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No AppAR Project


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Entry for the Stamford Hackathon 16-18 Sep 2016

Published in: Software
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No AppAR Project

  1. 1. NoAppAR
  2. 2. The Original Idea: Take photos in the real world In the moment Use those photos as markers Overlay other objects on those markers, such as digital graffiti or information on a business
  3. 3. Natural Feature Tracking allows some of these features, but is limited in its functionality
  4. 4. NoAppAR Instead, Geofencing is used to trigger when an object is overlaid onto the user's canvas No server side computation, all processed client-side
  5. 5. NoAppAR Browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc) Rendering Engine (Webkit, Gecko, etc) HTML5 WebGL <> Three.js X3DOM JavaScript ARToolkit
  6. 6. Benefits of the Technology Supported within all browsers that implement WebGL and the getUserMedia method Chrome FireFox Uses a completely open source stack All open standards No apps, completely web based You own and have direct access to your own data