Advising check - Group B


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Please review the PowerPoint Presentation shared at Group B Check in Meeting.

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Advising check - Group B

  1. 1. AdvisingCheck-In Meeting
  2. 2. Today we’ll discuss...More Grading OptionsRegistrationDeadlinesStayingConnected/CommunicationPlagiarismCampus Resources“Plan Your Major”
  3. 3. Before we begin...Please turn offcell phones,smart phonesand laptops.
  4. 4. Important RemindersContact Information Have you changed your address? Did you get a new cell phone number? You must update your information within 10 days. (Handouts) Required by Immigration!
  5. 5. Remind erEnd of Week 1 Go Online / Check your schedule
  6. 6. DIRECTIONS Go to www.shoreline.eduYou will need:Student ID Number 965-XX-XXXXPIN Code (Birthday) Month / Day / Year12/03/1994
  7. 7. “Current Students” home pageFind “My SCC (login required)Click Quarterly Schedule
  8. 8. Grading Options
  9. 9. Quick Review from ISOPDecimal Grading (0.0-4.0)1.0 is considered passing grade2.0 needed for ESL, Math, Science to move to next levelP / NC Grading (need 2.0 to pass)Student Option Grading(Decimal or P/NC)
  10. 10. Other Grading Options “W” of your 12 credits load, If “W” class is part Grade Withdrawal your I-20 will be terminated. Question? See an Advisor“W” - dropping a class beginning the 3rd week of the Qtr. Will not earn credit
  11. 11. Use only one time as part of 12 credit load. “N” Audit(Appears on transcript, but not calculated in the GPA)
  12. 12. “Z”Hardship Withdrawal (Sick, Emergency, Crisis)Teacher MUST approve this grading option
  13. 13. “V”Vanish grade = 0.0 I-20 will be terminated
  14. 14. “I” Incomplete(Have up to 1 yr. to complete)
  15. 15. Know Your Deadlines (This is YOUR responsibility.)Available in printed quarterly classschedulesIP Office Bulletin BoardAdvising This WeekE-NewsSCC Website: “academic” box next to calendar)
  16. 16. UpcomingDeadlinesADDING A CLASSToday! (June 28): Last day to add a class without instructor permissionJune 29 - July 3: Instructor permission needed to add a classJuly 5 – July 16: Instructor & Dean signature needed to add a classDROPPING A CLASSThrough July 3: Last day to drop a class without a “W”July 5 – July 26: W grade issued (instructor permission required)After July 26: NC, Z, V grade issued (instructor permission required)PASS OPTION (for ESL or Classes with Student Option Grading)July 19: Final day to submit form with instructor signatureAUDITAugust 1: Final day to change to/from Audit (instructor permission required)
  17. 17. Scenario #1: Student has been very ill. She has beenseeing a doctor for 4 weeks and still unable to attend class. She should ask her instructor for a ____ grade.Scenario # 2: A student has a class that meets at7:30am. She hasn’t been waking up for class so hasmissed most of her classes. She will earn a ____ gradeand her I-20 will be terminated.Scenario #3: A student in ESL 100 is worried because hethinks he may not be able to pass his class. He doesn’twant a decimal grade on his transcript so can request thisother grading option _____.
  18. 18. Communication
  19. 19. FACEBOOKFriend us: “IPadvisor”EMAILHave you been receiving emails from IP advisors?No??? Update information – Green FormsInclude your FULL name in emails please!IN/OUT BOARDAdvisors’ Work SchedulesAvailable online: www.shoreline/international.edu1.) Contact Us, 2.) See Who is Here Today
  20. 20. Where are your Advisors?Advisors are facultyWork 9 month contractover 12 month period.Check Online to see who ishere?
  21. 21. Check it out! IP Website Visit every week for “Advising This Week” Walk-in hours Upcoming Events / Deadlines Announcements for Int’l Students www.shoreline/
  22. 22. Advising This WeekWeekly post to IP Website Under “Program News”
  23. 23. Advising This WeekWeekly post to IP Website Under “Program News”
  24. 24. E-NewsSent directly to your email! Important Reminders Live Links!
  25. 25. Get Connected... Get Active - Get Connected Student Clubs Meet new friends with similar interests Volunteering Intramural Sports Great for College Applications
  26. 26. Campus ResourcesTutoring (FOSS Bldg.)Rm. 5217The Writing & LearningStudio Rm. 2518LibraryThe Math Learning CenterRm. 2201
  27. 27. Shoreline’s Website What you should know www.shoreline.eduWhen in doubt - visit the A-Z Index
  28. 28. CustomSearch
  29. 29. Your Instructors Stay Connected Ask questions Appointments Office Hours Syllabus: Expectations / Requirements Staff Directory / Faculty Office Hours Current Students Home Page
  30. 30. Plagiarism
  31. 31. What YOU need to knowWhat you need to know?Can result in failure of the class.Can be reported to transfer university if information isrequested as part of application.Examples of plagiarism:Using your friends work and passing it off as your own.Copying work from a friend while taking a testStudying for an exam using questions from a friend’s test.Quoting or summarizing from another’s work (published, unpublished/website) andNOT acknowledging the source
  32. 32. “Regular” Walk-in 10Hours (Begin i n u t e m next Monday) Mondays: i1:30pm-3:30pm l 10:00am-12:00pm m itTuesdays:Thursdays: 1:30pm-3:30pm
  33. 33. Immigration Walk-in 2:00pm - 3:00pm M,T,W,F
  34. 34. Advising RemindersCome to walk-in preparedFill out forms BEFORE seeingan advisor.Be responsible – respond toemails, attend workshops, letus know if you will miss anappointment.
  35. 35. Plan Your Major Workshop 1. What is it? 2. Meet in Groups by Major (If you’re not planning to transfer, let an advisor know.)3. Learn what classes you need to take4. Work with Advisors to create your OWN quarter by quarter plan! 5. Register for Fall Qtr. Classes
  36. 36. Plan Your Major Workshop WHICH WORKSHOP SHOULD YOU ATTEND?Business Must sign up onlineUndecided / General Check in on time.Engineering Please do not be lateScience Leave with a plan for your 1st year at SCC! 
  37. 37. Example of Online Calendar Don’t miss class to attend your “Plan Your Major” Workshop
  38. 38. Individual AppointmentsScheduled AFTER you attend a “Plan Your Major” workshop or get Advisor permission. Come see an Advisor during Walk-in.
  39. 39. Final Steps!Sign up for your appointment – use available laptops “International Program News” on websiteCome on time for your “Plan Your Major” WorkshopCreate a PLAN just for YOU!Check registration deadlines on blackboard and in greennotebook!Have questions? Please see an Advisor. We’re here to helpyou!
  40. 40. Any Questions???