7 ways to keep students focused while using technology


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7 ways to keep students focused while using technology

  1. 1. 7 Ways to Keep Students Focused While Using Technology Adapted from Jeff Dunn at Edudemic http://www.edudemic.com/2012/05/7-ways-to-keep-students-focused-while- using-technology/
  2. 2. Encourage Direct Engagement Students can interact with materials directly rather than waiting passively to receive information from the teacher This engagement with the content helps with the recall of key ideas
  3. 3. Ask for More Participation Online discussions, clickers, desktop sharing and online collaboration can encourage students who typically don’t participate in class discussions. Rather than distracting students, these tools can provide a reason to focus and think more deeply about their learning
  4. 4. Delve into a Topic Students learn better when they are engaged in a topic and can make it their own. Analyzing data, designing presentations, collaborating, and sharing ideas are easier with technology.
  5. 5. Make Use of Online Resources Teachers can find webinars, videos, podcasts, photos and industry information about topics students are interested in
  6. 6. Assign Research Topics Have students find the information for an upcoming lesson or activity. User this time to talk about finding reliable information and synthesizing that information into a usable format (Content Curation) This leaves students more prepared to answer questions and delve more deeply into a topic
  7. 7. Use Real-World Problems Students appreciate learning about real issues and situations They can apply that knowledge to topics they are studying in class They will make better connections to their learning and see how that learning has context in the real world
  8. 8. Review of They’ve Learned Using technology tools to review of they have learned over a period of time helps students become more involved in the review and presentation process of the review The engagement in the review helps students process their learning