Silent Reading: Why and How


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Silent Reading: Why and How

  1. 1. Silent Reading: Why and How
  2. 2. People judge you by the words you use.
  3. 3. Average adult vocabulary: 40,000 words Let's assume: 20 vocabulary words per week 36 school weeks per year 13 years of school (including kindergarten) 20 x 36 x 13 = only 9,360 words
  4. 4. You get most new words from Talking and Reading
  5. 5. 1 in 20 chance of learning a new word by reading it in context. 1,000,000 words read per year equals about 1,000 new words. 28% of students who read 5 or more pages per day scored “proficient” on worldwide reading tests. 51% of students who read 11 or more pages per day scored “proficient.”
  6. 6. Two reasons people hate SSR: Too HARD Too BORING and
  7. 7. Solution: find an interesting book to read. Too HARD Too BORING Solution: find books at your reading level and practice reading .
  8. 8. Choosing an SSR Book: Reading the Back of the Book
  9. 9. Summary format ____________________________________ is about a _____________________________ who want(s) _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________, but __________________________________________ _____________________________________________ .
  10. 11. Look coach! Andy, Gabriel, and Pik. They’re the boys from Johnson. And they know basketball. Until they meet the new coach. Coach Bo. Coach Bo has a different approach to basketball. One the Johnson boys aren’t sure they like. One they don’t quite believe can win. But now it’s coming down to the big game against their worst rival, Flood. and the big question is, does Coach Bo really know basketball?
  11. 12. The Johnson Boys: Jump Shot is about a group of boys named Andy, Gabriel and Pik who want to play basketball on their school team, but they have doubts about how much their coach really knows about basketball.
  12. 14. To be or not to be…a matchmaker! Lizzie’s best friend, Miranda, is stuttering, stammering, and sweating. Is she coming down with something? Yes! She’s got a crush! After seeing Ryan Adams perform in drama class, Miranda can’t stop talking about him. Lizzie vows to help Miranda get together with Ryan. So when Miranda gets tongue-tied trying to talk to him, Lizzie becomes her conversation coach. But when Miranda can’t say a word to crush-boy without Lizzie’s whispering it to her, Ryan misunderstands and thinks Lizzie is the one who likes him. Yikes— talk about drama!
  13. 15. Lizzie McGuire: Head Over Heels is about a girl named Lizzie who wants to help her nervous friend talk to the boy she has a crush on, but the boy misunderstands, thinking that it’s Lizzie who likes him.
  14. 16. Your assignment Choose three books from the classroom library, read the backs, and summarize what they are about. Use this format: Summary format ____________________________________ is about a _____________________________ who want(s) _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________, but __________________________________________ _____________________________________________ .
  15. 17. fin