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Several million downloads. Year after year, release train after release train.

The EPP project creates all those packages that are available for download from the main Eclipse download site. Do you want to learn how those packages have been built? Do you have special requirements that are not fulfilled by the standard packages? Are you working on a platform that is not supported by EPP? Or do you want to start maintaining a new package?

In this talk we'll give you a quick overview of the packaging technology and the processes that generally go unnoticed by users downloading bits from the Eclipse Foundation.

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  • Building EPP Packages Eclipse Packaging Project EclipseCon 2010 – Markus Knauer ~ History ~ EPP in the surrounding eco-system ~ Package Build ~ Package Maintainers ~ Problems and Issues ~ Other parts of EPP ~ Help wanted!
  • Release Trains Europa 4 Packages: CPP, Java, RCP, JEE 4 Platforms: Windows, Linux32/64, MacOSX Ganymede new packages: Modeling, Reporting Galileo new Packages: PHP, Pulsar, SOA new Platforms: MacOSX Cocoa 32/64 Helios new packages: Javascript, ... new Platform: Windows 64-bit
  • Download Numbers (2010-03-21)   Europa: > 3,000,000 Ganymede: > 8,500,000 Galileo: > 9,000,000 (!) Helios: > 50,000 (!!!)
  • Topics Europa: Get the packages out! Find dependency problems Ganymede: Scale, automate build, fix dependencies, p2-or-not-p2? Galileo: Hudson integration, change to p2-build Helios: more packages, more platforms - scale
  •  EPP in the surrounding eco-system
  • EPP in the surrounding eco-system - Eclipse Planning Council - Release Train, Simultaneous Release - communication channels epp-dev cross-project-issues-dev
  • a typical milestone week Friday [+0] - Eclipse Platform Sunday - update of the EPP config files Monday [+1] Tuesday [+2] Wednesday [+3] * p2 repo ready Thursday [EPP] * build * panic * re-build * test and vote * mirror upload * webpage Friday [public release]
  • Package Build
  • ~ Package Build technologies Hudson build Buckminster product branding PDE product build ant bash scripting... p2
  • ~ Package Build typical project layout product feature org.eclipse.package.FOO.feature epp.product eclipse_FOO_helios.xml feature.xml required content p2.inf product plug-in org.eclipse.epp.package.FOO plugin_customization.ini additional product branding
  • ~ Package Build 1st: build EPP repository Buckminster epp-repository-build-helios check-out product definitions from CVS build product features create and sign p2 repository 2nd: create packages from repository epp-package-build-helios check-out configuration p2.director zip/tar packages
  • Package Maintainers
  • ~ Package Maintainers is someone with the domain knowledge responsibilities * define the content * arrange for testing * subscribe to ** bugzilla / package component ** epp-dev * be responsive! who is who? Cédric Brun, David Williams, Diego Madruga, Doug Schaefer, Gustavo de Paula, Markus Knauer, Martin Oberhuber, Michael Spector, Mik Kersten, Roy Ganor, Steffen Pingel, The Eclipse Platform, Vivian Kong, Xiaoying Gu, Zsolt Beothy-Elo, ...
  • ~ Other parts of EPP EPP UDC (usage data collector) (2008) EPP Wizard (2009) EPP MPC (Market Place Client) (2010)
  • Building EPP Packages - Eclipse Packaging Project

    1. 1. Markus Knauer
    2. 2. ...and the 'Eclipse Classic' (SDK) from Platform Team
    3. 13. Cédric Brun David Williams Diego Madruga Doug Schaefer Gustavo de Paula Markus Knauer Martin Oberhuber Michael Spector Mik Kersten Roy Ganor Steffen Pingel The Eclipse Platform Vivian Kong Xiaoying Gu Zsolt Beothy-Elo ...
    4. 20.