Group B Winter 2012


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PowerPoint Presentation for Group G students at Shoreline C.C. (Win '12)

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Group B Winter 2012

  1. 1. Welcome!!
  2. 2. International Student AdvisorsErin Lisa Hirayama Cynthia Okawara
  3. 3. Navigating Your Education
  4. 4. US Education System• Four-year university--Bachelor degreeOR• Two-year community college--Associate degree.AND• Then transfer to a university and finish their Bachelor degree.
  5. 5. U.S. Educational SystemDepending on math and English placement, your programof study may take longer than four years.
  6. 6. Programs of Study at Shoreline • Professional / Technical • High School Completion • Academic Transfer
  7. 7. Professional / Technical • Job Training • Credits usually do not transfer • Programs range from 1 quarter certificates to 2 year degrees • Most of your classes will be in your major (few general education classes)
  8. 8. High School Completion•To earn a High School Diploma•Counts for both high school and Associate’s Degree.•All questions hopefully answered at the High school completion session yesterday!
  9. 9. Academic Transfer• General Education (Math, English, Social Science, Humanities, Science).• Major Requirements/prerequisites
  10. 10. Resources for Academic Transfer• Transfer Wagon in International Programs• Quarterly Academic Workshops• Transfer fairs (Fall and Winter quarters)• Your advisor
  11. 11. Other SCC Resources• Transfer Tutor Center• Writing and Learning Studio• Math Learning Center• International Student Advisor(see the resource list the green binder!)
  12. 12. Student Expectations• Be responsible for: • Communicating with instructors • Reading your syllabi • Be careful of plagiarism!• Pay attention to facebook, eNews, Advising This Week for: • important registration dates! • University application deadlines• Look to the resource book (green binder) for answers!
  13. 13. Registration
  14. 14. Registration•Group Registration•This appointment is to plan this quarter only•You will make a complete plan later
  15. 15. What Classes Should I Take? How many Credits?
  16. 16. First Quarter Classes• ESL, English, Math• Classes that will meet general education requirements.• Some classes will be full. You will have more choice next quarter!!• Review your transportation plan
  17. 17. Credits?• Typical class is 5 credits (5 hours per week)• One credit = one hour of class time• Typical quarter = 15 credits, no more than 18!
  18. 18. Registration Tools•Catalog (online) or $5.00 at the bookstore•Quarterly Schedule•Live Online Schedule (more updated)•Registration Form – please fill before your registration appointment.
  19. 19. Where to find the registration forms!
  20. 20. When changingyour Schedule…Adding or dropping a class be sure to fillout the form BEFORE seeing the advisor!!
  21. 21. Fill out your form and getany required signaturesBEFORE you meet withan advisor!
  22. 22. Math and English
  23. 23. ESL/English Placement ESL level 5 ESL level 6 ESL 99 ESL 100 English 101 10 credits 10 credits 10 credits 5 credits 5 credits • English 101 is college level English • ESL 100 will count for an elective class toward most degrees. It may or may not transfer to university. • ESL 050, 060, and 99 do not transfer, but are considered academic preparation. • Most students need to complete ESL 095
  25. 25. Do you need Math?•Yes:• If you plan to get ANY type of degree from Shoreline• If you plan to transfer to a 4 year university•No:• If you took a college level math class at a US college or university—see an advisor• If you are only taking ESL at Shoreline
  26. 26. Math Placement• Many times math scores are too low.• Not everyone needs to re-take the test.• After retaking the test, if you are still not satisfied, you can talk with a Math Instructor .
  27. 27. Math—what do your results mean?
  28. 28. Practice• Testing Center information including math practice! •• COMPASS Practice tests •• Numerical Skills •• College Algebra •• Math Review by Topic •• Math Handout Sheets •
  29. 29. GradingandAdvising
  30. 30. Types of Grades•Decimal Grading•P / NC Grading•Student Option Grading•W = Withdrawal
  31. 31. Transcripts An official record of all the classes you’ve taken at Shoreline and your grade in each course.
  32. 32. Grade Point Average (GPA) • 4.0 = A • 3.0 = B • 2.0 = C • 1.0 = D • Below 0.7 = fail • Scholastic Standard = 1.75 GPA or higher Visit the online GPA Calculator at:
  33. 33. Important Dates• Check the quarterly schedule for important dates!! For example: • Last Day for 100% refund = • January 13th • Last day for 50% refund = • January 30th Also available online at:
  34. 34. Advising Assistance • Appointments (1/2 hour) • online calendar • next day only • Department Advisors and Faculty • Walk-in advising (5-10 minute answer)
  35. 35. Walk-in Advising Full Walk-in schedule available in your Green Binder!
  36. 36. Express Advising
  37. 37. WALK-IN ADVISING•Monday, Tuesday, Thursday:10:30 – 12:00 & 2:00pm-3:30pm•Wednesday & Friday:Appointments OnlyDISCLAIMERS: On very busy days, sign-up mayneed to end at least 15 minutes before the endof walk-in. Please bring something to do whileyou wait!
  38. 38. WALK-IN SCENARIOS• Scenario# 1: Student needs an I-20 signed for travel. Express or Regular?• Scenario #2: Student would like to ask a question about transferring to UW in business. Express or Regular?• Scenario #3: Student has been on a waitlist for a class and now has the instructor’s signature to add the class and has NO questions? Student has filled out her Schedule Change form already. Express or Regular?• Scenario #4: Student would like to add a class to his schedule, but isn’t sure what class to add. Express or Regular?
  39. 39. WALK-IN VS APPOINTMENTS• Scenario# 1: Student has question about his next quarter classes. Walk-in or appointment?• Scenario #2: Student wants to make an academic plan. Walk-in or appointment?• Scenario #3: Student wants help choosing classes. Walk-in or appointment?• Scenario #4: Student needs prerequisites for a business major for out-of-state schools. Walk-in or appointment?
  40. 40. New Student Check-in Meeting January 13th 12:30 – 1:30 9208 (QDR)
  41. 41. Registration AppointmentINSTRUCTIONSRegistered by Groups: Thursday - MondayListen for instructions & Look for your NamePick up Appointment Card (see volunteer)REMINDERSFind bldg location (Library 4214 or PUB 9102)Arrive on time & sign in with volunteerBring green notebook & yellow Registration FormDo not exchange cards with friendsQUESTIONS?Please ask an advisor: Erin, Lisa or Cynthia
  42. 42. Next Steps• Attend your registration group• Pay Tuition by the first day of classes• Make your ID card (bring your registration receipt and a photo ID)• Attend the REQUIRED New Student Check-in Meeting.
  43. 43. Good luck!Remember that we’rehere to help you!