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2nd Great Awakening Powerpoint


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2nd Great Awakening Powerpoint

  1. 1. The Second Great Awakening<br />&quot;. . . one can almost say that the steady burning of the Revival,…was a central mode of this culture&apos;s search for national identity.&quot; — Perry Miller, The Life of the Mind in America: From the Revolution to the Civil War<br />
  2. 2. What was The 2nd Great Awakening?<br /><ul><li>1790-1840
  3. 3. Period of religious revival following the American Revolution
  4. 4. Camp meeting s
  5. 5. Women played a major role
  6. 6. Charles Grandison Finney, Peter Cartwright
  7. 7. Evangelical contributions changed social aspects of American life</li></ul>1839 Methodist camp meeting<br />
  8. 8. The Camp Meeting<br /><ul><li>Phenomenon of American frontier Christianity
  9. 9. Due to the movement of thousands to what had once been unknown wilderness
  10. 10. The curious and sincere flocked to the meetings and “camped out” </li></li></ul><li>Music & Hymn Singing<br />Music & Hymn Singing<br /><ul><li>Main aspect of camp meetings
  11. 11. Focused on Rote learning or sheer memorization
  12. 12. Collections of camp meeting hymns published to help propagate the evangelical teachings of the meetings
  13. 13. These hymns were comprised of everyday language and Scripture phrases </li></ul>Young people all, attention<br /> give,<br />While I address you in God&apos;s name;<br />You who in sin and folly live, <br />Come hear the counsel of a friend:<br />I sought for bliss in glitt&apos;ring toys,<br />And rang&apos;d the ‘luring scenes of vice,<br />But never found substantial joys, <br />Until I heard my Saviour&apos;s voice. ..”<br />
  14. 14. The Woman’s Role<br /><ul><li>At the time, Women threw themselves into benevolent Christian work due to the complete exclusion from politics which they faced.
  15. 15. As a result, women were the leaders in spreading the teachings of Awakening to others. </li></ul>Frank Leslie&apos;s Illustrated Newspaper, Women, active in camp meetings, early 1800&apos;s <br />
  16. 16. Peter Cartwright<br />“…and then and there I promised the Lord that if he would spare me, I would seek and serve him; and I never fully broke that promise”.<br /><ul><li>(1785-1872)
  17. 17. Early American “hellfire and brimstone” minister preacher
  18. 18. Helped start 2nd Great Awakening
  19. 19. Baptized 12,000 people
  20. 20. Preached benevolence
  21. 21. Lost to Abraham Lincoln for Congress seat in 1846</li></li></ul><li>Charles Grandison Finney<br />(1792-1875)<br />“The Father of Modern Revivalism” <br />Made significant innovations in preaching and religious meetings <br />Author of Religious Revivals and many other publications <br />Very opinionated and an avid criticizer of other Christian teachings <br />
  22. 22. Other Implications…<br /><ul><li>American Christians took it upon themselves to reform society during this time.
  23. 23. Women’s rights, abolitionism, temperance, etc. </li>