Year 5 ujian bulanan bahasa inggeris


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Year 5 ujian bulanan bahasa inggeris

  1. 1. UJIAN BULANAN KEDUA 2010 ENGLISH LANGUAGE YEAR 5 PAPER 1 (Time: 50 minutes) Name: Class: 5 Question 1 - 4 Choose the best word to complete the sentence. Pilih perkataan yang terbaik untuk melengkapkan ayat berikut. 1 The gardener __________ the plants every morning. A fertilises B waters C pulls D cuts 3 2 4 She tied the box with a ____________. A rubber tapper B thread C string The woman __________ with fear when the robber pointed a knife at her. A moved B struggled C trembled Do not put the __________ under the sun. It will surely melt. A jam B flour C butter D bread Question 5 - 7 Read the text and choose the best phrase for each of the pictures given. Baca petikan dan pilih rangkai kata yang terbaik bagi setiap gambar yang diberi. 5 Ali’s father took the children to town. The children were at a ____________ They were _________________ 6 _______________ 5 A B C D A B C D of grapes for themselves. They went home happily after that. 7 coffee shop fruit stall hawker stall vegetable garden 6 all the fruits at the stall. Finally, they bought watching for planning for looking at packing for 7 -1Question 8 - 10 Choose the best answer for each of the pictures given. Pilih jawapan yang terbaik bagi setiap gambar yang diberi. A B C D a bag a comb a bouquet a bunch
  2. 2. 8 A B C D The students are cleaning their classrooms. The headmaster is talking to the children. Many parents are in school to clean up the classrooms. The school compound is being cleaned up. A B C D The gardener is raking the leaves. The plumber is repairing the leaking pipe. The gardener is about to brush the dry leaves. The young boy is collecting rubbish from the ground. A B C D Rohan is wiping the shelves with a cloth. Sheila is putting a book onto the shelf. The girl is arranging all the books on the shelves. The books are arranged neatly on the shelves. 9 10 Question 11 - 15 Choose the best sentence to fit the situation shown in the pictures. Pilih jawapan yang terbaik bagi situasi dalam gambar. 11 Do you have a pet at home? A B C D A B C D 12 I don’t but I’d love to have one. What pet do you think I have? Everybody should have one. I’m buying one, soon. You must buy one. I’m sorry, you can’t. It doesn’t have any petrol. Will you do me a favour? Can I borrow your bicycle? 13 Alright dad, I will do it now. - A 2 Is that your pair of shoes? B Are you buying a new pair of shoes? C Where do you want me to arrange it?
  3. 3. D Please arrange your shoes on the rack. 14 15 Fresh orange? Are you thirsty? Are you going to drink water now? What would you like to have, ma’am? A B C D Please give me a glass of fresh orange. A B C D Please drive me to the nearest police station. I just want to rest in here for while. I’ve only RM12. Wherever you want to take me. Where do you want to go, sir? Question 16 - 20 Choose the best answer to complete the sentence. Pilih jawapan yang terbaik untuk melengkapkan ayat-ayat berikut. 16 He was at the party last night, _______ he? A is B was C wasn’t D weren’t 17 The children answered the examination questions ____________. A carefully B quickly C slowly D softly 19 The students were all very hungry, so they stopped at a restaurant to have _____ meal. A their B your C our D my 20 The birds are all _____ high up in the sky. A fly B flies C flew D flying 18 The carpenter leaned the ladder _______ the wall. A against B along C with D near Question 21 -3Choose the word that has the same meaning as the word underlined. Pilih perkataan yang sama maksud dengan perkataan yang bergaris.
  4. 4. 21 They built a hotel on a small island of Terengganu. A huge B cute C tiny D big Question 22 - 23 Choose the answer with the correct spelling. Pilih jawapan yang mempunyai ejaan yang betul. 22 The _________ is situated along this road. A museum B musuem C muzium D musium 23 The doctor is treating the _______. A patent B patiein C patient D pacient Question 24 - 25 Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation. Pilih ayat yang mempunyai tanda baca yang betul. 24 A B C D I’m going to Penang next week. Im going to, Penang next week. i’m going to Penang next week. I’m going, to penang next week. 25 A B C D Broccoli’ spinach’ long bean’s and onion leaves’ are green vegetables. Broccoli, spinach, long beans and onion leaves are green vegetables. Broccoli, spinach, long, beans and onion, leaves are green, vegetables. Broccoli; spinach; long beans; and onion; leaves are green vegetables. Question 26 - 30 Based on the picture, choose the best answer - 4 fill in the blanks in the passage that follows. to Berdasarkan gambar, pilih jawapan yang terbaik untuk diisikan pada tempat kosong dalam teks yang berikutnya.
  5. 5. 26 Sarah’s school is having its annual sports. Two big tents __________ been put up for this 27 special day. Many parents and invited guests are sitting _________ the tents. The headmaster has 28 29 been invited to __________ a speech. The children who are taking part are all with __________ teachers. Colourful bunting has also been put around the field. At the far end of the field, free drinks 30 __________ being distributed to everybody. 26 A B C D has had have hasn’t 28 A B C D give gave gives giving 27 A B C D in above under through 29 A B C D his her our their Question 31 - 35 -5- Read the table below and answer the questions that follow. Baca jadual di bawah dan jawab soalan-soalan yang berikutnya. 30 A B C D is are was were
  6. 6. 31 How must the tomato to be cut added into the eggs? A Diced B Sliced C Halves D Into four 34 How do you know that the egg omelette is cooked? A It smells nice B It begins to foam C I guess it D It turns golden brown 32 One must beat the egg mixture till it begins___________. A to cook B to foam C to thicken D to change colour 35 Which of the following is not an ingredient used in this recipe? A Garlic B Eggs C Onion D Tomato 33 You must pour in the egg mixture when________. A the oil is hot B the oil is cold C there is no oil D a lot of oil is added Question 36 - 40 -6- Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow. Baca petikan di bawah dan jawab soalan-soalan yang berikutnya.
  7. 7. 31 Which are the two days the writer likes? A Mondays and Thursday B Saturdays and Sundays C Fridays and Saturdays D Fridays and Sundays 34Which of these activities is not carried out on a Saturday? A Fishing B Playing C Shopping D Swimming 32Whenever mum asks the writer to buy things, he would be very happy because of the _______________ A extra cash B time taken C cycling D trip 35 Which of the following is not bought with the remainder money? A Chocolates B Ice cream C Sweets D Drinks 33 Why do you think mum takes extra time to cook delicious meal on a Saturday? A It is too expensive to eat at home. B Most of them are at home. C It is cheaper to do so. D She has no choice. - End of Paper - -7-