Teacher training workshop in Pakistan


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MKFC Education Finder arranged workshop for its teacher training students in Islamabad.

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Teacher training workshop in Pakistan

  1. 1. Teacher Training Workshop at Islamabad, Pakistan on 07 June 2009MKFC Education Finder arranged this workshop for our TeacherTraining learners, where we distributed Macbooks to our teachertraining students. The purpose of the workshop was to make thestudents trained about Macintosh operating system, iLife, iWork andother ICT tools like Opit (Learning Management System), the builtin function of Opit, Skype, Blogs, Podcasts, presentation aboutEnd-­‐to-­‐ End eLearning, Community Action Plan etc. There was also asocial aspect of this workshop, most of the students were living indifferent location of Pakistan so they were not familiar with eachother because they did not have face to face communication, theyhad only virtual communication before. This workshop providedthem a platform to meet and share with each other. The workshopwas divided into three parts the first was to give them presentationabout End-­‐to-­‐End eLearning, Community Action plan, Opit,Macintosh, second was discussion and question answer session.After lunch the third session started, I with the help of two guysfrom Apple gave them hands on training. Two students couldn’t jointhe workshop physically but we took them through videoconference.Following activities took place during the workshop. • End-to-End eLearning presentation • Community Action Plan presentation • The use of Social Media in Learning Environment • Video conferencing through Skype • Question and Answer session • Macbook, iWork, and iLife hands on Training
  2. 2. Rabia Nawaz, Hajra Bibi, Sobia Farid, Hashim Hussain, AlamdarKhan, Yasir Thind, Farhan Akthar, Waqas Arif. Best Western HotelIslamabad.MKFC Stockholm College provided Laptops to the students, so theyuse it for their own learning. These laptops are going to help themto use Internet with flexibility even if they don’t have electricity,and electricity is a big issue now a day in Pakistan. Macbook haspotential and with its additional applications students could use itfor social media and presentations.During my visit to Pakistan I tried to search Mifi availability inPakistan, so it could be used with MKFC Stockholm Collegeapproach to our mobile learning. I came to know in Sweden thatTelenor has introduced Mifi in Pakistan but when I met Telenor inPakistan they even didn’t know about Mifi. They told me that theyhave introduced EDGE technology. Telenor has introduced USBInternet and is available throughout Pakistan with competitiveprices.
  3. 3. Community Action Plan Workshop at Layyah , Pakistan15 June 2009After my return from Kabul, our teacher training students fromLayyah invited me and arranged a seminar. They invited otherteachers, doctors and media person as well in the seminar. Afterhaving information and clear image of MKFC Stockholm Collegework approach we started discussion. It was an open debateeverybody contributed their ideas about community action plan andtheir field of interest. The young doctors were running a free trusthospital, operated by themselves and with the support of localspeople; some of the teachers had done small community projectson environment like awareness and plantation. They all decided tomake a community where they work in collaboration, share theirknowledge and skills to exert a high through put.Seminar arranged by Teacher Training students, LayyahOur teacher training students are going to provide them a commonplatform for meeting and use of ICT tools, Internet, social mediaand a local discussion forum. They have decided that they are going
  4. 4. to work in four domains -­‐Health awareness at grassroots level in alocal community-­‐Teacher training -­‐Environment -­‐Micro CreditThey want to apply MKFC Stockholm College Community Action Planapproach to their local community. They will start community actionplan approach with spreading information and educating localpeople about their own problems, health issues and their remedies.To making it more sustainable they will use the contents providedby MKFC Stockholm College. These contents consist of writtenmaterial and short pictorial stories in their own local language. Thisapproach will help people to remember because they are not onlyreading these contents but they will practice in their realenvironments.MKFC Stockholm College Teacher Training students are working inauthentic learning environments, where they not only implementtheir knowledge in classroom environment but in theirsurroundings, in their local communities. They want to becomechange maker, a change for better, to strive for better tomorrowthan today. They want grassroots level involvement by the peopleso they could bring a sustainable change, a change that should bevisible and transparent. They are going to take their first step byspreading awareness about health, sanitation, environment andmicro credit.I hope these efforts are not going to stop; this seems to be acontinuation process for sustainable development. Throughout myway in Pakistan and Kabul I discussed MKFC Stockholm Collegeapproach with many people and they all were quite impressed andhappy what we are doing there. It gave me a certain kind of innersatisfaction and my heart is delighted what we have done so far andwe are planning to do in near future.