Transition Seminar Winter 12


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Presentation to prepare ESL students to move upper level ESL classes.

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Transition Seminar Winter 12

  1. 1. Navigating thesystem!
  2. 2. International Student AdvisorsErin Walker Cynthia Okawara Lisa Hirayama
  3. 3. Programs of Study at Shoreline High School Completion Professional / Technical Academic Transfer (2 + 2)
  4. 4. U.S. Educational SystemDepending on math and English placement, yourprogram of study may take longer than four years.
  5. 5. So, What’s after ESL? Usually English and Math General Education (Math, English, Social Science, Humanities, Science). Most pre-major/prerequisite classes done in second year, not first.
  6. 6. How Many Credits Should Itake? Typical quarter = 15 credits Minimum for immigration = 12 Maximum = 18
  7. 7. ESL and Math Classes
  8. 8. ESL/English Placement ESL 050 ESL 60 ESL 99 ESL 100 English 10110 credits 10 credits 10 credits 5 credits 5 credits ESL 095 5 credits  English 101 is college level English, required by universities and for most degrees and certificates.  ESL 100 will count for an elective class toward many AA degrees. It may or may not transfer to universities.  Classes below ESL 100 do not transfer, but are considered academic preparation.
  9. 9. Math Classes Insert math chart here
  10. 10. Math Test Results Many times the math placement test will place international students too low. If you feel the Compass test places you too low, you have the option to re-take the Compass test up to 3 times.
  11. 11. Grade Point Average (GPA) 4.0 = A 3.0 = B 2.0 = C 1.0 = D Below 0.7 = fail Scholastic Standard = 1.75 GPA or higher and pass all P/NC classes Beware of the ―V‖
  12. 12. Class Withdrawal and Repeat If you drop a class in the first two weeks, there will be no record. After the deadline, you will have a W on your transcript (record). If you repeat a class (R), both classes and grades will appear permanently on your transcript. Your transcripts will follow you everywhere!
  13. 13. Registration Live Schedule: System/ClassSchedulePublic/ClassScheduleLive.a spx Pre-Registration: Until you are finished with ESL 100. Online Registration—better chance to get your classes!
  14. 14. Academic Resources Academic Tutors Writing and Learning Studio Math Learning Center International Student Advisor
  15. 15. Be Informed Communicate with instructors Be careful of plagiarism Read your syllabus Read the E-News Join IPadvisors on Facebook
  16. 16. Transfer Resources Transfer cabinet in International Programs Quarterly workshops on transfer University visits and transfer fairs Your advisor Other faculty advisors on campus
  17. 17. Next Steps Take your Math placement during Fall Quarter test! ◦ Pay and schedule to take your test online(1st floor 5000 building) ◦ Bring ID on the day of the test. Schedule an appointment online with an IP Academic Advisor next quarter to begin your academic planning. Attend Academic Workshops Follow your plan!
  18. 18. Practice for the Math Test Testing Center information including math practice! ◦ COMPASS Practice tests ◦ Numerical Skills ◦ College Algebra ◦ Math Review by Topic ◦ Math Handout Sheets ◦
  19. 19.  Appointments will be made available by 3:30 p.m. for the following work day. Go to the IP website at Go to ―current students‖ (from the top menu) Go to ―appointment scheduling‖ (from menu on right) You can access an advisor’s online appointment calendar Follow the instructions that are provided.How To Schedule an Appointment
  20. 20. Advising Assistance Walk-in advising (10 minute quick questions) Appointments – ½ hour Department FacultyAND eNews Facebook
  21. 21.  Monday, Tuesday Thursday ◦ 10:30 – 12:00 ◦ 2:00 –3:30 ◦ Extended walk-in Wednesday & Friday ◦ By appointment only Plan, plan, plan!!!Come to walk-in Advising!
  22. 22. Good luck!Remember that we’rehere to help you!