Implementation of my lesson:
To express my lesson to my students, I have to create new ideas or thoughts to help all
They can sail with their family by their boat or
Finally we finished that day by giving every kids his own gift that will urge them soon
also in that day there were many o...
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Muna dahir 2 less

  1. 1. Implementation of my lesson: To express my lesson to my students, I have to create new ideas or thoughts to help all discuss & understand it very well. I decided to make that day open day and we call it (dreams day) that any student can dream and do any things, then I divided my class to groups that I will ask them some questions to aid me to know if they with me or not like What is the health meaning in their opinion? How can they keep their selves healthy? And where did they want to live? Some of their answers: Group A They told me that it is living in clean and perfect places without any rubbish or dirty like ground that they can see birds, sun, animals, water etc. Another on tell me that it meaning living in place that we don’t force to visit the doctors every day coz illness so this groups decided to live in the island coz in it they can see many thing like elephants, monkeys, lion and a lot of animals that they like it also they can see the trees, planets, flowers that they will in future will planet it and grow very fast and beautiful another student tell me that when they grow up they will establish many farm that produce many of fruits and vegetable that will help their selves , family and country to be very develop and safety Group B They told me that by playing many sports and doing many exercises they will be fit and healthy also will live a long time happy They decided to live in the city. In city there were their family, friends, and relative also many cars and buses that help us to went any place. They like it for their schools, hospital, police station and many places that help them also there are many houses and building that we live in. Group C They told me that by eating & drink fresh food and water they can be healthy also another one said to me that by washing their hand before and after they eat they can protect their health. They decided to live at near of sea coz in it they can go swimming every day, eat fish and seafood.
  2. 2. They can sail with their family by their boat or ships Also in future they will be sailors or fisherman to help their family and country. After I listen to their ideas and collect their answers I decided to go out said and started to explain the meaning of health to them, then in that day we do many things like making computations between them by asking them to collect rubbish from the school, streets, land and any place and the winners groups will take their gift and candy also we playing many sports like running, football and many different sport so they were very happy and interesting until some of my student told me that they urge their parents, brothers, sisters and any one they know to keep their environment clean b collect rubbish from any where without any shame to protect our country from diseases. Also we play ask and answers question that any student have right to ask another student in other groups and the winner student will give gifts Also in that day we decided to watering planet and flowers to urge my students to do it every day so in that day we do a lot activities that we enjoin and my student were very happy and promises me that they will keep and protect their health very well and will do their best to urge their parents Goals with the lesson: 1. Urge my student to protect their environment 2. Urge them to take part to wariness people about health 3. Also urge their parents to help us to keep our country clean Process: In this lesson I mixed between the fun and study so after I explain my lesson in the class by books, I take them to out side to improve it by practical lesson Also I ask them to drew pictures from that they to help them in their lesson Results: We spend a happy and interesting day that we mixed between in and outdoors to aid them to understand it Urge them to image and dream although they are kids but they will achieve it Also help them to share with them to take part to clean their environment On the other hand uremia to creates ideas and ways to help me to reach my lesson to them
  3. 3. Finally we finished that day by giving every kids his own gift that will urge them soon also in that day there were many of funny answers of my student about where did they want to live. ALI AHMAD, 4 years old: He like to live in the moon coz in their he can fly in the sky without any fear and when he come to sky he can fly and with birds also he can touch the cloudy, rain and any things in the sky. NASIR &MUKHTAR 4years old: They like to live in desert coz there they can be goat boys that they take care about goats, camels, horses and deserts animals. They can also build their tent and live with their animals. On the other hand they told me that they would do their best to plant tree and flowers to change this desert to little ground land so it’s wonderful! Another told me they want to live on the mountain. Another wants to live on the ice and many different places. And finally they asked me some questions, like where I want to live as a child. My answer was in the town. To be a teacher and teach other kids and play with them, can make them brave to. They asked me questions without any fear and I was very happy for that. Text and pictures: Muna Dahir, teacher at preschool at Al Baraka Schools, Hargeisa