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Project management board presentation


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HU project

Published in: Business, Technology
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Project management board presentation

  1. 1. An Interactive Classroom Construction
  2. 2.  TLW problem solve, communicate and manage time & resources effectively. TLW create and maintain a design journal : • Write analysis of projects • Respond to, analyze and make critical assessments about designs • Research how graphic artists influence culture and today’s market • Judge the success of their own artwork as well as the artwork of others in the class
  3. 3.  TLW learn and apply the elements of design TLW demonstrate creativity and innovation to complete assigned tasks to meet the needs of the 21st century market. TLW design a website to market their digital projects
  4. 4.  15 student learners per semester Hands on learning Computers, cameras, and video cameras Editing software Display projector and screen for modeling
  5. 5. Equipment & 33,707.66ClassroomTechnologiesLabor 2,000.00Total Expenses: 35,707.00