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  1. 1. Summarizing Say the same thing—just say it shorter! Manipulating Information
  2. 2. The key to a solid summary: the five W's (and H) Manipulating Information: Summarizing W ho W hat W hen W here W hy (or H ow) did something? did he or she do? did it happen? did it happen? did it happen?
  3. 3. Manipulating Information: Summarizing Police: Men Brawl Over a Game of Chess An argument over a game of chess ended with a fight in which one player rammed the other's head through a plate-glass window, St. Tammany Parish authorities said. Robert Talley, 34, was booked with second-degree battery and later released on bond, Sheriff's department spokesman James Hartman said. Robert Henderson, 42, emerged from the broken window with several serious lacerations, deputies said. He was released after treatment at Northshore Regional Medical Center, Hartman said. The fight occurred about 1 a.m. Sunday at Talley's house, which is about five miles from Henderson's.
  4. 4. Manipulating Information: Summarizing W ho did something? Robert Talley and Robert Henderson W hat did they do? Fought over a game of chess W hen did they do it? About 1 a.m. Sunday morning W here did they do it? Robert Talley's house W hy did they do it? The story doesn't say H ow did they do it? Shoving each other through a window
  5. 5. Now: summarize in a sentence or two Manipulating Information: Summarizing Last Sunday at about one a.m., Robert Henderson and Robert Talley, two men who were playing chess at Talley's house, got into a fight for unknown reasons. Henderson got injured when he was pushed through a window.
  6. 6. Try starting with a different W or H: Manipulating Information: Summarizing Robert Talley's house was the scene of a fight between him and Robert Henderson last Sunday at about one a.m. The reasons for the fight are unknown, but Henderson was injured when he was pushed through a window.
  7. 7. Try starting with a different W or H: Manipulating Information: Summarizing Getting shoved through a window was the result for Robert Henderson when he fought with Robert Talley at about 1 a.m. on Sunday. The reason for the fight is unknown, but the men were playing chess at the time.
  8. 8. Manipulating Information: Summarizing Men Charged After Potty Confrontation Police have charged two men in a confrontation that could be described as potty rage. The situation developed Friday night when a 52-year-old Stratford man took too much time in a bathroom at Burger King, police said. Andres A. Diaz, who was in the john, and Joseph Manuel Augusto, 37, who was waiting to use it, got into an argument when Diaz emerged, police said. Heated words escalated into a physical fight. The two men allegedly bumped chests, then chased each other around the restaurant with their weapons. Augusto had a small razor pocket knife and Diaz brandished a Burger King straw dispenser, police said. No one was injured. Both men were arrested and charged with breach of peace and issued a summons to appear in court on July 27.
  9. 9. Manipulating Information: Summarizing Grandfather kills leopard with his hands A 73-year-old Kenyan grandfather reached into the mouth of an attacking leopard and tore out its tongue to kill it, authorities said Wednesday. Peasant farmer Daniel M'Mburugu was tending to his potato and bean crops in a rural area near Mount Kenya when the leopard charged out of the long grass and leapt on him. M'Mburugu had a machete in one hand but dropped that to thrust his fist down the leopard's mouth. He gradually managed to pull out the animal's tongue, leaving it in its death-throes. "It let out a blood-curdling snarl that made the birds stop chirping," he told the daily Standard newspaper of how the leopard came at him and knocked him over. The leopard sank its teeth into the farmer's wrist and mauled him with its claws. "A voice, which must have come from God, whispered to me to drop the panga (machete) and thrust my hand in its wide open mouth. I obeyed," M'Mburugu said. As the leopard was dying, a neighbor heard the screams and arrived to finish it off with a machete.
  10. 10. fin