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Brand Yourself


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Published in: Social Media
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Brand Yourself

  1. 1. Mohammad @AbuAlkomboz
  2. 2. BIO Channels NetworkingContent Influencer Brand Yourself Strategy
  3. 3. Bio
  4. 4. Create Bio • Key Words • SWOT Analysis • Objective's • Values • Vision
  5. 5. 4Know’s Know Yourself Know your Objective Know your Target Know your Medium
  6. 6. Channels
  7. 7. Key Social Platforms
  8. 8. WonhoChung
  9. 9. Networking
  10. 10. Networking Management •Experts •SourcesLists •Facebook •WhatsappGroups Lobbying
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Content strategy • Ideas • Citizen Media Content Industry • Interest • Creativity Addition • sharing • Stimulation Opportunities
  13. 13. Category Content Your Field 90% YourSelf 10% Different domain 10%
  14. 14. Amazing content Ideal Frequency Perfect Timing Social Media Posting Strategy
  15. 15. Brand Content @HatemKameli @shusmo @haithammasoud @badwi @aitnews @arageek @Retweet_MCD @SMCUAE
  16. 16. Influencer
  17. 17. Influential Standards Engagement Impressions Reaching Number of Times User Saw the Post/Tweet on Social Media. Total number of time a user has interacted with a post/Tweet. Users Received Post/Tweet on Social Media.
  18. 18. 4 Levels of Influencers Celebrities Publishers Fans Friends More Reach More Influence
  19. 19. /Mkomboz