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GRAPES: The Big Ideas of Social Studies


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  • The Ten Commandments slide was an example of religion and is a Social Science Standard in California. He used images from Greece, Egypt, India etc. I don't think it needs to be from a Christian school.
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  • This must be from a teacher at a christian school?
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GRAPES: The Big Ideas of Social Studies

  1. 1. The big ideas of social studies a PowerPoint presentation G.R.A.P.E.S.
  2. 2. G Geography How climate and landscape affect lifestyle. Is a civilization isolated, or is it open to cultural exchange and invasion? What resources are available for clothing, building, and trade?
  3. 3. Example: geography Civilizations began along rivers like the Nile because they provided the water needed for irrigation.
  4. 4. R Religion Society’s beliefs about morals and the afterlife. What are the rules you should live by? How do these religious ideas affect different aspects of daily life?
  5. 5. Example: Religion The Ten Commandments are religious rules that God gave to the ancient Hebrews.
  6. 6. A Achievements The lasting works of a society. What things were built to last? Which ideas, if any, still affect our lives today?
  7. 7. Example: achievements Millions of people still visit the pyramids in Egypt every year.
  8. 8. P Political system Who runs a society, and how do they do it? Who has power, and how is it used? How do those with power keep it or lose it?
  9. 9. Example: Political system A limited form of democracy was practiced in Athens.
  10. 10. E Economics How a society uses its scarce resources. What are the most valuable resources in a society? How are these resources distributed?
  11. 11. Example: economics Gold has been a valuable resource in many civilizations for thousands of years.
  12. 12. S Social structure The different levels or classes in a society. Who are the “most important” people in society? What do they do? Who’s at the bottom of the heap? Why?
  13. 13. Example: social structure Indian society was divided into a rigid caste system.
  14. 14. fin