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How to add your organization to Jumo


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4 Easy Steps: How to add your organization to Jumo

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How to add your organization to Jumo

  1. 1. FOUR EASY STEPS How to add yourorganization to JumoStep 1Once you are logged into Jumo, click on the “Add a project” button that is located to theright of the page.Step 2In the “Create a page for an Organization” page, enter the details about your organizationor project. • Note: Your organization must have an EIN [Employer Identification Number] to receive donations through Jumo. Read the Jumo FAQ to learn more about donations through Jumo.Step 3Click on “Create an organization”, which will take you to a page with a link to add moredetails about your organization.Step 4Click on the “Finish creating the organization’s page” link, which allows you to createyour organization’s profile. • For the “about” section, remember to add details for the “Working In” and “Working On” options. You can add multiple cities and multiple tags for the respective options. • Use the “connect” section to connect your organization’s social media efforts into Jumo. • In the “more section”, use the “Key Facts” option to highlight key facts about your organization. PAGE 1 OF 1 @MKHAUND