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Seminar meeting


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Seminar conducted by Staff of NEAI with young people as a way of motivating and encouraging them to be focus and responsible in the society

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Seminar meeting

  2. 2. Name of ISP/Master Peace Net educational advancement initiativesComponentState: Imo- StateLGA: UmunneochiType of Activity: Youth mobilizationTitle of Training (If Training Promoting youth talentsactivity)Venue of Activity: Umutu village square, LokpaukwuDate(s) of Activity: 17th April,2011Number of Participants: Male: 12 Female: 9 Total: 21Types of Participants: YouthsName and Title of Key Cosmas Sunday chuks (program manager), Adibe Victor C (M&EFacilitator(s) for activity: officer) and Akpagu Irene (youth club coordinator)If training, Training CurriculumUsed:Goal and Objectives of Activity/Training:Goal: Promotion of youth talents in terms of culture, skill acquisition, art, peace making etc intwenty communities in Abia and Imo between 2011-2014.Objectives:1.To promote peace in the communities2.To help the youths make informed choice in life.3.To increase their knowledge on the spread of HIV/AIDS4.To improve on their God giving talents through Vocational trainingMethodology of Training/ActivityThe methods adopted during our meetings were participatory and democratic. No onedominated.Activity key achievement/Training Outputs:
  3. 3. On the 17th April, 2011 the officials of the Net Educational Advancement Initiatives in Nigeria hadseminar with the youths of Umutu autonomous community at the Umutu village square. During themeeting twenty one (21) persons were in attendance, twelve (12) males and nine(9) females. The seminar was participatory in that everybody was given the opportunity to air his/her view on thefactors militating against youth restiveness, cultural imbalances ,talents under harnessed in thecommunity,A participant, Okafor Kingsley enumerated the problems of the youth to include: poor parentalbackground, inadequate information on the new ideas, poor educational background. Emeh Ifeanyi, on hisview highlighted his problems as lack of adequate information and pleaded with the NEAI team that hewould be happy if he can be trained as a mechanic. REACTIONS FROM THE YOUTHS DURING THE MEETING Okoli Gloria compared the poverty level of a woman she caters for without a good source of living as athing of concern as she called on the team to come to her aid. AN OLD WOMEN CARED BY ONE OF THE YOUTHSThe program manager, Mr Cosmas Ositachuks adviced the youths on the need to be peaceful and cool-headed both at home and in the community at large.Mr Victor Adibe, the M&E officer also hammered onthe importance of the meeting stressing that the club with the help of the donor(s) will empower the youthin skill acquisition and to learn other arts capable of making them better people in the society. He usedsame medium and urged the youths to adhere strictly on the ABC prevention strategy for HIV/AIDS.THE PM (COSMAS) AND THE M&E OFFICER (VICTOR) URGED THE YOUTH TO BEPEACEFUL IN THE COMMUNITY . At exactly 4:30pm the meeting came to an end with a light refreshment.Closing prayer was said by one ofthe participant Uche
  4. 4. Opportunities/Constraints to Activity ImplementationIt was an election period and on a Sunday when people have series of appointments and meetings. But, itwas a success.Success StoryNext Steps Due Date Person ResponsibleTo conduct another seminar 22nd ,April,2011 Project team/workshopAdvocacy visit to stakeholders of May,2011 Project teamyouth clubsPrepared by : Adibe Victor Signature: ……………… Date:18/04/2011Reviewed by: Cosmas Sunday C Signature: ……………… Date:18/04/2011 Group photograph by the participants during the meeting.