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  1. 1. The most striking thing in thisphoto is the group of Oldhamplayer hugging each other and theyall looked very happy.The winner all in thecentre in the photoand there are twoLiverpool playerswalking on both sidewith they heads down.This draw people eyeinto the middle.This photo is anarrow depth offield becauseOldham footballplayers are theonly thing that infocus in the photo.The photographer uses a fastshutter speed to be able to takethis photo because the peoplein the photo were doing theirown thing and moving quitefast.Rules of third: The photographer usevertical line from rule of third . Thisphoto is vertical line because Liverpoolplayers are in the golden point on bothside. Which draw in the audience eyesinto the middleThis photo isa long shot.
  2. 2. This is aphotographtaken after anight club inbrazil had fireand killed a lotof people.The most striking thing inthe photo is an opencoffin because it have aconnation of who isnext? Who is the nextdead body to be boughtout and go in that opencoffin. It also a veryemotional photograph asthis also shows andmake people wonderhow many people havedie on that one night.The lighting in this photo is quite high. Known as highcontrast lighting. It a high contrast lighting because we cansee the shadow of the coffins clearly.However the light the photographer use is from the placenot the photographer lights that use in the studio.This photo is abroader depthof field becauseeverything is infocus.This photo is a highangle and also awide shot.
  3. 3. The most strikingthing in this photo isthe people. I findthat very strikingbecause they looksad and scared but Ican tells that theynot really scared butas the same time itlooked like they’reposting.This house is on the golden pointof the rules of third. At first Iwasn’t quite sure that the peopleare standing on the roof until Isaw the house be hide. It showsthe level of the water.The sun createshadows into thewater and it tellsthat thephotographerdidnt actuallyuse his own light.How people dressed shows thatthey didnt know that the floodis coming until it actuallyhappen and this photo alsoshow a connotation of thepower of nature.This photo is abroader depth offield becauseeverything in thephoto is in focus.
  4. 4. The photographer usea fast shutter speed totake this photo as wecan see that the peoplein the photo arewalking toward thecamera.The people in thephoto are wearingsun glasses at thenight time . This tellsme that because theyare famous and theycould be hangover ordidnt wear any make-up so they dont wantpublic to see theyface.The photographeruses flash on thecamera whentaken this photobecause withoutusing flash at thenight time youwould be able tosee anything.This photo is a Broaderdepth of field becauseeverything is in focusand it is a rush photo asthis photo has beentaken by a paparazzi.
  5. 5. Both, Harry and Jamesare looking down anddoesnt look happy at all.It tells me that Jamesand harry dont wantpaparazzi to take photoof them because theyknow that it will givethem a bad image to thepublic.The most striking thingin the photo is Harrybecause he is veryfamous and he is on thegolden point of rules ofthird.The photographeruses flash to beable to take thisphoto because itis at night time.The photographeralso uses a fastshutter speed.This photo isa broaderdepth offield becauseeverything ison focus.
  6. 6. This photo is apaparazzi shot.This photo is takenwith a fast shutterspeed becausethe people in thephoto weremoving.This photo is abroader depth offield becauseeverything in thephoto is in focus.The most striking thingin the photo is thewoman because I cantells that she noticedthe camera as she islooking at the camera.This is a longshot
  7. 7. The most strikingthing in the photo isthe hair because thecolour and the shape.It also shows how towear clothes and a bitlook difference . Thismean if you wear theirclothes you will lookdifference andstandout.This photo is a broaderdepth of field becauseeverything in the photo isin focus.This photo isalso a highcontrastlighting.
  8. 8. The spotlight be hiderelates tothe textThe most strikingthing in the photois the eyes becauseshe’s making eyescontact and it looksvery powerful andthat draw in peopleeyes.This photo is abroader depth offield becauseeverything in thephoto is in focus.This photo isalso a highcontrast lighting
  9. 9. The most striking thing is thephoto is the fingers because itlooks so dirty and it usually havebuttons with number.This photo is a narrow depth offield because not everything is infocus. As the fingers are in focusbut the background is blurlyThe fingers is a shows aconnotation of everytime you press thebuttons you pick up thedirty or gem.
  10. 10. The most strikingthing in the photo isthe wood, where thewood started totwist . It shows howpower the drill is.The slogan go withthe picture whichhelp people tounderstand thepicture more.This photo isa broaderdepth offield becauseeverything isin focus.This photo havebeen editing.This photo is a lowcontrast lightingbecause there arehardly any shadows.