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Transportation revolution 2


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Transportation revolution 2

  1. 1. Transportation Revolution
  2. 2. Before Revolution Most people lived by rivers and oceans for easy transport The main ways of transportation were riverboats, canals, and roadways
  3. 3. 1750-1850 Most of the revolution was between 1750 and 1850
  4. 4. River Boats
  5. 5. Major Players James Watt John Fitch Robert Fulton
  6. 6. James Watt In 1769 James Watt patented a new version of the steam engine that kicked off the revolution
  7. 7. John Fitch In 1787 John Fitch made the first successful run of a 45 ft. steamboat across the Delaware, convincing the Continental Congress of it’s potential
  8. 8. Cont. He was then issued a patent from the United States to build more designs of the steam engine He then proceeded to create four new designs that even furthered progress of river travel
  9. 9. Robert Fulton Increased commercial anticipation for steamboats because he teamed up with Edward Livingston to deliver commercial goods and passengers between Louisiana and Mississippi
  10. 10. Canals
  11. 11. Canals Have been used all throughout history Canals in America were used to connect the east to the ever expanding west U.S.
  12. 12. Canals In 1800 only one million people lived west of the Allegheny Mountains and by 1830 more than 3 million people moved out there Canals were so fast, affordable, and efficient that 4 horses could pull a 100 tons 24 miles through a canal in a day
  13. 13. Canals At this time canals were seen as a way to find Americas' natural resources and many of the canals were interconnected Even presidents started to see the revolution starting to build up behind these canals
  14. 14. George George Washington helped make the Potomac River navigable by inserting canal locks throughout the river
  15. 15. Eerie Canal A famous canal that linked the Hudson river with Lake Erie 1825
  16. 16. Road Ways
  17. 17. History Because of the mass movements west the country needed roadways to help support the mass travel Most roads were just dirt and so construction began to improve them by adding wooden planks
  18. 18. Cont. So congress in 1806 gave money for a national road from Maryland to Illinois to be built But then more grueling tasks came to build roads all the way from the east coast to the west coast
  19. 19. Road Building So a mass of hundreds of builders embarked on year long trips to build these roads. They used horse back, trails, and canals to reach the west coast
  20. 20. Recap Canals, Roadways, and Steam engines helped further the revolution of transportation by improving infrastructure, efficiency, and economy