Missouri Compromise


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Missouri Compromise

  1. 1. MissouriCompromise1820
  2. 2. Background Louisiana Purchase-1803 Missouri Territory grew in population and applied for statehood in 1819. James Tallmadge proposed a bill to ban slavery. There were 22 states. 11 free states and 11 slave states.
  3. 3. The Compromise In 1820 Maine applied for statehood. Henry Clay proposed a bill to make Missouri a slave state and Maine a free state in March of 1820. 36° 30 line. This was all combined into one bill in the Senate. Missouri finally became a state in 1821.
  4. 4. Map
  5. 5. What was accomplished? Balance was preserved. North gained great amounts of land that could never have slavery. South gained another slave state where they could bring slaves.
  6. 6. Attitudes Although this topic was debated strongly by both sides, neither was too terribly unhappy with the outcome. Northern land wasn’t ideal for slaves.
  7. 7. Long-Term effects Lasted for 34 years. Repealed by Kansas-Nebraska act in 1854 Declared unconstitutional Foreshadowed the Civil War
  8. 8. The End