War of 1812 5


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  • Desription on war of 1812 , overview
  • Relate the three together- macons bill no two was enacted b/c non intoercourse was to expire. Essentially stated us would trade with any nation but britain and france. Made to entice brtain or france to repeal their commerical restrictions for an embargo would be placed on the nonreapealing nation. Then napoleon.
  • Impresment, orders in council, and brtish b/c we’d always favored french, they had canadian resources…and leading to next point. Indians
  • War hawks met in 12th congress 1811 nationalistic. Wanted to rid indian territory. Why was canada such a major player in the war? b/c it was a great indian cetner and had desired materials. This is how the inidans played into the war b/c first off all the british and indians were known to have an alliance and hitting the center would destroy much of what the British had.
  • War of 1812 5

    1. 1. WAR OF 1812WAR OF 1812
    2. 2. Why fight this War?Why fight this War? James Madison Macon's Bill No 2 Napoleon
    3. 3. British…another reason to fightBritish…another reason to fight Impressment Orders in Council
    4. 4. War Hawks and CanadaWar Hawks and Canada ► Advocate the warAdvocate the war Why Canada?Why Canada? ► Main idea- AnotherMain idea- Another reason for war- Indiansreason for war- Indians and Canadian territoryand Canadian territory
    5. 5. War DECLAREDWar DECLARED ► June 1812 war isJune 1812 war is declared in regards todeclared in regards to the main tangiblethe main tangible reason- Madisonreason- Madison declared war withdeclared war with Britain because theyBritain because they did not follow thedid not follow the agreement in Macon'sagreement in Macon's Bill No. 2.Bill No. 2.
    6. 6. Characteristics…why so bad?Characteristics…why so bad? ► SmallSmall ► Dis un it yDis un it y ► Lack of preparationLack of preparation ► Economy???Economy???
    7. 7. Opposition?Opposition? New England FederalistNew England Federalist Hartford Convention
    8. 8. 4 parts to war4 parts to war 1.1. CanadaCanada 2.2. Washington D.C.Washington D.C. 3.3. New OrleansNew Orleans 4.4. Treaty of GhentTreaty of Ghent
    9. 9. Attack on CanadaAttack on Canada FAIL
    10. 10. Burning of Washington D.C.Burning of Washington D.C. ► Star Spangled BannerStar Spangled Banner
    11. 11. Battle of New OrleansBattle of New Orleans SUCCESS
    12. 12. Ironically…Treaty of GhentIronically…Treaty of Ghent
    13. 13. Worthy…? Not so much…Worthy…? Not so much…
    14. 14. BUT…BUT…
    15. 15. Focus on expansionFocus on expansion