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Growth Marketing: Secrets for Fueling Bottom-Line Revenue

Growth marketing is the practice of using data and agility to drive revenue.

This prescriptive guide solves the most pressing growth challenges with proven B2B marketing and demand generation strategies. With it, you will connect the dots from current reality to future company vision.

We give you the direction and context to optimize the marketing and sales funnel, and explain how to make incremental changes to uncover areas where your company is losing money. Next, we explore the strategies to scale programs that are producing the most leads in target and impacting bottom-line revenue.

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Growth Marketing: Secrets for Fueling Bottom-Line Revenue

  1. 1. Growth Marketing Secrets for Fueling Bottom-Line Revenue
  2. 2. About Meagan French Meagan French is the founder and president of Lotus Growth, a B2B demand generation and growth marketing agency in San Francisco. Her team helps tech companies implement growth marketing programs to grow the business, align sales and marketing, and drive revenue.
  3. 3. Client Roster:
  4. 4. What is Growth Marketing?
  5. 5. • What is growth marketing? • What it looks like when growth stagnates? • What are growth leaks? • How to Fix it
  6. 6. Growth marketing is the practice of using data and agility to drive revenue.
  7. 7. What it looks like when growth stagnates
  8. 8. What Stagnant Growth Looks like: • You have a vague idea of what marketing is working and what’s not. • Marketing campaigns are a large portion of the budget, but it results in few closed deals. • Competitors are ranking better in organic search, and you suspect they are closing deals that should be yours.
  9. 9. What are growth leaks?
  10. 10. • Customer Acquisition • Sales pipeline (demand generation) • Website traffic and conversions
  11. 11. Growth leaks are sources of frustration where customer’s needs are not being met.
  12. 12. Fix Your Attribution
  13. 13. Where are Your Customers Coming From?
  14. 14. You can’t fix what you can’t see.
  15. 15. Optimize your campaigns for as far down the sales funnel as possible.
  16. 16. * Source: Bizible’s 2015 State of Pipeline Marketing Report
  17. 17. Marketers that use marketing technology and attribution see a 2.8x ROI.
  18. 18. Marketing attribution allows you to see what’s working and what’s not
  19. 19. • Which parts of the marketing or sales funnel are invisible? • How does the team currently report on KPIs? What needs to change? • How is this tracking going to be implemented • What is the value of each conversion? • Which platforms will provide visibility into which part of the funnel?
  20. 20. OptimizE Your Funnel
  21. 21. Optimizing Your Funnel • Acquisition • Marketing Site Optimization • Sales Cycle • Onbording and Implementation
  22. 22. Acquisition • Conduct an analysis of each channel by Cost per Acquisition • Which can be eliminated or optimized? • This is where attribution becomes really important.
  23. 23. Marketing Site Optimization • Implement a/b testing with Optimizely or VWO • Collect quantitative feedback • Customize landing pages
  24. 24. Sales Cycle Optimization • Analyze all leads coming into the top of the funnel, how many are junk? • Improve sales and marketing alignment • Develop sales enablement content • Attribute opportunities and closed deals to source
  25. 25. Onbording Optimization • Schedule customer success training sessions or webinars • Create adoption guides and videos • Create a drip campaign geared towards customer adoption • Dig into customer service tickets to build better marketing content
  26. 26. Scale Growth
  27. 27. This is what we think growth looks like:
  28. 28. This is what campaigns look like:
  29. 29. More often, we lack the resources to execute:
  30. 30. Or max out marketing channels:
  31. 31. The broader and more scalable the channel, the less targeted it is.
  32. 32. Overcoming Barriers to Growth
  33. 33. • Find new channels • Develop an agile marketing process • Prioritize programs that produce the most return • Institute weekly growth meetings to focus the team on revenue. • Hire a consultant or contractor for short-term projects
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