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Heating risk 2011


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Heating risk 2011

  1. 1. Heating Risk
  2. 2. We are now at suchtimes, approaching a winter in which many of the incidents occur Heating
  3. 3. The reasons for Incidentsand the different means ofheating in the winter tothe poor use ofcontraception or lackknowledge of theconditions of safety,such as Electricity,Gas Fireplace,the Kerosene Heater,Heater working in oilor water, or those withcoal or wood
  4. 4. Can be summarized as methods ofprevention of the dangers of these heaters are as follows:
  5. 5. Electric Heater
  6. 6. Avoid wiring under carpets and furniture.
  7. 7. GasFireplace
  8. 8. One of the most dangerous means of heating to be cautious when used because they contain a flammable gas when a sparkor flame close to it as well as caused by suffocation during a gas leak from inside the home and in the case of use it you must follow the following instructions:
  9. 9. Kerosene Heater
  10. 10. Heaterworking in oil
  11. 11. Heating by coalor wood
  12. 12. 2011/09/20 - RiyadhKilled a woman and her three children in a tent house fire
  13. 13. Avoid throwing waste coal and wood in the waste bins are still ignite
  14. 14. Incidents of water heaters