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Womens Rights and Suffrage


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Womens Rights and Suffrage

  2. 2. BACKGROUND• No identity• No rights• Gender differences were emphasized• Physically and emotionally weak• Cult of domesticity = HOME
  3. 3. CHANGES:• Bore fewer children• Decline of birthrate led to more opportunities for jobs• Women’s colleges were established (for Elite)
  4. 4. MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT• Vindication of Rights of Woman• 1792• Liberal feminist: individual woman rights• Honoring women talents and not be measured by men’s standards• Start of Women’s rights• Mother of feminism• Injustices of women: no rights
  5. 5. LUCRETIA MOTT• Born on January 3, 1793• Quaker• 1840 – men a part of the World Anti-Slavery Convention refused to seat her and other women as delegates: led to her pledging women’s rights• Organized Seneca Falls Convention with Stanton
  6. 6. ELIZABETH CADY STANTON• Born in November 12, 1815• Led the Seneca Falls Convention with Mott• Wrote the Declaration of Sentiments• Formed National Woman Suffrage Association with Susan B. Anthony
  7. 7. SUSAN B ANTHONY• Quaker• Educated• Founder of Daughters of Temperance – abuses of women and children from alcoholic husbands• Lecturer for women’s rights• A part of the National Women Suffrage Association• Suzy B’s
  8. 8. SENECA FALLS CONVENTION, 1848• New York• July 19 - 20• Men and women came• Declaration of Sentiments = equality• Resolutions - Voting rights for women (etc)• Modern women’s rights movement
  9. 9. NATIONAL WOMAN SUFFRAGE ASSOCIATION N a t i o n a l Wo m a n S u f f r a g e Association• Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony• Amendment in Constitution to give them right to vote• Equal education• Equal employment opportunities rage.pdf
  10. 10. AMERICAN WOMAN SUFFRAGE ASSOCIATION• Lucy Stone & Henry Blackwell• Induce individual states to give the right to vote for women omens_suffrage.pdf
  11. 11. NAWSA• National American Woman Suffrage Association• American Woman Suffrage Association (AWSA) & National Women Suffrage Association (NWSA) combined• No competition• Worked as one group to contribute to the women’s rights movement df