items
  22. 22. Moving Content• Once you have added content, youcan…• … save (export) it. File will be in OPMLformat.• … switch to a different reader and addcontent automatically by importing theOPML file.
  23. 23. Sharing• Bloglines- clip blog (can go public or be keptprivate)• Netvibes - ecosystem• Publishing on Netvibes ecosystem• Tab sharing (publishing some or all of yourfeed list or blogroll)• Google Reader• Shared items• Add subscriptions, Browse: Enter user namefor person whose work you want to follow.
  25. 25. APPLICATIONS-Institution• There are enterprise editions ofFeed Aggregators….for a fee.• Develop feeds for specific subject/objective• Separate tabs for each subject/objective.
  26. 26. SCOOP IT
  27. 27. Some observations• Be specific• Internet is used for INFORMATIONand for COMMUNICATION. RSSfeeds serve the communicationfunction. That means, opinions, bias,…these are valuable too.–Esp news- V V Selective.
  28. 28. Some Perspective• Internet has its limitations• Search Engines have their limitations• Individual users have their limitations• Not all websites have RSS Feeds• RSS Readers have their limitations• Esp. Premium content….which representsknowledge based on research & deepthinking are still inaccessible via freeresources.• V V V selective….so shd not be dependententirely on RSS Feeds.»Other tools required….one suchtool is Delicious.
  29. 29. Thanks, respected listenersPlease go ahead and create RSS Feeds on varioustopics of common interest• On MyYahoo• On Bloglines• On Netvibes• On Google Reader(UserID: Password:99shanthiI am sure your Librarian will maintain and add valueto them. Various newsletters can be created, saymonthly, based on these feeds ;add yourperspectives to the news….for sharing with the CGGstakeholders.